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Run! Rabbit, Run!

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Hope Springs farm fields, Rabbit Day

‘How goes it Harold?’

‘Not bad.’

‘How is the cabbage farming?’

‘Not good.’


‘Yes, same problems, rabbits. Vicious nasty rabbits.’

‘Big problem.’

‘Big teeth. Sharp claws.’

‘Do you think she will help?’

‘Who? The purple Tech woman?’




‘Crazy. I think she is crazy with a crazy idea.’



‘Crazy? What do you mean crazy?’

‘They look… people think… perhaps wear the ears when you begin.’ Das carefully said.

‘You wore ears in the first testing,’ Veronica responded.


Three weeks before…

‘Twitch the noses!’ Veronica instructed as she stood on the grass slope outside Picus, away from other eyes.

Das straightened the ear on top of his ear, and twitched his nose.

‘Fiss is Filly,’ Fenster said from behind long teeth made from cardboard.

‘Fhi moost fve fress as frabbits?’ Brett complained.

‘Be the rabbits!’ Veronica said with excitement. ‘I want to know how they feel!’


‘I thought we were not going to talk about that again,’ Das said.

‘Talk about what?’ Veronica said.

Das nodded, not sure if her response was right or not.

Veronica removed the ears. ‘Okay, I will not wear them until we begin,’ Veronica said. ‘Remind me.’


‘Are you sure about this?’ Das asked. It will not be another flying tree?’

Veronica glared.

‘… No… no, of course not,’ Das muttered.

Veronica stopped glaring and smiled. ‘It will good be,’ she said. ‘The farmers will see how this will help them.’

Das was not convinced.

Two hours later…

‘Yes please,’ Veronica said to Brett. ‘Near the rock please, Das is there already with the cables’

‘Okay,’ Brett said before walking over with arms full of equipment.

‘Sorry Miss, where do you want the, ummm, carrots?’

Veronica turned around and found a man holding something long and orange. He was one of the farm workers helping.

‘I think we put the carrots around the edge of the field,’ Veronica said.

‘Okay,’ the farm worker said. ‘So these are really speakers?’

‘Yes, Hyle suggested it is better with the rabbits. They are great!’ Veronica said with enthusiasm. ‘Did you know some diamonds were made from carrots?’

The farm worker laughed then stopped unsure if it was a joke. ‘How did you get the idea for this?’ he asked to avoid the awkward pause.


One month before...

Veronica, Hyle, Shadow, and Nerlani sat around the fire. It was party night, and Hyles chill time. Veronica listened to the relaxing music and watched the flames dance shapes into the imagination. The flames danced. The imagination danced. The lobster flew around the fire, its wings flapping fast, the long nose twitching, it heard the music, it hovered over Veronica. The light from the fire made the fur shine, the stripes almost moving.


A few days later, house of Hyle...

Hyle and Shadow looked confused. ‘Do you even know what a lobster is?’ Shadow asked. Hyle tried to keep to the conversation thread. ‘Yes!’ Veronica responded. ‘Flying insect, very big.’

‘Gees…’ Shadow said.


Veronica remembered a conversation in Picus Ridge nature lab. The nature merchant told her that before the fall, lobster were hypnotised and stand upright.

Suddenly the lobster of imagination turned into a light bulb shining bright.


‘My boss really agreed to you to help? The farm worker asked.

‘Oh, yes,’ Veronica said. ‘I saw how worried he is from the rabbits, he asked me if I will really help.’


Three weeks, three days before...

After hearing the idea, the farmer sighed and stared at Veronica. ‘Are you serious?’ he asked.


‘Ooookay… Carrots around the edge of the field,’ the farm worker said. ‘ I will get back to work.’

One hour and twenty minutes later...

Veronica stood on the rock, equipment around it, and cables across the ground to large orange carrots near the edge of the field. Within the nearby crops, sounds and shaking crops sometime gave warnings of fluffy tails, sharp teeth, and very angry rabbits, vicious rabbits.

Veronica looked to the farmers standing near the edge of the field. ‘Thank you for coming today,’ she said from the rock to the farmers. ‘Here we will see how the rabbits, the angry vicious rabbits, can be relaxed and not dangerous.’

‘Have you tested before?’ one of the farmers asked.

