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Let the hammer fall

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 Continuation of: http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/blog-entry/traders-flat-rumble

Outsider HQ, Trader's Flat:

Specialist Johnson knocked on the door and entered the room, where specialists Hopper and Davenport discussed various issues over a glass of whiskey. Hopper looked at his colleague curiously: "Any news?". Johnson raised small dossier: "Report on the incicdent from our investigator just came through. There was a fire set by the garage as a diversion. Whoever did it was smart enough to throw box of ammo in the fire to make it sound like an attack. Furthermore the fire was set by the timed incendiary explosive... that ruled out most of the usual suspects. We also sent whatever remained of the attacker to the lab for tests to see if it sheds any light on the nature of the assailant and i think we hit a Jackpot". 

Davenport joined in rather sceptically: "Since when do we care about wastlander conflicts?" but Hopper quickly cut him off: "Five of our men were wounded in the explosion. Not only does it directy affect our assets but it also harms our reputation. If we don't do anything, soon we will have wastelanders having gunfights in front of our HQ, our field teams attacked by scavengers, et cetera... Please continue Johnson".

The young Specialist cleared her throat "Few years back Director Simmons ordered DNA samples be taken from all mercenaries contracted on Outsider business. One of those was woman called "Reavy". Ran a small high-profile mercenary outfit out of sector two, called Wolfpack. When we compared the DNA with the Lifenet database and GlobalTech records, we got a heavily encrypted file designated CX-36951-A from the Globaltech weapons research database. At that point i was transferred from the lab to the field teams so i don't know if we ever got anything out of it. But the nature of the research our department worked on was getting us information on need to know bassis, so i don't even know why were we running DNA samples through the database."

Hopper stared into his table for a moment before looking up at Johnson  "Contact the head of your old department and request the file on this woman". He then turned his attention to Davenport "Assemble a field team. I want her found and brought in , by any means necessary."


Shepherd group warehouse somewher in Kaibab Forest:


Reavy observed the building for three days constantly. Guard patterns, number of guards, their weapons and equipment, procedures of vehicle checks on the dirt road leading to the building. Everything she'd need to overwhelm the compound without having a backup. Previous day, a rusted black painted pickup truck brought in three Travelers and two women, who appeared to be bound. At that point, Reavy was certain this is the place she was looking for.


The three Travelers left the building, heading for their car. As she watched them through the scope of her rifle, Reavy realized this is the ideal moment. The truck stopped by the guard on the road, who's job it was to check vehicles coming and going. Before they managed to speak a word, loud explosion made the truck almost lift its front wheels, as the radio detonated mine Reavy placed there previous night exploded.

Two of the Travellers immediately rushed out of the building. Reavy tracked them with her rifle and as soon as they stopped by the burning wreck, one of them fallen to the ground. In a split second later, sound of a shot thundered through the forest, bouncing off the trees making it rather hard to figure out where exactly did it come from. Second Traveler instictively ran towards nearest cover. As he reached the fallen tree log laying just a few meters from the road, he felt sharp pain in his gut followed by another gunshot sound thundering from further down road. He looked in that direction as if he wanted to shoot back, angry at the person who just ruined his day. But the body would not obey, collapsing to the ground instead.

Remaining travelers were scrambling inside. Three of the new guys headed for the door to help their fellows when stern gruffly voice stopped them: "Stay where you are and get in cover. If it is who i think it is, she'll come to us. Jackal, do you see anything?" 

Fourth of the Traveler guards squeezed his scoped rifle between the boards that were covering a window. "Nothing out there...wait... there you are you little.." and before he finished the sentence, bullet tore straight through his head, leaving large messy hole in the back of it as the lifeless body fallen to the floor. Third gunshot sound thundered through the forest. 


Remaining three guards positioned themselves behind the pre-fall cargo containers, post-fall wooden crates and overthrown poker table, gripping their rifles and submachineguns tightly, they aimed at the only entrance. Nothing happend. One of them looked at his boss. Traveler wearing a dark purple armored coat of the higher ranks gave him a stern look, making sure his subordinate won't leave his position. Several minutes later the metal door moved slightly with a screeching noise. Hailstorm of bullets immediately peppered the door and thick wooden walls. As Traveler guards emptied their magazines, they looked at the door a second. No body has fallen behind it so they started reloading as fast as they could. At that moment a grenade flew through the gap in the open door, short time fuse making sure it went off mid air. Rather loud "bang" sound was followed by blinding light before guards managed to do anything. The door opened slightly more, only a carbine barrel moving past the doorstep. Two shot bursts fired in quick succesion sent the stunned guards to the ground. 


Waiting few seconds to see if any Travelers return fire, Reavy moved inside. Scanning the small storage hall with her carbine ready, she proceeded past the bodies. One of the guards was still moving but a bullet to the head ended his suffering. At the end of the hall were four rather small cages, two of them holding the bound women from the day before. Both scared to hell and slightly stunned by the flashbang huddled in the corners. 

Considering the room clear Reavy took one of Lucy's smaller posters out of her belt pouch and nailed it to the wooden pillar with a knife she took from body of a Traveller guard, making sure other associates of this group know the reason for the carnage. 

She then made her way towards the cages, looking at the women held inside she spoke in the most reassuring and friendly voice she could make: "Don't worry, i won't harm you. Gonna get you out of here" leaving her carbine hanging on her back she reached for her sawn-off shotgun. Loading a slugshot into the chamber she aimed the gun at a sturdy lock holding the cage door and pulled the trigger. Force of the projectile tore the lock off the cage door, but it still remained closed. It seemed just somewhat stuck so Reavy took hold of the bars in order to open the cage. In that moment she let out a painful groan as short burst of electricity went through her hands, immediately paralyzing her body. Just enough to hurt like hell. Just enough to stop her. Just enough to not kill. 

The pre-fall storage container opened and Reavy heard footsteps from somewhere behind her, unable to do anything as she laid on the floor. Soon a Traveler in dark purple coat came in her view, looming over her paralyzed body, typical traveler mask covering his face. The gruffly voice somewhat mockingly broke the silence "Look who we have here. Aren't you tired of all that violence?" He kneeled to look in Reavy's eyes, pulling out small injector that he put against Reavy's neck. Needle soon pierced her skin, injecting sedatives before she could shrug off the paralyzation "..but don't worry Wolfie, i'm sure Lucille will take care of you. Might even be wholly different line of work waiting for you. One that all of us will all enjoy".


Sound of a car parking outside was the last thing Reavy heard, falling unconscious soon after...




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"looking at the women held inside she spoke in the most reassuring and friendly voice she could make" (So that would be somewhere between a threat and a warning then, right?) :P

((I would truly, truly hate to be Reavy's first customer. Actually I think Lucy would sell tickets! Great post.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(Those pesky Travelers and their kidnappings, when will they learn? And when will Reavy learn sometimes it's best... to just leave them alone? Good read.)


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 // Learning from past mistakes... where's fun in that? Nice to see you around again though!


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(( That makes the final part of this plan a whole lot different.

Lonely are the brave...

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