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Søstre [3]

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The ferocious looking tiger peered out from under the sofa, its meal not far away. It growled, a sort of high pitched growl. But the people of the house did not hear, and the tiger was confident. His next meal was mere centimetres away, he crept forward and pushed his muzzle into the pastry.

Mhhhhhh… nice” Ichiro ventriloquised as he stuffed the plastic tiger’s face into the jammy part of the pastry, un-noticed by either Mor or Mormor.


The adults were sitting around the table. Ichiro half-listened but was more focussed on his plastic menagerie than on what the grown-ups were doing. Although he did hear his name mentioned several times, will more than several in fact, and mostly in his mother’s voice. But in his experience, grown-ups usually did this at Mormor’s house. This sitting at a table and talking while drinking out of mugs and eating cakes and pastry. And, talk and talk and talk.

Ichiro could not see the point, it was much more fun to allow his animals, the tiger, the hefelent, the hoppolotomouse, to stand around Ichiro’s plate and share his cake with him.

Anyway. Hoppolotomouse shouldered tiger away Tiger from the jammy bit and helped himself to some of the goo.


Dawww look” Tuki cooed, as she looked over at her son feeding his animals, same time smirking at the horrified look on Hyle’s face as she watched the unfolding expansion of crumbs and other sticky bits from the plate to the floor.


He’s a little treasure.” Sorja said. “Just let him be, Hyle.” She added as Hyle made a move toward the damp cloth by the sink.


Hyle recentred herself on her chair. “So you bought the Briggs Point diner?”


Yes, I could collect much fruit and berries in the forest, it seemed a shame to waste it. Then Bjorn suggested about the diner, he said his colleagues were sick of the garbage they served up there. If I wanted to he would finance it, it would be a licence to print money. And it was! Briggs is full of hungry woodsmen and to be able come back from work to a good hot meal was the perfect solution.”


Hyle laughed. “Damned good thing Kaibab is so far away. I don’t need the competition.”


So The Waffelhus is going well?”


Hyle nodded. “Very much so. Although I do not do much in there these days. I have too much to do at the Town Hall. Theis looks after it very well. He is so innovative. For instance, he started making doughnuts, just after we sited the Constabulary next to the waffelhus. And he got together with Shadow and there is now a ‘Pie & Chips Thursday’ thing going. Shadow wanted a little piece of home, so he teached Theis how to make British Chips. Which turned out to be another success!”


Except I just wish Shad would stop putting that awful vinegar on them. Ewww !”


Hyle pulled a disgusting face, as did Sorja. Tuki’s expression however showed puzzlement, Joe used to put vinegar on everything!


Even Taiyoko likes the chips.. And the deep fried rødpølse. That reminds me, Tomorrow is thursday. We should have some!” Tuki laughed.


But no vinegar. There is plenty remoulade.” Hyle added to keep Sorja’s Cordon Bleu sensibilities calmed. She remembered how much Sorja had trained in her cooking skills back in the day. “We still keep your recipes on hand. They are priceless, They made The Waffelhus and Hope Springs famous!”


Without The Waffelhus, there would have been no clinic, no hostel, no school.” Tuki pointed out, smiling at Sorja, then at Hyle. “It is where everything started. With the Troy sisters!”


Aww shuush!” Hyle felt her face warming. “And where would the clinic be without it’s doctor?”


That made Tuki uncomfortable so she turned to Sorja. “So! Tell me about your ecology work…”


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Chips without salt and vinegar! Blasphemy!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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