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The Chickening - Part 2

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       Closing Day

Veronica entered the Hangover Hotel and walked to the reception desk where a woman was busy clearing the desk of papers and a vase of drooping flowers.

'Hi,' Veronica said cheerfully. 'I am here for chicken.'

The woman behind the desk suddenly froze, and looked to Veronica with a look of horror. 'What did you say?' she said.

'I am here for check in,' Veronica repeated

'Oh.. I thought...oh nevermind. I am sorry, we can have no guests today. We are to close two weeks for maintenance and repairs,' the woman said with relief.

'I am not a guest,' Veronica explained. 'I am here to make the repairs.' She looked around her, there were a few people, all busy preparing to leave.

'Are you Miss Volt?' the woman asked.

'Yes, really. I will make the repairs.'

'No, are you Miss Volt to stay the two weeks to make repairs?'

'Oh yes, that is me, Veronica Volt.'

'I will get Stephen, I mean Mr Kuhbrick for you Miss Volt, he will show to you the hotel and your room. Do you have luggage Miss Volt?'

'Yes, it is in my buggy.'

'I will get someone to help you.' The woman hit something on the desk with her hand and Veronica heard a bell sound. After a minute of awkward waiting a scruffy man appeared, mumbling to himself with occasional grunts, growls, and grins.

'Jack,' the woman said to the man. 'Miss Volt will be staying here to make repairs, please help her bring her luggage inside. The man mumbled something Veronica could not understand. 'Yes of course,' the woman replied to him. 'Then you can go home Jack, to Torence.' The man mumbled something to Veronica then walked away. Veronica still not sure what he said followed him outside.

One hour later Veronica and Stephen Kuhbrick, the Manager of the Hangover, were walking along one of the corridors after looking at the generators.

'The third generator sometime suddenly stops,' Kuhbrick explained suddenly stopping outside two large doors.

'I will examine it,' Veronica said. 'Oh and I will not forget to check the boiler each day.'

'Good. Good,' Kuhbrick said nodding. 'I always worry about the boiler, the pressure increases in the day, it is important to release pressure.'

Veronica smiled in agreement. 'This hotel is amazing,' she said.

'Yes, it is like a maze,' Kuhbrick said mishearing. He pushed open the two large doors. He stepped inside with Veronica following into a large hall. 'This is the ballroom,' Kuhbrick said holding his arms out as if to show the large space. 'Before the world fell apart, this room had many dances and banquets.' Veronica looked around with wonder, 'Incredible,' she said. 'Today it has only memories,' Kuhbrick added sadly.

They stood in silence a few seconds as if to feel the glory of the days gone. Eventually Kuhbrick return to the present. 'Come, let us go to the kitchen. I will leave you with our main chef to see the storeroom.'

They walked to the kitchen and Kuhbrick introduced her to the chef, Mr Hallomann.

'Hi!' Veronica said smiling. 'I am Veronica Volt, some people call me VeeVee.'

'Hallo Veronica!' Hallomann said with even more cheerfully. 'Do you like ice cream VeeVee?'

Half hour later, Veronica and Hallomann sat at a table in the kitchen eating ice cream.

'You will not be hungry,' Hallomann said cheerfully. 'We have enough food in the storeroom for more than a year.'

'I have never seen so much food in one room,' Veronica said.

'The ovens are easy to use,' Hallomann said.

'Easy… yes,' Veronica said unsure.

'Although, do not use oven number three.'

'Oh why?'

'Well, it was. Well, the oven… well, the other ovens are better.'

'Okay,' Veronica said.

Hallomann put his spoon into his ice cream bowl then looked at Veronica as if studying her. 'VeeVee, do you know how I knew people call you VeeVee?'

'I told you.'

'You did? Oh yes, you did. Well, do you know how I know you like purple?'

'Because my clothes are purple?'

'They are? Oh yes, they are.Well, did you before hear a voice even when my lips did not move?'

Veronica paused a moment. 'Yes,' she finally said.

'You did?'

'Yes, Mr Kuhbrick was speaking to someone in the corridor.'

'He was? Oh yes, he was.'

'Is Mr Kuhbrick your boss also?'

'Yes, he is the boss, Stephen is the King in this hotel. My boss and for two weeks your boss, although he will not be here.'

'It is so big here, I will need to leave breadcrumbs.'

'You will have two weeks to wait for help if you become lost.' They both laughed until Hallomann became serious. He leaned a little toward Veronica and said quietly 'Did Mr Kuhbrick say anything about room 237?'

'No, why? What is in room 237?'

Hallomann breathed deep and then spoke with the serious face. 'Nothing. Nothing is in room 237 and you must not go into room 237.'

Veronica was surprised. 'Okay, she said now with much curiosity. 'I will not go into room 237.'

Hallomann studied her a little longer until satisfied she said the truth. 'Do you know how i knew people call you VeeVee?'

Almost two hours later Veronica stood outside the Hangover Hotel saying goodbye to Mr Kuhbrick and Mr Hallomann. 'Do not forget the boiler,' Kuhbrick called to remind Veronica as he walked to his car. 'I will not forget,' Veronica called back. She noticed the woman from the reception desk was already sitting in the car.

Suddenly Veronica felt a hand on hers. It was Mr Hallomann, take care Veronica he said, concern in his kind face. 'Remember, do not go into room 237'

'Not into room 237,' Veronica repeated.

'And do not use oven number three,'

'Do not use oven number two,'



'If there is any trouble use the radio Veronica.' He released her hand.' Be safe.'

He walked away, down the road with Veronica waving behind him.

Soon Veronica was alone. She turned, walked back into the hotel and closed the door.

A minute later, the door opened again, and a hand with purple painted nails hung a sign from the door handle before closing it again.

                 'Closed for repair.'


Joe Spivey's picture

And the boiler didn't blow up, she didn't go into room 237 and she ate only salad. Phew, great story...

It's not over, is it?


Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

It cannot be over yet, she hasnt let the boiler explode, gone into room 237, or had some chicken salad yet.....its not over right.


Hyle Troy's picture

Nor has she rided a tricycle at speed through the corridoors..  Knowing Vee, she would !

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

Joe Spivey's picture


I'd forgotten all about the trike. VV on a trike... It's not going to end well. there's going to be blood, probably a whole elevator full.......... Actually, knowing Veronica, that could be tabasco sauce.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Hyle Troy's picture

nope!  it would be purple, therefore prune juice :)

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

Also! We have not yet seen any of these experiments....the suspense


Joe Spivey's picture

I'll watch those from behind the sofa.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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