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Should Reaper set up a Discord Channel for FERPH?

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Yes, of course, why hasn't he already? Slacker.
79% (11 votes)
No, no, no. Nefangled millennial iGen software needs to get off my lawn!
21% (3 votes)
Total votes: 14


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If you've got commentary/opinions that need expression beyond the two choices above, just reply here!

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Discord is easy to use, free to use, but the organization on it can be trifling and is limited at best. Reavers have a discord for our gaming group, and another for club.


They are a useful tool though for real time discussions and RP. 


I figure Discord wouldn't be bad to have for the site, if not to just let people communicate a little more efficiently. Its not forum based so its hard to re read chats from long ago, but its a good IM set up and easier to connect with anyone that might be online, on FE or see what old friends are up. I know its a bit easier for me to use on the go to chat with people, and I am constantly on the go. That being said we need to not forget the forums here, as it does offer things a discord cannot, but I think they will just compliment each other more. An like Aiid said its easy to use, very user friendly.


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