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DeathDoll Entry 5

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Doll had been riding for a while through New Flagstaff , when the sight of severed heads placed crudely on stakes stopped her. Stepping off the bike she drew her gun , the eyes in the decomposing heads had been gouged out and there broken bodies littered the ground, most had been stabbed repeatedly then burned.

Next to the bodies written on a large wooden sign was a message written in blood “Beware the Boogyman”, she traced a hand over the letters, the blood still cold and sticky to the touch.

She knew this was not the work of a human with a short life based on desperation and need, this was the work of a clone, and one she was familiar with,in the midst of his chaos she smiled breathing in deeply, the scent of burned flesh filling her lungs.

This had to be Reikage, she thought, a shiver of fear went down her spine, even though she had grown to see him as a brother his mind was as twisted as her own.

She stood there a few moments longer, the still quiet in the air reminded her of the graveyards she used to sleep in, and closing her eyes she could almost picture him with his crooked grin and empty eyes. But he was long gone and the bodies cold.

What would happen when she saw him again, was he still as depraved as he used to be, would he want to kill her again, she smiled leaning back and quietly said aloud “limbs twisted and broken, eyes gouged from bloody sockets flesh burned black” it didn’t matter, she would find him or he would find her.

 She leaned back against the motorcycle watching the sun that seemed to bleed across the horizon in a tapestry of light. She then whistled to contengen who trotted up as she started the bike, and leaning down to kiss the dogs head she smiled and said “even in the grave all is not lost” and started out again.


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Well, there goes the neighbourhood. I'll never sell my house now :(

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Just think of it as the neighborhood watch :) 

Lock all the doors and kill the lights no one's coming home tonight

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