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So Long Ago... So Clear

Silja closed the kitchen door and watched the scrawny kid for a few minutes. The kid hunkered down in the yard and finished off the humongous sandwich unaware that she was being watched. Finally, comestibles consumed, Finny unlatched the gate and disappeared from view. Silja closed the blind and turned away, glancing at the clock. Anneka’s bedtime.


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The Locket (part six)

As Finny ran the short distance down the street to the ammunition factory the first heavy drops of rain began to spatter against the cracked pavement. Soon she was standing, catching her breath, across the road from the familiar entrance. She had surreptitiously examined the big reinforced front door months before. There were three locks. Two of them were big, heavy multi-lever monsters requiring big, heavy multi-lever keys.

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The Locket (part five)

A couple of minutes later Finny was sitting at the kitchen table happily demolishing a sandwich containing more meat that she normally saw in a week and surrounded by bread that was white and soft instead of brown and gritty.

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Reavy's Day Off (continuation of 'Sunday Morning')


“For Helvede!. I see you once in a lobster season, you just turn up. Then you want to disappear again!”


Hyle felt angry and the same time upset. She could not decide which emotion to show Reavy so she settled for a pout in the hope that would work.


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The Locket (part four)

The front door closed behind Finny and she was suddenly cocooned in nicer smells and more warmth than she was used to. Silja strode silently past her down the carpeted hallway.

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The Locket (part three)

Perched on her ledge Finny watched as late afternoon turned into early evening. Below her the population of the square was beginning to change. Store keepers and vendors were starting to pack away, while still keeping an eye out for late customers. The auctioneer was drumming his fingers on his podium, checking his watch and wondering what was for dinner tonight.

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The Locket (part two)

The rest of the afternoon wore on with an uncomfortable rising tension. When called on to read Finny did so resentfully. Her three companions around the little table slowly sank lower and lower in their seats. Finny’s growing sullen hostility to the lesson was acting like a lightning rod in the stormy sky of Joe’s impatience and they didn’t want to catch any stray bolts. When it was their turns to read, One Tooth, Casper and Worms would falter over their words, waiting for Joe’s patience to finally snap.

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Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings can be wonderful. Especially in Springtime. The bright sun rises into a crystal blue sky, birds sing, and there is a perfectly peaceful silence that exists before the bustle of the town ensues. In short, all the promise of a perfect day.

Hyle opened her eyes to her sun-filled bedroom. The fresh spring morning filled her senses...

For a few seconds…

“Ååååååhhh.... Nejjjj...”

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The Locket (part one)

Reading was boring. Writing was boring too, but at least you were doing something. Writing was like drawing, but in a secret code. Reading was just, well, dumb.

Finny was shocked out of her thoughts by a not too gentle smack on the back of the head. Then Joe’s hand appeared, his fingers snapping in front of her nose.

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doodling again

(( Little picture I made of Sharky and Hyle . Feel free to makea caption  ;)

Shark and Hyle

Later back is Hyles house, in the Sauna...

(( I did promise Sharky I'd make one there. Again, feel free to make a caption

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Rear Window [11]

Dwight Frye sat at his desk stirring sugar into the tea filled bone china cup on his desk. He liked to be at work early. Next to the cup sat a plate with several biscuits. He picked one and snapped it in half, pausing to brush a crumb from his neatly pressed grey waistcoat. He sipped the tea and surveyed his office. All was fine, everything was in order, not a file, folder or pile of documents out of place.

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Rear Window [10]


After what seemed like an eternity, Hanne turned on her side in her bed to discover that the clock now read 03:39.. the last time she looked, ages ago, it had read 03:18. and the time before that, 03:03.

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Rear Window [9]

 “Yer can feck awfe ! There is no damned way I’m gonna wear a damned clown suit ! “

The taller of the two men turned to the other.

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Trouble and Strife


Joe stood on the sunny pavement looking annoyed as he took a last long pull on his cigar. He flicked the remainder off into the gutter and reached for the big brass latch to the imposingly solid front door of his ammunition factory. Whichever eagle-eyed urchin was the first out of the factory at the end of the day would have themselves the unexpected reward of a full half of one of Joe's cigars.

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Suspicions from ages left

Brett felt very uncomfortable in the protective suit as he awkwardly walked to his friends, Das and Fenster, standing near the window.

'What?' Brett asked from under the protective mask as he noticed the smiles on their faces. 'What is so funny?'