‘Oh yes,’ Veronica said with confidence. ‘First my friends dressed like rabbits…’

She pointed to Das, Fenster, Brett, who suddenly became very uncomfortable as farmer eyes turned to them.

‘Yes,we know about them,’ a farmer said.

‘How do they know?’ Fenster muttered. ‘I thought Veronica told nobody.’


Three weeks before...


‘..and here is the third beer,’ the Picus Bunker Bar barman said to Fenster as he placed the drinks on the counter. ‘Thirsty or just a bad day?’

‘Oh not all for me,’ Fenster said. ‘A very busy day, but one to forget.’ He carefully took the drinks, one in each hand, and one between arm and chest, before walking away.

The barman frowned, is he…?, then smiled, yes he is, he is wearing a big fluffy rabbit tail.


‘Have you tested with a real rabbit?’ another farmer called out.

‘Of course,’ Veronica replied. ‘I told the Medic after all about it.’

‘The Medic?’ someone asked.

‘She was preparing my bandage.’


‘Yes, after the blood.’

Das looked to the ground shaking his head,

Fourteen minutes later after more questions…

‘Everything is now ready,’ Veronica announced while standing on the large rock in the field.

There was a few mumbles from the crowd of farmers, farm workers, and the curious, standing a distance of safety from the edge of the field.

‘Oh the ears!’ Veronica suddenly said. A few farmer eyebrows jumped up.

Veronica put the big false rabbit ears on her head. A little laughter came from the crowd and vanished when Veronica glared toward them. ‘So they trust me,’she explained.

Mumbled voices came from the crowd, some amazed, some confused.


Veronica pressed a switch.

The sounds began, Strange, like animals, waterfalls, gentle wind, bouncing purple fluffy things, all in the same place.

The mumbles stopped. The crowd watched.


Ears appeared from the crops. Then noses, twitching. Then eyes, fluffy tails, bright eyes. One by one, they appeared from the crops. Rabbits. Many Rabbits.


After two minutes a hundred, two hundred, perhaps three hundred rabbits sat around the rock looking up at Veronica. All relaxed. All calm. Veronica swayed to the sounds. The rabbits swayed also. Veronica looked to the crowd and smiled. Hundreds of rabbits looked to the crowd and twitched the noses, before looking back to Veronica. The sounds continued, gentle, bubbles of sounds, like a relaxing breeze and


The crowd was startled. It was thunder. Rain began to fall.

‘Rain! How wonderful!’ said Veronica delighted. The rain fell, the equipment became wet. There was a few sparks then



It was not thunder. There was a smell of smoke from the equipment. The sounds changed. Faster, nasty sounds, like daggers of sound of forks on plates. The noses of the rabbits became still. They turned to the crowd. Their showed teeth, but they did not smile.


Sharp teeth.

Sharp claws.

‘They are coming!’

        ‘Rabbit! Run!’

‘They look very angry!’

        ‘Wascally Wabbits!’



Running left.

    Running right.


One hour and three minutes later...

‘I thought you will return,’ The Medic said as she prepared another bandage for Veronica.

‘Oh? Why?’

The Medic only smiled.

Suddenly Veronica seemed worried. ‘Rabbit!’ she shouted pointing to a medical dish.

The Medic looked and picked up something from the dish and moved it away, ‘Cotton ball” she said.


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Oh my dog V V. I love the world in your head.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

Hyle Troy's picture

Hyle sat in her office after ordering more bandages for the clinic. She put down the phone and sighed.

  "I wonder if encouraging Vee is always a good idea.....  "

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

Lance Striker's picture

Shadow surveyed the battlefield, the mess of hoes, spades and pitchforks painting a story in his mind. He clenched a fist, vowing revenge for the fallen. The fallen efficiency, that is.

He couldn't help but wonder at the reports from the mummy-farmers at the clinic; would the rabbits' new-found taste for audio bring them to the next party?

He stowed that thought in the part of his mind that expected anything and everything to happen at any given moment. If they did come, he had half a mind to sacrifice VeeVee to the horde.

   I hate being right, he thought to himself, perhaps when I'm done making poultices to give the clinic a bit of relief, I'll go and have myself a smug gloat at Hyle.

Lonely are the brave...

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