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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 9)

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Sigrid made sure she arrived at ‘Lo Gnomo Ridere’ earlier than Hyle. She allowed herself a self congratulatory smile as, the moment she walked through the door, the diners fell silent for a moment and most heads turned her way, the male diners particularly, of course quickly returning their guilty attention to their wives or girlfriends. Sigrid noted the jealous looks on the faces of the women.

She chuckled inwardly, sometimes it’s hard to be so devastatingly gorgeous. She loved being the centre of attention, when it suited her.


And the host, ‘Davido’ gushed out his welcome. Sigrid informed him who she was here to meet.


Ah, securamente. Miss Troy said she would have a guest this evening. Belissimo! Let me show you to Miss Troy’s favourita table.”


Perfect. Sigrid thought, The table was secluded and private, she asked for red wine and took her seat while Davido fussed around her. Sigrid lapped up the attention. A secluded table? Miss Troy, you are so predictable.


And predictably, Hyle Troy arrived exactly on time. Sigrid nodded as Hyle approached and took her seat, She smiled her welcome, masking her irritation at Davido’s fawning over this most important client.


Hej!” Hyle smiled as she smoothed her dress and took her seat. Pausing to offer Sigrid a handshake before she settled. “I see you found the place OK? I see you got red wine, I was going to order just a white myself but.. as you have some...”


Davido took the cue and poured Hyle a glass full.


I always drink red.” Sigrid smiled, all the while casting a critical eye over Hyle’s outfit. Close fitting and stylish, elegant even, and she wore her hair up tonight! Very nice, and dressed all in white just to counterpoint me!

Sigrid understood, she knew Hyle’s character well, yes she had done her research, but mainly be cause Hyle was so similar to herself.


The two women ordered over small talk, and as the first course arrived the conversation turned to more of a business perspective, Hyle listened attentively as Sigrid delivered a well rehearsed outline of how she would like to support Hyle’s work, all the while complimenting Hyle’s achievements so far. Sigrid had done her research on Hyle Troy thoroughly.

And she knew she had to be convincing, she knew Hyle would be inwardly digesting every detail of what she said and how she said it. Behind the relaxed and friendly expression her mind would be working overtime. Of course Sigrid knew, she would be doing that same in Hyle’s place.


By the time dessert arrived, the serious part was over and Hyle began to pursue the source of Sigrid’s dress, and her shoes. Sigrid feigned modesty, of course, and Hyle knew it.

Shortly, Hyle excused herself. And Sigrid knew the moment had arrived. She thanked Hyle for choosing such a secluded table and deftly sprinkled a sachet of powder into Hyle’s drink.


Bingo, she’s all mine.” Sigrid said, very quietly.


From then on, Sigrid watched as Hyle began to lose grip on her control of the evening, she waited, and knew exactly when to excuse them both from the restaurant, Hyle would just appear tipsy to any onlooker, and of course, Sigrid acted along with it. Just two girls enjoying a night out.


By the time they got to Hyle’s house, Hyle was putty in Sigrid’s hands. She guided the giggling Hyle upstairs and to her bed. Hyle compliantly sat on the edge of her bed and allowed Sigrid to undress her, Sigrid threw herself into the role. Dropping compliments about Hyle’s dress as she neatly folded it.

She lay the naked Hyle back on the bed and kissed her quickly before dipping into her handbag. She made it look like a fun joke as she removed the protective cap from the syringe.

She dropped a compliment that she thought Hyle’s breasts were to die for, and could she touch them? Hyle of course by this time would have happily jumped under a train if asked nicely, she had no idea.

Sigrid lifted one of Hyle’s breasts and pushed the needle into the crease underneath, it was a good place to hide the mark after all.


There you go, little tin men, do your stuff.” Sigrid laughed, still smiling at the now inane Hyle as she pushed the plunger.


Hyle giggled too, no idea why, Sigrid was laughing, why should she not be laughing. Then Hyle looked bewildered as Sigrid left her alone on her bed. She shrugged and lay back. And promptly fell asleep.

Sigrid went downstairs and found the coffee, it was going to be a long nights wait.


Inside Hyle’s body, the nanobots spread through her blood, all pre-programmed, all dutiful, obedient little soldiers.

"Oh Hyle, you made it al just..... Too easy.."

job done


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Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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