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Union Candy (part 7)

After the funeral was over, Joe had Finny ride with him back to New Flagstaff. The funeral had upset Finny. Not so much because the broker man had died and his widow and kids were very sad, Finny was ok with that because she lived a life where pretty much everyone she knew had a sad story. Finny was upset about the funeral because she felt that she might have had a part in his death.

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Union Candy (part 6)

When they were finally ready and Finny was fuming just a little bit by the fact that Joe and Aunty had dressed her up like a doll between them, she and Joe left the junk emporium into the bright morning sun.

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Union Candy (part 5)

It was barely a week later, six days to be exact. When Finny, in the company of the other three reading group members, arrived at the factory one bright and optimistic morning. There was a message waiting for her from Joe to go straight to Aunty Wainwright’s. Casper sighed and watched Finny run off in the direction of the police station, his happy thoughts for the day just a little diminished.

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Union Candy (part 4)

In her dream, a big white dog was snuffling at her shoulder. Finny tried to shoo it away but it kept coming back. Now it was whispering her name. That was odd, Finny thought as reality slowly pushed into her dream and the dog turned into Alice from the next bed, standing in her white nightie and pushing at Finny’s shoulder while sleepily rubbing her own eye.

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The Murder - Finale

Ytte Maria Henriette von Skovlund sat quietly in the headmistress office of Hope Springs school. In front of her on the desk were several piles of paper all relevant to the case of the killing of Margaret Louise Decker. Beside all the police reports and statements she also referred regularly to the notes she had made during the trial.

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Union Candy (part 3)

Casper had known about those he called ‘the watchers’ since a couple of days after Finny’s birthday. The watchers were four boys in their mid-teens who took turns sneakily watching Finny and whoever was with her. Casper had noticed them because, well, he was Casper and he was hard wired to look out for danger.

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A Good Turn of Events

Veronica returned and knocked on the door.
'Go away!' shouted a voice from inside.
Veronica turned and left.

Veronica returned and knocked on the door.
'I said go away!' shouted a voice from inside.
Veronica turned and left.

Veronica returned and knocked on the door and immediately opened it a little.
'No!' shouted a voice.
Veronica closed the door, turned and left.

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Union Candy (part 2)

The day after Finny’s birthday there was a perpetual crowd of orphans gathered around as Finny, wearing some of her new clothes, proudly demonstrated opening the vault, taking out the big jar of candy, putting it back and then closing the door. Every phase of the process accompanied by a little collective gasp of amazement and jealous awe. This was all much to the amusement of the vaults’ normal clientele.

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Union Candy (part 1)

The good thing about the ablutions was that, if there was any blood, it was easily washed away. The bad thing about the ablutions, was that everyone knew this. So being in the ablutions with Big Levi Gorse towering over you, staring at you from eyes sunk deep behind that low brow of his…

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The Murder - Cause and Effect



Amid the general kicking off of shoes and the sighs of relief, after all, high heels were not best suited for the long walk back to Hyle’s house on the compacted dirt roads of Hope Springs, Hyle, Kirsten and Tuki took their places leaning against the table and worktops in Hyle’s kitchen as the room filled with the smell of brewing coffee.

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The Murder - Loose Ends

Constable Phineas Sweetly sat at the duty desk with his feet up and a tin mug of strong black coffee held in one hand while he read. Constable Sweetly didn’t mind holding down the fort while his compatriots attended the funeral of the Magrat girl. He and his wife were new in town and didn’t know many people yet, so there was that.

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The Murder - A Farewell to Magrat


While Shadow slept, Hyle was sitting at the kitchen table, pen in hand well into the wee hours.

The recent developments at The Constabulary, the arrest of the Stanton boys, the deaf and dumb supper she had just shared with Shadow, all weighed heavily on Hyle’s mind, interfering with the task in hand, namely the speech she was to give at Magrat’s funeral.

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The Murder - The Evidence Mounts

Arch arrived. It took a while to calm him down and get him to listen but, eventually, the combined efforts of the mayor and the chief constable convinced him that it would be in the best interests of himself and his family if the boys accompanied their father to the constabulary headquarters, where Arthur would then be interviewed.

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The Murder - Some Pieces Fall Into Place


Constable Alana headed back towards the constabulary, mentally preparing her report on the conversation she had just finished with young Evan Stanton. She would copy her notes and the boy’s statement up to date over a coffee then place the report on The Chief’s desk. Then.. then she would probably head home for some well earned sleep.

