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The Chickening - Part 6

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Something was out there. Something was outside the bedroom door. Veronica rushed to the window. Could she open it? Climb out? Jump? No, it was too high. What to do? What to do?

A pistol, where was it? In her rucksack? She pulled a few things from her rucksack but no pistol. Her heart was racing, her mind trying to decide what to do. She could scream but who would hear? Nobody was near. The door handle began to move. Veronica ran and pushed her back to the wall right of the door. If the door opened perhaps she could run out when it came in. She pressed a hand over the mouth to keep herself quiet. The door handle turned, the door shook a little but did not open. There was a scratching sound. Claws? Talons? The door handle turned, shook, but again the door did not open. The sound of someone moving and then all was quiet.

After ten minutes of silence except the beating heart of Veronica and the howl of the wind outside, she quietly moved to the peekhole and looked through. She could see the corridor in the moonlight. Whoever, whatever, had gone.

Veronica considered what to do. Leave? Stay? Hide? Really there was only one option, leave as fast as possible. She put on her boots, warm clothes, and emptied the rucksack on the bed. She searched the items, found a cloth and unwrapped the pistol and ammunition. She hoped it would protect her but not be used. She took and wore her jacket, took the portable light, and went to the door.

Veronica looked through the peekhole. Again, only the corridor. She unlocked the door and quietly opened it. She looked out, left and right, like a chicken crossing a road, then ran from the room.

Along the corridor she ran, down the stairs, across the hall, out through the main doors. In the moonlight she ran through the rain and wind to a wood shed where her buggy was parked, sat in it and tried to start the vehicle.

It would not start. ‘Go! Go!’ she pleaded, but the buggy did not listen and did not start. She jumped out and examined the engine and electric battery. Wires pulled out, wires cut, someone had damaged the buggy. Someone or something did not want her to leave.

Veronica cried frustration. Suddenly she startled as the shed door banged in the wind. She reached for her pistol and then realised she had left it on the bed. What to do now? The storm was becoming worser, she had no vehicle, and no weapon. She knew that even though her heart said to run away, her mind knew she must go back inside to fetch the pistol.

The wind howled as she opened the door to the hotel and quietly stepped inside. She shone the portable light, nobody was there, no feeling of eyes watching her. She was walking to the stairs when she noticed light coming from the lounge. The electric lights in the lounge were on, the doors were open. She walked closer, trying to make no sound. Somebody was in there, sitting at the large desk in the middle of the lounge. Veronica moved closer to the open doors to see who was there. The person sitting at the desk was busy writing. Was it...? Veronica moved closer, the portable light fell from her hand and the person looked up.

‘Why are you here?’ Veronica asked.


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Huyy another cliffhanger...Another part to wait for.      Wait..        JOE ! Have you anthing to do with this!?!

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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What? No! I hate cliff hangers as much as the next...

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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