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Movie Night RP [Possibly]

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...Godfuckin'dammit,I've sat too much on this chair.

Either way,As far as the title goes,yes.A Movie Night would happen' once more,in the same place known as New Flagstaff's Cinema.But the difference this time,is that I need an actual day and time where those who are still interested for this event to happen' need to agree with through posting a comment below with the day and hour.

While yet I might still have some RL stuff going on,I do hope that whatever choice you guys would make,I'll be avalible.

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Just a boy making his way around the wasteland!


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Am interested.

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Count me in!

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I'd like to go, but if you could do it on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) that'd be great. I could never go before because it was always on a Friday afternoon, and unfortunately I'm busy at that time.

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( Would like to be there too ! Can't say when I'm on and off, can only say I'll try to be here when it happens and if I don't forget. )


Good to see your right hand hasn't buggered off yet though.

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The chances for the Movie Night to be happening would be around the 30th,Saturday,due because now-a-days,Monday 'till Saturday afternoon I'll be busy,but while majority of you are Americans,I'll be starting,like always,at Eastern-European Night-time.


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Saturday sounds good.


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I'm down! Any idea on what movie we'll be watching?

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The movie would be rather a series of animations,all together,making it so a movie,plus,unlike the other movies I did,this one would be pure comedy.


Edit : Fucked up the timer,fixed it for now.


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Would be interested to bring Gleaming Cross back around. She has been farming in South Burb for to many years now.


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