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(Murder and sex with just a pinch of violence)


"I provide the girl. You are to fuck her brains out and then, when you're almost done, you're gonna strangle her. Not a little bit, but all the way. The girl... won't be a clone. You're gonna kill her. You got that?" He is looking at me, checking for a sign of weakness on my face.

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Just an Average Day for Petyr


"Aaah..." he groaned in contentment after another sip of his half empty tea cup. It wasn't the fancy stuff he use to drink, but since his seclusion he's found out a decent recipe for really delicious tea with ingredients he can grow himself. For some reason he had a tune for some song stuck in his head... What was it called? Something about imagination and chocolate... Boy it'd bug him all day. He dropped his feet from a kicked-up position off of the table he was sitting at that looked out a window facing east, a large orange sun in the distance.

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"Why did you have me come all the way out here?" he said to his friend on the radio as he stepped out of a white car with black trim. He was dressed in typical Traveler armor. Masks, hats, trench coat, hand blades hanging off his sides.

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The Easy Life


(( I'm out of town and bored so I wrote something. Sorry if my writing is shoddy, I haven't written anything in awhile.))

"I hate people." He said, wiping the blood from the claw blade. 


-Two Hours Earlier-


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Cake or death?

Cake or Death

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The Future of Today - From One Crew to Another


*Gunshots echo throughout the room* "Everybody on dey ground! This is a fockin' robbery! Listen to what I say and ye'll make it out alive!"

"What tay fuck did he just say motherfocker! Get tay fock' an the ground!"

*There would be more gunshots and of course screaming from the civilians*

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Midnight Cravings


I awoke to the eairy sound of Blight wolves to the far west, there howls chilling the very fiber of my being.

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Story of the Belfast Lad #2



Another day in Belfast for the Mcilwrath family......me and Henry were cleaning out some small time punks that were dealing on the familys turf, that's an absolute zero NO GO.

My father was never a forgiving person, Crossed him and you were sure to have me are Henry come after you.





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Story of the Belfast Lad


You know, I don't mind the wasteland at times. Someone fucks with you? kill 'em, Someone bang y'er las? cut his dick off. Someone bein' nice to you? throw 'em a bone, be nice... well, not literally but... you get what I mean.


I can't help but think were it all started, It never started out for me are my family in the wasteland... No, We were doing this shit looooonngg before... Back in Belfast.

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Working for the company: Missing Shipment (part 2)


On the day after his meeting with his boss, Stanley gathered the rest of the supplies he would need before setting out. He purchased a remmington 700 sniper rifle with four box magazines and a guitar case fit to carry it, along with a generous amount of ammunition.

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Working for the company: Missing Shipment (part 1)


((Ambient mood and writing fuel

Dead Fire - Dominic Marsh ))


Stanley sat back in the chair, listening to the man seated behind the desk in front of him. His hands were 

folded across his lap, his steely gaze squinted as the dusty old blinds let in a vast ray of the evening sun. 

The man in front of him was not happy, and he had a decent reason for it.


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Vanilla steel- Ubens Groove

Nisha walked into the post office at Traders Flats, directly in front of the window was an old table but so thick and well made it had withstood the tests of time and the many different bodies that leaned, sat and danced upon it.  Carvings and initials covered the aged surface except for one large smoothed out dip that was dead center, it looked just what it was .. the well worn favorite sitting place of one of the original Saints founders, Uben Qui.

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New West

The desert is my friend. And sometimes I wonder if it’s all I’ve got. Or had. Or whatever. I’ve been living here for sometime now. Not just the desert though, I’ve traveled to other places too. Forests, woods, desolated lands. But something always brings me back to the desert. The heat can be unbearable at times. But the views, looking over a seemingly unending landscape, and views from the edge of the canyon. Looking out and seeing an unreachable place. Always wondering; what lies over there, or is this the limit to my existence?

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Vanilla Steel - Road Trip

The sleek black and pink car pulled away from the fenced in Bunker, the passengers feet and hands immobilized but the handsome blonde man didnt seem to either notice or care.

The drugged man smiled, flashing perfect teeth at the woman driving

"Where we going?" He asked.

She removes her white fedora and tosses into the small space behind the seats, a gift from her old boss leader of the Saints, Hollywood Undead, then runs fingers through the long red hair and replied with a slightly forced cheerfulness.

