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The Chickening - Part 11 (Epilog)

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Veronica was awakened by a sudden sound. Still sleepy and resting her head on a large pillow, she opened her eyes. Did she hear something or was it a dream?

Suddenly the sound again, someone near. Someone crushing something with pestle and mortar. Veronica tried to speak. The person stopped what they were doing, put the pestle and mortar on a table, and walked to her. Veronica blinked until her eyes returned to focus. A woman smiled down to Veronica. ‘How are you feeling?’ the woman asked. Veronica did not answer but instead asked another question. ‘Where am I?’

‘You are in New Flagstaff,’ the woman replied. ‘In the medical building.’
‘What happened?’ Veronica asked.
‘You were hurt,’ the woman, a Medic it seem, explained, ‘He found you injured in the storm.’
‘He? Who found me?’
‘The man who brought you here.’ The woman lifted a cup to Veronica who sipped some water.
‘Man?’ Veronica asked after she finished drinking. ‘What did he look like?’
‘I do not know, it was dark. I think you brought the storm with you also. Just before he knocked on the door, a big storm started, wind, rain, lightning.’
‘Is the man here?’
‘No, he said he must immediately return. He said there were others waiting for him.’
‘Others? Who?’
‘He did not say, you need to rest and-’
‘What was his name? The man, what did he say was his name?’
‘He did not say, he only knocked on the door and said hallo, are you a Medic and-’
‘Yes, and are you a-’
‘He said hallo?’
Veronica considered this a moment. ‘I must go, find him,’ she said
‘No, you must rest.’
‘I must go-’
‘After rest,’ the Medic insisted.

It was another day before Veronica was allowed to leave. She stepped out of the building holding a hand over her eyes from the bright sunlight. Was it a dream? A nightmare? Did any of it happen? She looked around, a few people walked by looking to her. She realised her clothes were dirty and torn. What happened out there?

Veronica began to walk along the street, and to the lab where she rented a sleeping place in the corner in the storeroom. As she approached the lab she saw something familiar. A buggy. Her buggy. The purple “Voltswagen”, but where was the damage? She remembered wires cut, parts broken, damaged to stop her... escaping?  There was no damage. Nothing broken. She opened the luggage space and there were her bags with all her things. She got into the buggy and started the engine. It started immediately. Had she imagined everything? Had she really been in a hotel? Was she there to make repairs? There was the poster, she had seen it near the vaults in New Flagstaff, it read for someone to stay in the hotel and make repairs. She had gone to the office and asked about the job. That was here, in New Flagstaff, yes! She will go back to the office and ask the people there.

Veronica drove along the streets of New Flagstaff. She could not remember exactly where the office was but eventually she found the right street as some memory returned. She stopped the buggy and got out, and walked to the office.

The building was a ruin. Holes, walls falling down. The door with wood planks across. Where was the office? It was crazy, it was here where she asked about the work. A man was walking across the street. Veronica crossed the road, and stopped the man.

‘Where is the office?’ she asked him.
‘Office? What office?’ he said confused and with some annoyance.
‘The office! The office in the building!’ Veronica said frantic and pointing to the ruin building.
The man looked at her torn clothes and back to her face. ‘There has never been offices there.’
‘But the office, the repair job in the Hangover-’
‘The Hangover Hotel?’
‘Yes! The Hotel!’ Veronica was pleased it was real, that she was not crazy.
‘The Hangover Hotel was destroyed many years before. There was some trouble there, and then explosion. It is ruins now.’
‘But...but the hotel… the repairs….’ Veronica said frantic again.
‘But nothing Miss,’ the man said. ‘It is gone. And now i go.’ He walked away a little more faster than before.

Veronica felt confusion, anger, and concern as she walked back to her buggy. She had gone to where she thought was the office but there was no office here. Had she imagined everything? Had she become crazy? Perhaps it was a dream, a nightmare. She reached her buggy and was to get in the driver seat when she something on top of the frame. She picked it and looked at it. It was a dirty feather. Suddenly a dark shadow seemed to block the sunlight a moment. Veronica shivered in the sudden cold before the warm sun returned. She was not crazy, she thought to herself. Perhaps she went to the hotel or perhaps not, perhaps only a dream. However she would remember it forever.

‘Für immer und immer und immer…’ she muttered quietly.


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Wonderful story. Someone needs to take the mushrooms away from Veronica. *makes mental note to have boiler checked*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Awesome story, enjoyed the mixing of of one of my favorite games and author


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