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The Chickening - Part 1

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The Interview

‘Have you experience of hotel work?’ Stephen Kuhbrick, the Manager of the Hangover Hotel, asked Veronica as they sat in his office.

‘I repaired a toast machine in a guesthouse in Torence,’ Veronica replied after a little hesitation.

‘Torence?,’ Mr Kuhbrick said tapping a finger to his chin. ‘Well, the hotel closes next week for the maintenance time. You will need to check all the electricity generators and repair them.’

‘I can do that!’ Veronica said with enthusiasm.

‘Good...good… oh and you must check the boiler every day, sometime the pressure becomes high’

‘Yes, of course. Safety is important.’

Mr Kuhbrick paused, looked to Veronica a few seconds as if not believing her. Finally he continued.

‘You will be alone here, far from people. Will you be okay? Some people have… difficulty,’ he said with concern.

‘I will be okay,’ Veronica said. ‘The work will keep me busy. Also, I have experiment ideas to write.’

‘Ideas? Of what?’


‘Yes, okay. It is… well, did they tell you anything in New Flagstaff about the tragedy we had a few years before?’

‘No, they did not.’

‘The previous manager left a man with the name of Dilbert Gravy as repair caretaker.’

‘Gravy? Like the sauce?’

‘Sauce? Oh yes, like the sauce. Yes. He came here with his pet chickens.’

Veronica said nothing and waited for the rest of the story.

Mr Kuhbrick continued. ‘He seemed completely normal when he stayed here. He became... anxious.’


‘Well… perhaps more than anxious. He killed his chickens with an axe. Stacked the pieces neatly in one of the rooms in the west wing and then he-, ähm, covered himself with feathers and roasted himself in one of the ovens.’

Veronica blinked with surprise, not sure what to say.

There was a few seconds silence.

‘This is quite a story,’ Veronica said.

‘Yes it is. It is still hard to believe it happened here. It did. I hope you understand why i wanted to tell you about it.

‘I understand, and also, why your people in New Flagstaff left it to you to tell me.

‘Well, some people do not like to stay alone in a place where something like that happened. Are you sure you will be okay?’ the manager asked.

‘Yes,’ Veronica replied. ‘You can be sure, that is not going to happen with me.’

‘Great!’ Mr Kuhbrick said standing up from his chair. ‘The job is yours. I will see you again in the Hangover next week, show to you the generators, and then leave you here two weeks.’

‘Thank you!’ Veronica said shining with delight.


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Ahh, Nice to see Veronica 'Shining' again. 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

lol, only in the wasteland. Cannot wait to read about what happens over the next two weeks.


Joe Spivey's picture

I want to live in VV's world. Just for a week, though, not sure my sanity could take more than a week... Let's make that 5 days.

No wait, a long weekend. Yes...

No, hang on. Saturday afternoon. There, saturday afternoon...

Between two and two-thirty.

I may be late.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

but....two and two-thirty could be the time frame the guy went nuts and cooked himself o.o


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