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Bunker Bash III


Join the Leech’s of Invicta* on August 27th at 6pm EST in the Credit Bend Bunker for a night of roleplay, door prizes, gambling and dancing ladies… Invicta radio will be broadcasting its tunes during the event, keeping you pumped with good music and event details. All are welcome to participate.


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'Zero' Chance's Journal

(This Story is for Sabra who keeps pestering me for one. . . )


I Broke My Horse!


((Just a nice little way of sayin 'I blew my computer up! Cry BBL!))


"Dear diary, notebook, journal...whatever you wanna call these pieces of shit paper I've been writin on and totin around with me everywhere I go...

"Anyway, I think I broke my horse. Damn thing was on its last leg anyways really but my dumb ass figured if I gave it just a bit more juice, I might be able to actually make it faster. Yeah....umm...that didn't go so well.

"I made it to Embry Crossroads though! Busiest damn town I've been to yet. Guess that's why whoever made this map I've been usin put the cute little star next to it.

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Method of Madness: Inside the Mind of a Madman (Chapter 3)


As the day draws to a close Elijas stands near a barrel fire making a mental inventory of the events of the past week or so and begins preparing himself mentally for the assault on the Kingman Prison looming ominoisly on the hill.




<<<< Inner Thought Monologue of Elijas Metatron >>>>

"I've been making good time since I was in Oilville slowly working my way north. I hear there are some trade hubs once you're out of the desert so I've been scraping every chip and scrap I can and hopefully I can trade up a truck to haul some of this salvage or find one to fix up.


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Pyotr enters the light


((OOC)) This is the first time Pyotr Velikiy wakes up. He will be speaking in a very thick russian accent so think the Cosmonaut from Armaggeddon. To keep things simple, words between asterisks (*) will be input from his senses, such as touch, taste, smell, sight and also outline actions. Pyotr with be highlighted in Red when speaking, all other characters will have names attatched to their colours the first time around. ((OOC))


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Zane Richards Audio Log Part 3


*recorder clicks on*

"Eli sent me some schematics, good stuff, shotgun comes in handy sometimes.  Eli....not sure what possessed me to buy him a beer, maybe in the hope that I'd find one other human that didn't want to gut me for what was in my pockets."

*sound of him taking a long draw of a cigarette, and a equally long slow exhale*

"Decent fella, Eli, we chat now and then on the radio, he talks about putting a business together, sittin' back in our own place gettin' others to do the grunt work for us.  Sounds nice, if a bit out of reach.  Maybe...hell neither one of us can remember who we use ta be, but who the hell cares, could 'ave been a hundred years ago...fuck it."

*takes a drink of something, a few swallows followed by a satified sigh*

Always an Option C


((This is a short introductory story for my character. Being new to FE and still learning about the various factions and lore, I'm refraining from diving in too deep on a backstory. But I figure this would be a good start. I'm a long time RPer (most of the recent stuff being on Second Life) and really looking forward to meeting and RPing with y'all on FE. If you see me, Amarok Tonrar, in-game, by all means, say hi!))

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Tracking Evil pt.1

((This is my first time writing something like this so i'll keep it short ^.^ Know that my chracter Morgan Temple is pretty much at this point sarcastic, deadly bad person so when I really start to rp again ingame don't take it personally))

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Letters from the Road( Jax Riens Nomad Wanderings.)


(( These are letters by jax on the road you are reading them OOC))
I found them. They are based in an old lifenet building deep in the radiation zone, It was hell to find it but i captured one. He didn't give up voluntarily but i was able to track the signal on his radio back to the Coordinates. I'll finally have my answers, I leave tonight.


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Zane Richards *An Audio Log*


*recorder clicks on, a long sigh, exhale of air, the sound of someone taking a draw from a cigarette, and another long exhale*

"Son's o' bitches.....  Didn't have ta be this way,"

*rustling of movement, sounds of boots on dry vegetation and gravel*

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Humpday Hide-away Hoedown!


Hello All!

Legends of the Fall along with Demonville Radio are happy to announce another opportunity for Role Play in Fallen Earth.

Hoedown Flyer


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Method of Madness:Inside the Mind of a Madman


If one were to overhear the thoughts of one Elijas Metatron perhaps a greater understanding of his "madness" could be deduced. Elijas is not one to keep a journal nor records of any kind about himself or his dealings but perhaps we could venture into the mind of a madman for a peek, just a tiny peek at what makes his clock tick and how.

<<<< The Inner thought Dialouge of Elijas Metatron>>>>

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Zane Richards *An Audio Log*


((This is an audio journal for the character Zane Richards, both to introduce him to the community and to get a feel for the idea of what he is myself, making this up as I go, my knowledge of lore at this point is limited to the timeline on the main page, and what I've seen in game so far, so bare with me and enjoy.))

