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Wasteland Crafters Market

Ist Saturday of each Month. New Flagstaff 5pm - 8pm EST (GMT -4)

All welcome to come buy, sell, browse and have fun.

Park on the road by Beauville's Tavern. Market on the grass beyond where there will be campfires and tents with temporary vaults and mailboxes attached.


Saturday 2nd October: Grand Jousting Tournament and Gladiator Pit Fighting.


Wildflower: Part 3 of 3

Wildflower pointed to the Lifenet collar that Mason was holding.  “See that?” she asked.  “I modified it.”

“Modified, how?” Mason asked curiously as he gazed at the collar.

Wildflower pulled out a small silvery metallic cube out of one of her many pockets.  “This little device has the capability of disrupting the transmittal signal of a collar,” she explained.  Pocketing the cube again, she continued, “There is a catch though.  A couple of things need to happen.”

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -10-


Wednesday 06:45hrs:   Motel Parking Lot Credit Bend

From the moment Zane had glided into town on his bike, they’d been watching him, if it could be sold, bought or traded for Travelers were aware of it, so there was a pretty good chance at least some of the top Family people knew what he’d been up to, question was where’d they stand.

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The Beginning of The End


September 28th, 2156    4:32 pm


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Robbie's Journal - Entry 6

Well, I still never asked what date it is. Guess it doesn't matter- it's early fall. Heh, guess fall has a whole new meaning now. Autumn. Best time of the year.
We all met up at Beauville's on the weekend, as usual, and it was pretty relaxing. Had a lot longer talk with Sarah than I'd ever had before. Interesting that she had me pegged as someone involved with the law in some fashion. She seemed amused with my idea that she'd make a good spy. I still think she might. Met a few new people during the course of things...and hopefully, I'll remember names. Alicia, Xoth, Zane...and there may have been a few more folks wander in and out that I didn't get names for. My social circle is growing ever more expansive. What a butterfly.

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This is in a rough draft state. Will need to be polished up, maybe expanded on.


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Humpday Hide-away Hoedown! (RP Hunt/Party)

Hello All!

Legends of the Fall along with Demonville Radio are happy to announce another opportunity for Role Play in Fallen Earth.

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil - 9-


((ok so I make a few assumptions about the facilities at the Clubhouse, figure we have cars, the graphics are there, and the water towers, not much of a stretch to figure we have hot water :P, also yea anyone who stayed at the Clubhouse on the second floor feel free to send me a PM if you "saw" Zane get up in the middle of the night.))

Slowly Zane stirred, his back felt stiff, idly he wondered if this was what rigor mortis felt like, of course he wasn't dead.. but was beginning to wonder if that wouldn't be a vast improvement.  Rolling over into a position that wasn't too uncomfortable opened his eyes to look up at the spotted water stained ceiling in the clubhouse.  After talking with Soyala and Nat for a bit Zane had wandered inside and found a bed to crash in, but after having slept most of the day, he couldn't stay asleep now, even with all the alcohol and painkillers in his system.

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Ponderances of Alicia (entry 15)


((Greetings and salutations! My toon is Alicia Trabeal and this is her handwritten IC journal.  That said, you are reading it OOC; unless it is found IC and I have expressly directed you here.  If you have any questions or comments about it, please send me a private missive, I welcome them.)) 

Wildflower: Part 2 of 3

“What’s your beef with Drakken?” Mason questioned curiously.

“I’d rather keep that to myself for now,” Wildflower replied frankly.  “We both want him dead, so why not work together?”

“What makes you think I want him dead?” Mason asked back.

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The Hounds 1%er Motorcycle club

~The Hounds is an a official Role-Playing 1%er Motorcycle Club on Fallen Earth.~

Welcome to the group The Hounds 1%er Motorcycle Club Grand Canyon Chapter:

Group Type:
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The Director of Shadow Raven Operations

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Wildflower: Part 1 of 3

By Saturday early afternoon, Mason had arrived at North Burb.  He recalled the town fondly from his earlier travels.  Among the various outposts and small towns across the southern part of the Plateau, he believed North and South Burb had the best chance of survival.  Unlike most of the other communities that seemed to be focused on fighting and waging war, the Burbs attempted to foster growth and stability through community effort and farming.  It was just how Mason felt about the two towns.

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Robbie's Journal - Entry 5

"Entry 5". That's what I get for never paying attention to the real date. Does anyone really know what it is? That's something to look into. I'll ask Dru when she wakes up, maybe.

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Saving Herself -2-


Snail Mail

Mason was out in the wilderness again, heading east towards North Burb.  He had stayed low in Embry keeping an eye out for Drakken and his men.  It was clear that Drakken would not strike him down in the open but even Embry had its dark corners and shadowy places.  Staying on alert all the time wore him down. 

High Noon: Part 3 of 3

Drakken smirked and said, “I had a bad feeling you wouldn’t accept that answer.  You never do.”

