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State of the Game and the Current Community


Good Day All, 

It has been some time, seven years about, since I played FE. Reikage, was in The Reavers. Anyway was talking about some old rp times with some people I am playing Atlas with currently. Talking about some of the stuff that happened in FE:RP made me think to google this site back up, and while it looks dead for the most part, seems like there are still some people kicking around. So I was wondering what the current state of the game, and RP community was like currently. If it would be worth re-downloading or not, FE:RP was the first game I ever RP'd in, and I always wonder how its doing. Also I have read some posts about a reboot....which would be amazing eh.

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Not sure what the state of the game is because I only go on to craft and feed the auction house. When I am there, i quite often see member of a single large RP vlan that seems to have members in all sectors. I believe some have even turned up at the weekly dance in Hope Springs. There is a mix of pessimism and optimism over the new owners and their plans, personally, I am optimistic. There has been an influx of new players lately, off the back of fortnight and fallout I suppose, but player level is nowhere near what it used to be.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Hej ! 

Welcome back.  As Joe mentioned there is a 'party' complete with music feed each saturday night at The Waffelhus in Hope Springs (or the Waffle Warehouse in Barret manor as it is known on the maps) hosted by yours truly. Interest seems to be growing at the moment, the last weeks have seen a good few more attend.

Start time is 20:00 GMT(UK time) 21:00 (CET - European)

It is loosely RP, basically a bunch having a good time 

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I remember that waffle hut....used to hang out there and at the bar there a lot cause thats where a ton of people would pool around. I will have to Dl it, and jump on for the hell of it. Thanks for the info.


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Unless you download it for nostalgia (or to lurk around and log out after, like most would). I for all will say that it won't be worth it if you only search for RP. But to say to play it in general, especially as a new character and without anyone else aiding you with what you'll need. [ This is a Chart of the game, thus far, it still maintains it's 50+ players on average at 'least ]. But as a hint of "hope", the remaining clans of RP-ers would be Survivor's Refuge [RP] ( despite that most of their time's spent mostly PVE-ing than RP-ing, those who do RP in there are either random-chances, or people knowing each other just decided/plan'd to get in the game and do whatever scenery they want to.) and Hope Springs ( Hyle Troy with her Saturday parties ) . Aside of all, that's what'll you'll most likely find. As far as PVE or PVP wise, Deadfall/Citadel has been quiet for a while, if even just as dead as New Flagstaff or Barret Mannor. Some of the aformentioned Survivor's Refuge members, and quite most of the remaining community would be seen hanging around Embry Crossroads as well.

I won't deny however, that the new company "Little Orbit" do try to resurrect the game via doing the holiday events such as the St. Patrick that's going on to this day. But Gamersfirst had caused enough damage for them to even fix the splitting command. 

All in all. You can give a try still and see where it goes. Maybe you'll have fun even with it's current state, but I would highly doubt it in my opinion.


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Welcome back!! <3  I haven't been on the site in a while or the game so I can't say for the state of the FE, other than from what Joe already said which does sound like a bit of hope for the game.

There are alot of good memories and reading through some of the older entries it really was amazing at times, bittersweet at others..As far as a reboot, this is what I have gathered.  


source: https://www.mmorpg.com/fallen-earth/news/fallen-earth-team-ready-to-take...

"I can't answer whether this will be a complete reboot, a new game, or whether it will run with the current player data. I have received lots of questions, and I just don't know yet." Scott writes. "I can say that we're going to give our best effort at rebuilding the game. It will be a long process involving many stages. You can watch the official Twitter (@FallenEarth) or my personal Twitter (@mattpscott) for small updates or screenshots."

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Ya reading through old posts and stuff was surreal lol. Downloaded the game to check it out last night.....ended up remembering the location of the bars and places that I used to frequent in game, but was not anyone around. Course I think at the time there were only like 30 people online, gonna have to get with this survior group and see whats up. Even if there is not much RP around might just play the game for a bit between playing Atlas, and working on mods for it.


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