*Recorder clicks on, a gravelly deep voice begins to speak*

"Figure I might as well record this...not sure how long I'll be able to keep this thing working, but talkin' into it makes me seem a bit less crazy while I talk to myself, tryin' to get this all straight in my head."

*the sound of someone taking a long drag of a cigarette, then an exhaled breath*

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Ponderances of Alicia (entry 13)


((Greetings and salutations! My toon is Alicia Trabeal and this is her handwritten IC journal.  That said, you are reading it OOC; unless it is found IC and I have expressly directed you here.  If you have any questions or comments about it, please send me a private missive, I welcome them.)) 

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Echoes of Memory - 8


((Written to 'Disco Science' by Mirwais.))

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24 day battle of tinkersdam

After 24 days of fighting the battle over Tinkersdam is now over. The F.D.C.'s 1st Tactical Assault Unit engaged with several members of a neo-fascist army called Holnists run by General Bethlehem which takes supplies and prisoners, captures and incorporates the nomad into his ranks. Tinkersdam is known for its restored water treatment plant of which is belived to be the only one in existence. The water treatment plant could provide thousands of gallons of clean water to needy civilians throughout the sector.

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Echoes of Memory - 7


((Written to 'Weapon of Choice' by Fatboy Slim.))

It's an idle, mostly quiet afternoon outside. Crisp, clear blue skies, light traffic humming about the downtown streets. The day is waning and people are meandering along in their lives, thinking about getting off work and whiling away their evening routines in whatever comfort zones they lay claim to. Inside the office building at 2401 Bradley though, a starkly more hectic scene is playing out.

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Echoes of Memory - 6


((Written to 'Cellphone's Dead' by Beck.))

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Echoes of Memory - 5


((Written to 'Don't Mess Around With Jim' by Jim Croce.))

The schematics for Druuna's latest project continue to tumble through her thoughts as she and her horse amble into the small outpost at a trot. She leans forward slightly to pat her mount's neck when they slow further, "Here we are again at the edge of civilization eh' Bill?" Just a brief visit for several missing parts and her dune buggy frame would finally be complete.

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President Harry Pembroke Lives

**Message broadcasted on on AM 1070 radio and written versions posted in several frankin rider stations**

Scraps of paper.


*Scraps of paper float along the wind near Embry Crossroads. On them is handwriting; that of a fifth grader; but it was eligible and readable.*

-and I dont know what to say about it all. This hostile wasteland gives nothing but scraps. I need to be careful what I eat from now on. Been reading news, not soo good, then became better, I don't know what been going on lately, News just gets interesting every day. Note, stop on by New Embry for more water, starting to run low on that. Food is horrible. Alcohol cleans the water. Tired as hell, hot in days, cool in nights.

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The shape of things to come

I wake up to the sound of F.D.C. troops at the range early in the morning. For a moment I think im still back in my marine days and i need to get ready for formation. Then it all hits me, im not when I am supposed to be. I am not who I was and this world is not home. The mission I am on reminds me of a suicide mission because no matter what there is no going home. It is usually the thought of going home to your partner and your kids that keep you fighting but that will not happen no matter the outcome.

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FDC Press Release 8-7-2156







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Letters from the Road( Jax Riens Nomad Wanderings.



(( due to real life i am going to have to leave fe for awhile, however i'll still be around, Jax has gone nomad which essentially means he is on his own, without the rest of Iron SIghts to deal with some things. in his journeys on the road he collects his thoughts by writing letters, some to his sister, others to Irina, the girl he left behind these are the letters you are reading them OOC))


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GlobalTech Profile: Anthony Hunter


    |||Welcome to the GlobalTech employee database|||


>>Executive Profiles


//Open? Y/N


//Enter keyword   /Hunter_Anthony


//File not found

//Enter keyword   /Archer


//File found. NOTE: classified information.


Name: Anthony Hunter

Codename: Archer

Date of Birth: N/A-N/A-2018

Position: Currently Regional Executive of GlobalTech Los Angeles Branch. Formerly GlobalTac black ops specialist. Rank: Major

In need of a new..uhh..what do they call them? Friend?



Hello, I am sure some of you heard of me, well I need a new talkie thingy, it seems Reaper's schedule has left me alone at most days and i need a new talky-talk Friend-slave thingy that i can talk to on game.

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Theory, Meet Practice


((Author's note: Chronologically this story takes a week before Fallen Earth's launch day. The story opens with Sarah wandering around Plateau a few hours after the Cafe of Broken Dreams, her home, burnt down.))


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Broken Memories Finale: Vengeance/Endgame


Date: July 22, 2156

Location: Currently a motel room in Credit Bend


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The Flying Xoth!

Image Galleries:
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Broken Memories Part 2: The Beginning of The End


((Warning: Contains a bit of descriptive torture))

Date: June 29th, 2156



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