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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 7)

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By 09:45 Monika was becoming desperate. The Mayor was late, or was it because she had other business elsewhere. Monika checked Hyle’s appointments diary once again, There was nothing in there indicating any visit or meeting that the Mayor had scheduled ahead of coming into the office that morning. Indeed Miss Troy’s diary was full of office based meetings all morning.


Chief Accountant Wesley Drayton rang Monika for the fifth time..

Has the Mayor arrived yet?”

I’m sorry, Mr Drayton. Not yet.”

My appointment was for 08:50 and I have some very important figures that she requested for this…..”

Yes I know Mr. Drayton. You told me that three times already this morning!”


Monika swallowed as she put the handset down, She had just snapped at at the Chief Accountant. Her hands trembled a little, she was feeling the pressure. Where was the Mayor?


The phones stayed silent for a short while, allowing Monika to think a little.

OK, she breathed. Miss Troy had a dinner appointment last night with that woman in the red dress, maybe she stayed out late or had a drink too many. It was well known Hyle Troy likes a party. No, ‘Never on a school night,’ as she had heard her boss say many times in the past. Especially as the dinner was work related, Hyle always kept a clear head during such things, Monika knew that much about her,

So where on earth was she?


Right at that moment, the front doors swung open and Winona barrow and her ‘silver soldiers’ chattered and clattered their way to Monika’s Desk.


Shit!” Monika muttered. Realising that it would not be enough for Winona and her crowd to be told simply that the mayor was ‘not in at the moment.’


After fielding all the questions and having repeated many times the same thing. And by the time the battalion of silver soldiers had discussed their disappointment, the fact that the meeting was so important for the welfare of Hope Springs. And then by the time they had all discussed what to do and where to go next, and at who’s house it was in the rota they were to go for tea and scones… and so on and so forth. Monika was frazzled and the clock read 10:20. Which is exactly when Mr. Drayton rang once again.. . Monika stopped herself from screaming. Just.


At 10:30 Monika began phoning around. The clinic, the hostel, the school. She even phoned the Waffelhus, which again prompted a series of questions from a clearly concerned Theis.


By now it was 10:50. Monika was in a dilemma. Should she call the constabulary? What if there was a perfectly simple explanation and she, Monika, had called out the cops for nothing? The dressing down she had got from Mayor Troy yesterday still rang in her ears for letting ‘that woman’ slip into her office unannounced. Monika hesitated while she weighed up the pros and cons. Finally the rest of the office heard Monika shout ‘Dammit!’ as she picked up the phone.


Sergeant Sweetly took the call. He breathed in softly. Probably nothing to it, everyone knew how much Miss Troy enjoyed a drink after all. And added to that, he knew Miss Troy had been seen at ‘Lo Gnomo Ridere’ with that.. what’s her name? Ziggy Stardust or something?. AND it was rumoured that Miss Troy could ‘play for the other team’ if the fancy took her what with that Reavy one and... ‘Oh bollocks’ He sighed. ‘What a morning..’


Yes Miss Spiegel, I’ll have a constable pop round there as soon as I can.” Sweetly replaced the handset and looked at his rota.


11:05. He noted the call from Miss Spiegel in his log.


Constable Alana!” Sweetly decided to send a female officer on the job, just in case Miss Troy was inflagrante or something. Also, Alana could be trusted to keep her gob shut. “Finish up that report then swing by the Mayors house please, She’s late for work and her PA’s got her knickers in a twist.”




Sarge!” I’m at the Mayors place, her car’s here, doors locked, but there’s a light on upstairs. And I can hear water running. I knocked hard.. Erm I don’t like it. Something’s not right. What do you want me to do?”


Sweetly knew Alana was one of the best cops in his squad. If she said something was not right, then there was cause. Sweetly went with his instinct.


Kick the door in!”




Kick the door in! I’ll take the flak!”





Sarge! Call the Doc. NOW!”


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OMG! Well, that got scary quick!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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