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Calamity Wears a Red Dress (part 6)

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Hyle stood in her knickers before her cavernous wardrobe methodically moving each garment on the rail from left to right.


This is bloody ridiculous. I can’t find a damned thing to wear!” She mumbled.


Well. She reasoned. There is no point in trying to out vamp this Sigrid. But the problem was that the vast majority of her wardrobe was either work clothes or, well, vampy stuff.


She shuffled more of her collection, then started from right to left. This? Too frumpy. That? Too, well. Too revealing, as her dinner appointment was sort of work, not an all out, no holds barred party night.


Fand.” Hyle swished a few more places along the rack. “Oh, now how about this?” She asked herself.

Hyle pulled out a mid length? No more a just below mid-thigh thing in white satin. High neck too. Relatively.


But,” She reasoned. “Maybe I can play the angel against that Sigrid’s devil. Hyle chuckled. It appealed to her sense of humour.”Jupp, and hair up? Uh huh.”



Lo Gnomo Ridere’ had not been open long, a matter of a few months. But it had already gained a reputation as a really fine Italian Ristorante. Davido made the finest Spaghetti Bolognese, out side of, well, Bolgna?

Davido. Real name David Jones, was about as Italian as Joe Spivey but his hammed up accent entertained his customers, David Jones was a bit of an ‘Oddity’ after all.


\Hyle arrived at 19:30, gushingly welcomed in faux Italian.


Meessa Troya! How a nicer of a you to join us. Your cliente is a awaiting a you!”


Sure enough, Sigrid Sigurdsson was waiting at Hyle’s favourite table. And yes! She was wearing the same dress as she had earlier, Hyle had made the perfect fashion selection. Sigrid smiled and raised her glass as Davido escorted Hyle to join her.



Hyle woke up the following morning, she groaned and turned over. The red LED swam into focus. 10:17

For Helvede!” Hyle almost sprang out of bed. Almost, For some reason her legs were not responding as they should have. She slowly rolled over to the edge of the bed and found the floor with one toe. But then.

Hyle felt dampness at the top of her thigh. She felt herself with her hand then looked at her fingers. Blood? A period?

Hyle sat upright looking at the tacky redness on her hand. Hyle Troy never had a period in her life. Her brow furrowed. She looked down at her thighs, and her bed. What a mess. And, she was late for work!


Another thing came into focus. The white dress she had worn the previous evening was neatly folded on the chair next to her bed, her panties folded on top and her shoes neatly stored on the floor under the chair.


And for the life of her she had no idea how they had got there.


But she needed a shower, badly.


Hyle closed the shower door and opened the water. She leaned back and let the warmth flow over her body and sluice the blood from her legs. A shower often revived her from a heavy night.


But last night was not a heavy drinking night. Never on a school night!’ Hyle thought about her regime. OK maybe share a bottle of wine if there was work tomorrow but...’

But what?”


Hyle thought about the evening and suddenly realised she could hardly remember anything about it. Small talk, some stuff abut Sigrid and her intentions. But what they were, she had no idea. Nor did she have any idea how she got home, or how her clothes ended up….


Hyle sneezed abruptly, powerfully. When she opened her eyes she was shocked to see the tiles on front of her splattered with red blood, which as running now down the walls at the water continued. She wiped her face, Her forearm was now covered on blood, from her nose, from her mouth and, from her ears, she discovered!


Hyle looked down as the water collecting in the shower tray ran with streaks of red. She panicked. Tried to open the shower’s glass doors, found herself shaking and whimpering to herself.


Hyle pushed the door open as the periphery of her vision closed in, everything began to unfocus and fade away. She fell half way in and half way out of the shower.


Back by her bed the red LED of the clock displayed 10:34.


Downstairs, a female voice said quietly. “Beatrice? Here is Sigrid, It is done.” And the door closed.


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