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Søstre [5]

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I miss this.”


Picnics?” Tuki asked, even though her mouth was full pastry.


Sorja smiled. “No, The Waffelhus sunset. It was always a special time of day. Such a calm atmosphere.”


Jo.” Hyle sighed as she sat cross legged, Tuki leaning up against her. “It is even nicer than usual because you are with us, Sis. It reminds me of those times. You know?”


Tuki managed the smirk quite well. Her thoughts filled with an image of Hyle sitting in the back steps of the waffelhus, calmly sipping wine from a glass in one hand and a ciggy burning its life away in the other, while all manner of orders were piling of inside the diner while she and Sorja battled to stay ahead.

But Tuki filed that image away for now, it was nice to be here sharing a quiet evening with her mother and her aunt. Yes, the smirk on her face was more for happiness and far less a comment on her Mor’s rose tinted nostalgia.



Is Tai looking after Ichiro?” Sorja asked, bringing Tuki back from her thoughts.




So when can we expect a brother or sister for Itchy. He’s what, two now. You are going to have more, surely?”


If Tuki’s thoughts were in butterfly mode, which thy were. Said butterfly dropped out of the sky with a bump.


Urrrr..” Tuki blinked her eyes several times. “Umm..” Sorja was looking at her like…. Well….. An Aunt?”


Unprepared for the question, Tuki blurted out the first words to form. “Well…. I… err… We… sort of figured one was enough… right?” Tuki shot a glance at her mother for support.. Support? No!... but…. but her mother was looking into the sky, was she looking at something or had her eyes just rolled?


Sorja though, had seen Hyle’s eyes roll skyward. She put two and two together. This was her sister after all.


Aww, that’s such a shame. I think Hyle was expecting a dynasty!” Sorja knew she was teasing, Teasing both of them.


One more would be nice, or two..” Hyle sighed, expecting a Tuki sized elbow in her rib. It didn’t come. Tuki was far too busy looking at her aunt and her mother in turn, rapidly realising her minority status in the consensus.


Sorja quickly changed tack, firstly to end Tuki’s embarrassment, and to avert hearing soon whatever it was Hyle was thinking about right now.


The clinic takes all your attention hmm?” Sorja threw Tuki the lifeline. “What are your plans for Hope’s health services?”


Tuki enthusiastically seized the lifeline with both hands.


"Well, The clinic is fine, really. But, well. If there was an actual outbreak in Hope then, well, we couldn't really cope without turning half of the town hall into a temporary hospital.”

There, well we do treat a lot of the refugees 'in situ'. Which isn't exactly ideal. So something more along the lines of a medical centre or small hospital would be the next step.”

Also, we don't have a mortuary or anywhere dedicated to pathological autopsies. Oh and some way of disposing of medical waste instead of an open firepit. Nobody likes to see auntie Betty's leg burning, do they?”

And dedicated nursery so we can keep an eye on newborns, maybe as an extension to the refugee creche idea….”


All in good time hun.” Hyle turned to Tuki, smiling. “All those things are in the plan.” Hyle managed to stem the flow enthusiasm and entirely stopping the flow of words with a motherly hug. “You know they are, I do listen to you.” Hyle’s hug brimmed with pride in her daughter’s ambitions.


It seems to me you share your mother’s vision, Tuki.” Sorja noted, smiling, as Tuki emerged from the embrace her mother had forced on her. Tuki not being one who shared Hyle’s penchant for public displays of affection. “It looks to me like you are ready to jump into your mother’s shoes when she retires, hmm?”


What followed was one of those silences where you could hear a cockroach fart.


Take…. Over…..? Ermmmm…” The look on Tuki’s face easily conveyed that this thought had never ever entered her head. Tuki Turned her look sheepishly to Hyle. “You’re not…..?" She asked, dreading the reply. Had Hyle been planning her retirement with Sorja about this during her visit?


Fucking hell no!” Hyle’s ironic laugh burst cool air into the stifling atmosphere. “Not for a damned long time yet!”

Hyle leaned against the relived Tuki, her laughing shaking them both. “Tuki, hun. You are not the only one with a ‘to do’ list as long as Storebæltsbroen so don’t panic, Not just yet! There’s still plenty of time to pop out a couple more ‘Itchy’s’ before I hang up my Borgmesterenskæde."


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Honestly! Scaring Tuki like that! Could you really imagine her as mayor of Hope? Joe would be rubbing his hands in glee at the new market opening up. I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gets home and tells him her mom and auntie think she should start popping out more kids.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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That night, in bed, Tuki brought up the picnic conversation. They joked about Sorja's comments about Hyle wanting a dynasty. Then it sort of went quiet.

"Soooooo..." Tai said, his hand seeking out Tuki's under the blankets. "Want to make a dynasty?"

Tuki giggled and snuggled closer.

"Mmmmmmm okay. One more, then that's IT"

The night dissolved into soft sighs.

In Haven, the woman at desk six made a note on her pad before using both hands to press the earpieces of her headset closer to her ears and smiling. Just occaisionally, the long shifts listening to boring domesticity were rewarded. For the mysterious agent of the Sun and Moon, known only as Bob, the reward was in reading the listener's report the following morning.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Dawwww.         Although 'Bob' might get his reward if Hyle ever finds out 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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