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The Murder - Suspect/Witness Interview - Evan Stanton

Evan Stanton

“Go and see who’s at the effin’ door!”

"I’m going! I’m going!”

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The Murder - Civic Responsibilities

In all fairness, Hyle’s diversion to The Constabulary was a welcome relief. It gave her a moment away from the deeply saddening task of making the arrangements for Magrat’s funeral. To be honest, a bunch of folk having a picnic, or a sit-in or whatever it was supposed to be, was not the item on the top of her agenda.

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The Murder - Suspect Interviews



From their footsteps alone, Shadow could tell which ones were Maisie's as

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Sticking Around

Das, Fenster, Brett, stood in the grasslands outside Picus. Fenster began to lean against the window sill and almost fell before he remembered they were outside and there was no window sill. Das smiled and tried not to laugh. Each of them held a curved stick. Brett looked at his. 'Why did Veronica make these for us?' Brett asked.

'They are Christmas gifts,' Fenster explained. 'Something about her travels.'

'She travels down under,' Das said.

'The New Flagstaff sewers?' Brett asked.

Das and Fenster both looked to Brett.

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Shameless New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New year to all you survivors of the apocalypse :D

I keep coming back and reading to recharge my batteries. Although I am not so active over here, I've been busy writting and finished my 5th novel in two years.
One of the novels turned out to be popular, so I've written a standalone sequel.



/me shamelesly advertises (with Reaper's previous permission, though)

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Tallisen's Return.

[ Hello it is me again, joined five years ago and life got in the way before I could actually do anything beyond my first post, I'm back again and posting :) ]

Tallisen glances upwards before pulling the reigns back harshly on his horse, causing the animal to neigh as it comes to a stop while he reads the over pass sign, Odenville, Straight ahead.

He sighs before moving the reigns, directing the horse to continue onwards..

[ Feel free to add me in game as Talissen :) I would appreciate the company.]

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An aside.

The statue of Noah Barret is, was and probably always will be the place of choice for Hope Spring’s adolescents to hang out. People couldn’t help but notice you being cool in your ripped, patched and home-dyed cool clothes so that everyone would know that you were the future and why can’t you just take us seriously.

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Lost and Found Rage


To say it'd been an interesting couple of weeks would be an understatement as far as Jeassiah was currently concerned.

Finding Canni as she was in the car wash of the building Jess lived in was a surprise, then there was the quiet one, Taiyo who she'd found with Canni.
That they had come to some sort of understanding where the younger girl was concerned was also something of an unusual nature, but it was also one where Jess found herself very reluctant to discuss with anyone, including Lance and Hyle.

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Mordet/The Murder, Day Two (part 2)




So it was no small amount of trepidation that Hyle felt as she walked down the slope from her car into Longhands’ north camp.


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Mordet/The Murder, Day Two


Hyle looked in the mirror, the bags under her eyes were evidence of a sleepless night. Her mind had been full of the previous day’s events and the fact Shadow had been out all night investigating did not help.


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Something's Missing

The whiskey slipped between his lips, the burning sensation had almost been forgotten. It'd been years since he had any real alcohol. He realized then that he had missed it almost as much as he had missed smoking and strangely enough, missed talking to other people.

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Mordet/The Murder




It was around two in the afternoon. Hyle was leaning on the edge of her desk, looking out of her office window. Her office door was closed and the blind was down. She had left explicit instructions with her staff that she was not to be disturbed.


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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part fourteen, final)

The last few days of Magrat’s time in Hope Springs were without incident.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part thirteen)

“Get out of my way! I’m next. Emergency…see!” Johnson, the aggressive shopkeeper who ran the shop and storage facility at the vehicle workshop, waved his bandage covered right hand in the face of the elderly man who had just got up to take his turn for the treatment room.

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The Thirty Days of Magrat (part twelve)

Magrat had a chance to demonstrate this supposed ‘edge’ a couple of days later when Maisie had insisted the teenager join her in helping with one of the head nurse’s new duties at the school.

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Chez Spivey, just around 7:30

Joe had been pacing the hall for about ten minutes. Well for Joe it was one cigar and onto the next. 

"Ain't you ready yet?!"

Kirsten's voice drifted out if the bedroom "Just a minute. Archie and Harvey are only four doors down Joe."

Silja smirked at Joe's pacing. "It is good to be 'fashionably late' you know."

Joe's replied with a stern raised eyebrow. Silja just poked her tongue out in return. Uwe did his best not to snort.

"Yer, an' you two just concentrate on Anni. And nevermind any 'goings on', right?"



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