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A chance to write at last.

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Hyle opened her eyes again. The squeezed them shut, again.


Then opened.


The lake spread out in front of her, to where on either side steep green slopes almost met. Between them the mottled grey to white sky filled the void. A threatening background at which sun-shafts tore gaping holes in the clouds to touch…… what?


The inverted scene, perfectly mirrored on the calm surface of the lake seemed to hang in the air before Hyle. It was indeed as if someone had lifted a mirror, held flat above the ground.


Beyond, from the space between sea and sky came the sound of thunder. And screams.


Let’s get closer.”


The two stick thin young men either side of Hyle took a hand each and steadied her, gently guiding, supporting.




The slab of rock under her feet was black, wet. The mirror lake lapped at her feet, her heavy boots.


Almost there Hyle.” The stick thin young man. The one with the straggling long blonde hair and beard grinned.


The black slab of granite, nothing like the red sandstone of her home, opened out and the lake became a stream. The stream fell away. Into the thunder.

Beyond, Hyle saw the infinite expanse of ocean, cold and grey.


The white birds screamed. Swooping up from out of the thundering which came ever louder to Hyle’s ears. Some white, some grey, some wore black on their wings. Curious eyes followed Hyle from behind long yellow beaks as each bird swooped the soared away, or dived back to the sound of thunder.


She felt the strong hands hold her tighter.


Careful… Slip, and you die. It’s that simple.” Said one.


We’ve got you.” Said the other stick thin young man.


Hyle leaned forward, to where the lake water ran, then fell. Into the thunder.


For helvede.”


Primal fear made Hyle fall to her knees, then to all fours. Thence she peered over the edge. Into…



Far below, the grey ocean turned azure blue. Out of which fountains of white water erupted up to where Hyle peered. But they were far below. To left and right the back cliffs hung vertically, black granite curtains fringed in green at their brows. And the thunder continued, incessant, regular. Each roar sending mountains of white spray up unyielding granite walls.


The stick thin young men hunkered down either side of her. Both laughing, sharing her awe. The others came up behind, some chuckled at the way Hyle was crouched. Some hugged her. They all shared each others glee.


See? Told you it was worth the walk!”


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((Now what did I say about going near the edges of cliffs... hmmm?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( and you expect me to listen?

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((I am not sure a cliffhanger here is a good idea. From your words it is so amazing place to visit.

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