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Halloween Fantasy (part 70)

Bodil was looking at the picture of the old man, nodding her head.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 69)

Bodil and Dr Awolowo spoke together.


“What Boat?”

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Halloween Fantasy (part 68)

Victor eventually tracked down Ranger Hancock at his desk in the ranger headquarters where he was finishing off his own report for Sergeant Glasser. Pleasantries were exchanged in the form of a reciprocal ‘hey’ then Victor opened up his notebook on Hancock’s desk.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 67)

Everyone around the table looked at the image on Dr Awolowo’s notebook screen. The vivid picture of the turreted edifice deliberately posed against the vivid, violent red and orange brush strokes of the sky drew appreciative murmurs.

Bodil looked up from the picture.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 66)

Harry Awolowo and Ranger Hancock had set out the previous morning, hours before the main expedition to the underground stations. There were several Gu-Nar settlements all along the banks of the vastly swollen river Thames but Dr Awolowo wanted to go to the Gu-Nar main settlement and spiritual centre, Emrites.

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Blood and Steel pt 4


As far as days were, Jeassiah found so far that today had not been too bad. Well aside from the fact that two morons would have tried to kill and rob her today she after she discovered the wreck of a car in the deep woods. She was supposed to be going to Diesel Town, but plans change she mused. The car wreckage as a whole would keep her busy for a few days while she picked it apart for the still usable parts she needed for the Garage in Hope Springs.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 65)

Once in the canteen, Bodil felt she was more helping the servers clean up than getting some breakfast. In the end she had a plate with a few bacon scraps, a single sausage and a few limp mushrooms. However, put between two slices of bread with plenty of ketchup the sad remnants made a passable sandwich.

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Halloween Fantasy (part 64)

Once again, Bodil’s ears were knocking on the brain-room door, trying to alert her to… something. Her brain opened the door a crack.

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Halloween Fantasy, recap of the story so far.


First of all, let me just say that the name ‘Halloween Fantasy’ doesn’t really work anymore. Originally, this was only meant to be a little story for Halloween three years ago. But, it just grew. I need a new name.

Okay then, the recap.

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Blood and Steel pt 3

Jessiah sat in her car eyeing the skid marks on the road and the broken remains of a car not to far away into the tree line, the wisp of smoke rising gave about the only indication that the wreck was more recent than any of the other wrecks strung out on the road or anywehere for that matter in this region. She debated what to do for only a few moments before angling her own car and flipping on the lights of her car to better light the area around the other wreckage.

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A Shot In The Dark [Epilogue]



"The bright blue eyes gazed back defiantly from under a mass of tousled blonde locks"



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Survivors Refuge

Welcome to the official Survivors Refuge clan page, maintained by Ella Clinton.

Group Type:
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A Shot In The Dark [10]


He had been waiting all night for this.

Fischer had been watching the clock in Beau’s. He had also been watching with some envy at the bunch in the corner laughing together, playing Pool, and generally having a good time.

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Blood and Steel pt 2

The day started like those of the last week for Jeassiah, up early before dawn, in fact almost always before anyone else around Hope would consider a reasonable hour to be awake. For her though, it was either get up that early, or end up terrifying one of the other residents of the woman's hostle with the results of one of her nightmares waking herself and everyone else up.

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A Shot In The Dark [9]


Mick Fischer was probably one of the closest people to the pond then the bomb went off. He had been dozing against the wall of the entrance to the Life-net bunker. The shock made him leap to his feet then he found himself gazing at the column of water erupted thirty or forty metres up into the air.

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Veronica arrived at the Medic building early. The dark skies showed a storm was coming. It was important to arrive before the rain Veronica told to herself. Nothing at all because of her toothdoctor, Mr Vollmund, the handsome Mr Vollmund, with his kind face, soothing voice, dark curl which falls over the eye. Nothing at all.

A sign hung on the door read:

     Inzahnity Toothdoctors
     Here this week

She opened the door and went inside.

Another sign.

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A Shot In The Dark [8]



Kirsten.” Joe said, softly smiling, palms held up before him. His supplication did nothing so deflect or reduce the dark brown Oriental fury that was emanating from Kirsten’s eyes. The left hand rose to indicate the lounge door. The right arm lowered a bemused Anneka to the ground. The thin brown lips gave only slightly to issue Anni an instruction.

Go find Silja.”

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A Shot In The Dark [7]



No No it went… Hast du etwas Zeit für mich, Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich, Von 99 Luftballons, Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont” Meike warbled, then went on to explain. “It was very popular one time, a sort of protest song, everyone sang it at parties!”

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A Shot In The Dark [6]



Henning prised the wood panel out of it’s frame and set it to one side. He licked his dry lips as he reached into the now revealed recess. His hand closed around the bottle. Well one of them, there were six in the void behind the wall.


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Blood and Steel, Hope Springs Garage.

Jeassiah awoke in a sweat this morning, the most recent of her nightmares fading but she remembered enough to recognise one of the faces, and she shivered in the coolnesss of the morning air. She glanced around and found the other sleepers were still sound asleep, and was inwardly thankfull that tonights dream was not one of the ones that would have her screaming awake in abject terror.

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A Shot In The Dark [5]



Crossing the hall from Joe’s study to the kitchen, Silja’s legs felt like jelly. Maybe it was the brandy, but the time she had just spent with Joe made her think deeply about her situation, a lot.

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A Shot In The Dark [4]



The thing about a long car journey is that it provides plenty of time to mull things over in the mind.

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A Shot In The Dark [3]



Silja sat tight lipped in the passenger seat of Joe’s van. She could see Joe’s knuckles showing white even against his pallid skin. She listened to him breathing through his nose, it was slow, regular, but through his nose, audible above the rumble of the van and the odd crashed gear change. Silja rubbed at the chafing left on her wrists by several applications of handcuffs. She was not looking forward to arriving at Chez- Spivey, not one bit.

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A Familiar Voice....

Those who would tune into the old Horizon Radio Frequency would hear this message played on a loop...



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A Shot In The Dark [2]


 The three police officers knowledge of Icelandic expletives was expanding exponentially as they hauled Silja out of the van and into the Police Station. The tirade only intensified as they shut the iron door to the cell.

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Blood, Fuel and Steel

Jeassiah was working in the garage at Hope Springs, before her the burned out wreckage of her car she'd driven for so long. She sighed as she surveys the destruction heaped upon the anceint car, the tools she had available, and the small ssortment of parts she'd been able to collect so far.

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A Shot In The Dark [1] A continuation of 'Siblings'



Kirsten’s morning was not going well.


She had started the day in a benevolent mood. Yesterday had been Silja’s day off and she had decided to let Silja sleep late. Silja had come home late and had probably had a nice evening with her friends so Kirsten had seen to breakfast.


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Dark Fire, a song and dance.


"Gray was all that I could see,
Frozen all I'd ever be,
Until I saw your spark of witching light."

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Dusty Journal, Page Four

Dear Journal,

Its been a few weeks since I held this book, much less time to write actually.

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Siblings [4]


Poppa will be so pleased to have you home?’



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