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The Chickening - Part 5

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Veronica lay in her bed in guest room 101 looking up to the ceiling. She could not sleep. Did she really see the chickens or was it the imagination? Outside the wind howled as the storm came closer. How long had she lay here? Minutes? Hours? She had thirst now. She needed something to drink. She got out of the bed, wore one of the hotel fluffy bathrobes, and grabbed her portable light.

In the dim glow of the portable light, she went down the stairs, along the corridor, into the kitchen and took a clean glass and put it on a table. She fetched a big bottle of purple juice drink from the storeroom and returned to the table. Balancing the portable light on the table, she began to pour juice. Suddenly she heard a noise. Startled, she missed the glass. Juice ran across the table dripping to the floor, making a dark puddle of liquid. She put down the bottle, took the light, and shone the light around. Nobody was there. She found a cloth and began to clean the mess.

It was when she returned from the sink, that she noticed something was different. The door to oven number three was open.

She walked to the oven. Was it open before? She did not think so. Perhaps the door hinge is not so strong… perhaps. She shone the portable light around the large kitchen, nobody there. Why did she feel that she was watched? She pushed the oven door. It swung shut with a loud crash. Veronica gasped, and shone the light around the kitchen again, nobody there, but still the feeling that eyes watched her. She returned to the table, took the glass and quickly walked out of the kitchen into the corridor and toward the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs she stopped and shone the light back to the corridor. Nobody. She began to turn when she saw something move. Did it come from the kitchen? She shone the light again. The corridor was empty, but she had seen something! A person perhaps. Wanting the comfort of her bed, Veronica ran up the stairs, along the corridor to her room, and slammed the door shut behind her. She realised she was shaking as she put the glass on a table. A purple stain on the bathrobe showed some of the juice had spilled.

She went back to the door and looked through the peekhole into the corridor. The corridor was dark but there was a little moonlight from a window. The corridor was empty, just the shadows and- Something passed the door! Veronica jumped away from the door, her heart beating fast. Was that someone? Did someone or something walk along the corridor? She noticed she had not locked the door. She walked slowly to it, trying to make no noise, and turned the lock. The bolt moved with a loud click which seem to echo through the hotel. Her heart jumped. Did it hear it? Carefully and silently she put her eye to the peekhole. The corridor was empty, just the shadows from the dim moonlight.

Suddenly the view went dark as something stood in front of the door.


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Ok ok ok.  WHY  do people in this situation wander around with a damned torch?  Me, I would have every light on in the place, AND inside the nearest kilometer !

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Yeah, me? I'd have left the hotel when I saw the oven door open. I KNEW that door was shut.

... I'd take the drink.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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