“Never do?” Mason thought.  There was no time to ponder upon that peculiar comment or its implications.  Mason’s body tensed for action.  He knew Drakken wouldn’t let him walk out of this warehouse free and clear. 

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The Little Saint - 1


((Written to 'Speed of Sound' by Coldplay.))

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The Little Saint


Following will be brief glimpses of some of the continuing wasteland adventures of one Druuna Czarra, as well as some of her thoughts and concerns about those wanderings shared in various ways that will hopefully seem appropriate to each particular post and the Fallen Earth setting over all. I like to write to music so some will be set to tunes I feel enhance the mood in some way and I'll provide a link if I can.

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Ponderances of Alicia (entry 14)



High Noon: Part 2 of 3

“You sent a trio of thugs to retrieve me,” Mason replied.  “I don’t see much friendship there.”

Drakken sighed and nodded, “That was a mistake, I admit it.  But I didn’t have any idea on your state of mind.  I suppose it was a bad idea but again maybe it was?  Who knows?  If I approached you personally, I could have been the one with a machete in my skull.”

“Why the worry?”

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Who? What? Where? -1- The Phone

 (( This is a scrap of information about the backstory of my char, John Rose.  He has amnesia and is trying to find out who he is, you can get involved in the storyline.  I will be posting bits and pieces of information with a small puzzle or riddle or something like that at the end, be the first to figure it out and send me a PM... You have permission to be the person to have officially come across the info in the game.  If you decide to be the person to claim the right to be the one who finds out the information, please be involved in the story so it isnt wasted. Thanks for taking the time to read this ))

          Somewhere in the wasteland

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -2-


He walks up the stone path toward the house, flowers line the walk, up the steps then he stops. The door's broken, the lock and frame shattered by a forceful impact, the man starts, then moves with renewed haste as he begins to shout two names, the voice is distorted, unclear, but the panic is evident.  Moving through the house he check the living room, a still steaming coffee cup sits on the oak end table, the television still on, the kitchen, supper cooking on the stove just starting to burn, he calls the names again, still nothing.  Moving faster through the house he races up the stairs, first a young girls bedroom, its empty, the dresser in disarray as if someone packed in a hurry, the master bedroom he finds the same thing. 

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil



The heat in the room causes the air to waver, covered in a sheen of sweat, Zane manuvers the newly formed frame onto the work table, pulling up his welding goggles to examine his work.  Eyes as black as the lenses of the goggles trace over each weld his thumb checking for burs or flaws in the steel.

"Not bad...could be lighter...a bit stronger..:" Zane mumbles to himself, no one to hear him anyway, no one else is up at this hour.  He takes out a file, and begins to fuss over imperfections in the welds and joints of the frame.

"What was I thinkin'...who am I...nobody that's who...why did I even do that...?" he sighs heavily taking his frustration out on the metal with the file.

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Gasoline, Gears and Gun Oil -0-


((First an apology for the spam I am about to commit.  I have been posting my new journal over on the Invicta page and keep meaning to copy it over here but haven't had the time.  Well today I do.  As always coments are welcome, if you prefer not to comment in the blog, feel free to send me a PM))

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Hump Day Hide-Away Hoedown! (postponed)

Due to the live event this Wednsday FE One year anniversary stuffs we are going to postpone the Hoedown until next week!


Have fun with the anniversary events and we will see you then!



High Noon: Part 1 of 3

The sun was blazing above the wasteland skies as Mason sat on his horse observing a broken down warehouse along the outskirts of Embry Crossroads.  He had been watching it since the early morning, monitoring the movements of those who patrolled it as well as watching who came and went.  About a dozen men were there; half were patrolling around the warehouse while the other six were inside.  Of the dozen men, only one mattered to Mason.  It was not long ago when he had pulled up to the warehouse on a motorcycle and entered the warehouse.

A precious thing called hope

Oleandria open her eyes. Sunlight was entering the room through the cracks left by the wooden planks nailed to the window frame. But even the few light streams that manage to pierce into the room where light enough to show her she didn't recognize the room she was currently lying in. The covers also didn't smell like she was used to but it wasn't complete strange to her, although so she couldn't place the sent. She lied still for a few moments, listening to the sounds that were coming from outside.

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Archer's Brown Leather Journal


((This is my first attempt at making a character journal. I've never really been into these things but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out. I'll still make a few other journal posts that are actual stories but this one will be updated hopefully on a daily basis. This IC information is to be viewed OOC only (Unfortunately) however if given permission, you CAN use this information IC.))

My Journey: Entry 3

I am at Embry Crossroads hoping to find Drakken.  I could have asked around for him but that would have tipped him off that I was at Embry.  I suspect he knows I am tracking him but it affords me some advantage if he doesn’t know my precise location.  I took my time travelling across the wastelands and made damn sure I covered my tracks and even circled around to confuse anyone who might be following me.


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