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The Wastelander : Hope Springs edition

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The Wastelander, the well know bar held by Le Cartel

If you want to have a good time, you're in the right place. Le Cartel is proud to welcome you at The Wastelander this wednesday at 9PM GMT+1 10PM GMT+1. Wednesday night will be special, dear custommers. This night the bar will open in a new place : Hope Springs. Thanks to Hope Springs mayor and direction, Le Cartel is proud to welcome you this wednesday in the Black Beer bar. Spend your money on good drinks or even bets at the pool tables, enjoy the company, the music and our drinks.

Come to The Wastelander, where the finest drinks of all the sector and the nice music are just waiting for you and your friends !


Hope Springs,

Black Beer Bar


((http://wastelander.listen2myradio.com/ for the music !))

((The bar will open at 10pm GMT+1 beacause of the down server))



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(( Why was the event moved to Hope?   :/

I mean it's your event, you can place it wherever you want...  ))

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[I doubt ill make it, if you are all still there when i get off work ill swing by :D ]

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(( Well, Lost, if you want the reasons of the Hope Springs edition, I recommend you to ask Hope Springs leadership or Le Cartel leadership. And, Rowynn, it'll be a pleasure if you swing by to the event :) ))

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(( *Skips this week as te character doesnt like much going to Hope* ))

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(( A while back Mayor Dr. Dordo asked the leader of Le Cartel if they would hold an occasional event in Hope Springs to draw in much needed rp to the town. Wastelander is not moving there just acting on a previously made request.  A lot of characters stopped going there and we are trying to change that.))


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(because the town was hostile to alot of characters, nuff said.



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(( The town has had a run of odd Mayors though. Unlike the previous ones, Dorado has actually been in game enough that I think his crew may be able to populate the RP hub again. It would, however, require people like us to reconsider how to approach the town. A lotta folks have bad history buried deep into their characters, but theres a lot more new characters than old ones.

In my case, Ard only goes to Hope when directly invited, or dealing with a medical issue late night when none of the NF doctors are on. Last week, Vek made a personal request, so he went... And brought someone with him to witness, in case the town lynched him. He doesnt have a good reputation there, and I dont plan on conviniently erasing that aspect of his character and story, just to show up for a cool party. :P ))

Current Status; Fully Operational, Slightly Cheesy


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”

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((I'm confused. The date says the 13th, but the advert says Wednesday? Isn't Wednesday (today) the 12th?))

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((Yeah it's the 12th, sorry i was out of my shoes when I created the event))


((PS : Beacause of the down server, wastelander will open at 10pmGMT+1, Thanks for understanding (and not sending more threat mails to our dear FE's GM team) ))

( An agreement was made in the past with Le Cartel to hold it occasionaly in Hope. As Jade said it was to bring rp back to Hope. Rply I saw it as Hope lp rings losing trade and drying up and eventually dieing as people moved away. I started to talk to the various groups about holding their events there  occasionaly, as well as extending invitations to others to use unoccupied buildings within the town to increase the overall population. While they are not officialy part of the town they reside within and rply provide whatever services they feel they would. Plans are in effect and the town is slowly recovering. My idea was to give it the feel of the town being under the leadership of someone who sees the "big picture" and not a member of any faction. Rply doc resigned from the techs and enforcers. Ooc I stayed cause I love those tech goggles =p.  Now as far as us being hostile to players...mixed truth. Remember that this is rp and it is towards the characters and not the players. It's rp only. Ard said it best that he is not erasing that aspect of their character as it makes no sense to just say that a years worth of stuff didn't happen. I fully respect and understand that. Not only due to the town and his history with it but because of his history with the current mayor. On the flip side Doc won't forget either for his reasons. If ya play a bad guy ya can't be suprised that you aren't welcomed with open arms in that area. "Hey you tortured me yesterday and pulled out all my teeth but come to our bbq!" I honestly dont see how that could work icly to not treat someone with a level of hostility. Same way I don't expect to be treated cordially, welcomed, or even invited icly to some events and as such I icly stay away. Like we would not expect to see Aiidonous to show up to Hope raising a barn if we did that. =p. An example to follow...)


A woman comes into the bar while Jade and Doc are talking about the future plans. (Ooc I know the player and character but go with I don't recognize them icly as it has been a good deal of time since I last saw them) abd proceeds behind the bar and takes a bottle of whiskey. Doc sees theatheist and stops them and demands payment for the bottle (rp pay for an rp item). They pay and go about their business. Doc will warily watch person as an attempted thief. 

(Rp wise all that means is he's just going to be watching them when they are around areas he is icly responsible for. If he runs into them say like in NF or Credit Bend he wont care as he is not responsible for that place but he will most likely say something. Not a "hey they stole a bottle lets kill them!" type of deal. In the end we are all adults that can be reasoned with and are very creative by what I've seen in the game this past year. I'm sure we can come up with a creative way as to why any toon would appear at any event. )

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