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Vanilla Steel - Open for Business... soon


The ring of heels clicking on concrete echoed through the Kennel, the rhythm leisurely as usual and behind it the muffled but heavier step of a man following but keeping a distance.

The underground bunker was lined with cages on both sides, a centered hallway ended at the heavy door of the training room.  A grated catwalk lined the walls above the cages beneath narrow slits that were more of a cruel tease then actual windows.

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The Ballad


( 99,99% of this is taken from the song by Nick Cave. I just felt it is a great Canyon story (and part of "grim tales") and I am sharing it here with some minor adjustments. Feel the drama building up and exploding towards the end. Also, semi-NSFW image bellow. )

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The young Shaman scratched his stubble as he watched.

In low, warm shadows of the tent she presented the three cups for inspection.

Mortar, his mask tossed aside (no need to impress anyone here) extended a hand, passing some Water Cactus mush.

She sighs, taking the soaked pulp: "Too much... again..?"

Mortar smiles: "The proportions work. You're just being wasteful. Was it that easy to get the larva from the crawlers?" She winces at the memory, reaching to scratch the swelling bite on her leg.

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Plains of Midway


She checked on the dwindling supply in a carton before pulling a cigarette.

One cigarette. One, two, three...Four. Four left.

She lit her smoke with a smoldering chunk of firewood and inhaled deeply.

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The Storm Logs: Part 1



((More mood music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek4JQ6mCsO8 [Courtesy of Strelok] ))

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The shit just keeps coming - Dupris Files


((Retro Post))




How do you justify breaking a promise?

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A Living Shadow


He had been in a state of melancholy since he had awoken. Nothing new for him, actually. It had been his main disposition for a long time, something he wish'd would leave him. But he knew as long as everyone around him was a dumbass, or filthy, or the vile beings that somehow are both yet are content with their lives - CHOTA - he'd be depressed and angry at the world and it's idiotic inhabitants. 

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Severed Limb


She sat on the roof of a building on the corner and listened to the Lightbearers speaking among themselves as she watched the road leading South. There had been an unusual boost of activity in that direction. 

Hearing not the voices from below but the ones connected to the spectors that would glide in on the winds of her memory, a dimension somewhere between delusion and desperation .... past and programing.  Changing the stations randomly unable to lock onto just one.

~Blood everywhere and an alarm going off.~

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The House With A Basement

Sector Three


"Wow, there are houses with basements. Who knew..."

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A Second Chance, it seems.


A small nudge to my chest as I lay on the ground, one hand on my wounded shoulder, torn by a gunshot and my other pressing on the dirt beside me. I open one eye, seeing a familiar face, one that I had not seen for a long- long time. I wish I had spoken… I really do. Why did I become silent? I felt his hands cradle me as I was taken to a nearby ruined wall and left with my back against it. With the midday son still awake, I was blinded as I tried to watch the Raven walk away.




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Her story



Perfectly sculpted thighs and small breasts. And that upright posture of hers told everybody that she knew people are always watching, even behind her back.

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The long and lonesome Road



The long distant road alongside kaibab‘s forest, a loud tempestuous roar of an engine could be heard a mile away

At the velocity of almost 80 miles per hour, he reached the maximum speed limit his chopper could offer, passing each tree in a split second, leaving behind a trail of smoke and dust.

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Summertime Sadness

Looking out over the wastes somewhere in Northfields she took a long drag off her cigarette, made from loose tobacco and rolling papers, then slowly exhaling. Squinting her eyes to protect from the smoke that briefly lingered in front of her before being carried off slowly by the wind. The sun had gone done some time ago, the light being mostly provided by the campfire. Dogg Bite laid nearby gnawing on a bone left over from dinner. The almost empty journal -nearly forgot about- in Betty’s lap…

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Logan was at work, the twins in their room playing as usual. This gave Satine a few quiet moments of downtime. She filled the tub with hot water as she undressed. She added scented oil to the tub, made of flowers she had gotten in Hope, to help her relax. Hesitantly, with a couple of hisses from the heat, she eased herself into the tub, letting her body grow accustomed to the temperature. Resting back, the water warmed her body, and she closed her eyes.



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