'Nothing,' Das said. 'Yes nothing,' Fenster agreed still smiling. Both laughed. 'Sorry,' Fenster said,' but with the mask you sound like that Derek Vader, or that is what i was told he sound like.'

'Why me? Why does Bogenschütze not go?' Brett complained.

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End of the Road (Pt 3)


(Artist: ???) (Music: Easy)






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Prickly temper


Luka stepped out of the lab door and breathed deep the fresher air outside. The lab was not smelling so good. He was beginning to suspect the moisture making mud, perfect for shampoos, or so the Traveller guy had told to him, the mud which smelled of creeper dung, was creeper dung.

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real story


A curious article about boars, radiation and hunters.




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The 'Great' Grandmother

Many many years from now....

A family walk, Hyle, Tuki and the many several grandchildren ambled down Hope Springs Main Street.

As they drew level with The Waffelhus the group paused. Hyle looked fondly at he old diner. It was of course long sold and Hyle was long retired. The conversation turned to stories of the old days. Of the customers. Of when Tuki worked there. Of Great Aunt Sorja. And of course of the parties, and dancing.

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A Lot of Hand Waving - Epilogue

Here is Susan Grindel at Spider Hill Radio and our Music show tonight is almost over until another day. We have time for one more song, however tonight we do something a little different. Our new friends have now left the town. All but one. The leader, tragically killed by a spider attack, remains. These people, so strange to us, we first misunderstood. Now we know they are Mime Artistes, who speaks not with words but actions and expressions. To them we play the last song by not playing the song, with give them silence and our wishes for safe journeys.

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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 7

On the top of a small hill near the town of Spider Hill, but far away from the spider nests, a group of pale faced people stood in circle around a fresh grave. Light rain fell from the cloudy sky and from the pale faces, the eyes cried eyeliner. For some the hands were raised to brows, for others they waved in front of them and gripped air with grief. A few sobbed silently on anothers shoulders. All were brought together in silent sorrow, grief displayed with gesture and expression. Every movement clearly made with a wave of the hand, a turn of the arm, a lowering of the head.

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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 6

Veronica open the door a little, looked out and then shut it again.

'There is one on the other side of the door,' she whispered to Susan who stood behind her with the others.

'What do they want?' Susan whispered back.

'I do not know,' Veronica whispered a reply.

'Why are you whispering?' Charlie asked loudly.

'Sssshhh!' Veronica and Susan both said.

Veronica opened the door. A woman with a very pale face stood outside. She was wearing a striped top and beret like the others. She raised a hand and waved.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 63)


Slowly, they completed the journey out of the stairwell and onto the concourse. The escalator slope that led up to the entrance excavation was about thirty metres away. They would need to get right up to the base of it to be able to lob their grenades up into the seething mass of adult ticks.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 62)


Hobbes was backing away, his head slowly moving from side to side as his brain tried to deny what his ears were telling him. He managed two whole steps before making a sandwich of Gregor with Bodil on the other side. Gregor closed his hand around the archaeologist’s right wrist, just in case the he got careless with the pistol he was holding. Hobbes turned his head and looked up into Gregor’s pain filled eyes.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 61)


The last of the food was finished and the party set off again. Pretty soon more and more foliage started to appear and the humidity started to rise. Ranger Weis stopped everyone to remind them that they were once again entering the preferred climate for the giant London Ticks. Consequently, weapons were rechecked and caution cranked up a notch or two.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 60)


Bodil soon came to realise that carrying a sizeable lump of metal around soon makes your arm ache. She tried switching it from hand to hand, and that kind of worked for a while. Then she tried sticking it into the waistband of her pants like she had seen it done in movies but that didn’t work out as well as she had thought it would.

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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 5

'They have surrounded the building!' Veronica exclaimed when Susan ran down the staircase. Susan ran to a window and looked out. Outside, two of the strange pale face creatures were waving hands in the air. One seem to be feeling for rain and then opened its Umbrella, invisible of course. The other began to dance, one hand holding down on its beret.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 59)


Bodil, Ellie and Gregor stood and looked at Weis while Hobbes paced up and down looking unhappy.

“No.” Bodil said after a few seconds. “I don’t recall that she did, say, how big they were.”

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Halloween Fantasy (part 58)


With Ellie’s aid, and flanked by Professor Hill and Mister Hobbes, Gregor walked up and down the corridor a few times until he and Ellie between them decided that he was probably strong enough to attempt the journey back to the surface.


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