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The Road to Home PT 2

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For the most part, it had been several days since the last conversation she'd had with Hyle. One of the very first things after she'd fled from her rpesence was to clear out of the Hostle without a word to anyone, just leaving the keys to the room itself and a small stack of chips. As far as she knew, they didnt actually charge anyone to stay at the hostle, but she felt at that time it was only fair for the length of time she'd occupied to room to herself.

By now Jess had a small if not terribly comfortable cot in the attic over the garage, and as far as she could tell, no one really knew she was living up there, the most anyone might know is she worked the garage for long hours everyday and where she'd go from there was anyones guess. She was ok with that for now, figuring some one would clue into eventually and tell Hyle, but for now, she'd a lot of work to keep her busy currently and she took grat pains to avoid Hyle as much as possible for now.

Today she was dealing with paperwork and basic book keeping, compairing notes on parts aquisitions against spending and sighed. She was not making very much she could tell, but the cost of parts, good usuable parts even was going up steadily. She set aside those set of books for now to compose a couple notes, the called out to Sam, her newest hire, though she really didnt have much to pay him just yet. He was though learning a lot that she could teach him about mechanics.

"Sam, ah need yee ta these notes to the followin` people. Make sure de first really gets ta her, been `xpecting her car fer a week now." she said quietly, passing three envelopes over to the young man.

He nodded, then read off the adresses to himself then paused before asking, "Healer Troy? Do you mean..."

"Aye, ah mean the Doctor. Sorry, ah ferget someaught titles used here be different sometimes then ah'm used to. Anyway, yes, take it to de clinic please." She then leaned back and waved off the young man to go about getting the notes where they needed to go, two simply reminding the owners of cars currently in the shop they were ready to be picked up and payments due, the other of course for Tuki reminding her to bring her car in.


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Jess bored waiting for Tuki tunes into one of the few remaining radio stations, only to come across a radio commercial of some sort in progress and paused to listen.

What ya eatin` there Lou?
Piece of Shit.
Smells like a dead cat, what ya eatin` Lou?
Piece of Shit!
I mean the name.
Dun told you the Name.
Did not.
Did too.
The Name!
What Name?
New Piece of Shit, made from the finest ingredients of Hershy's Squirts and Chicken McNasties.
Gimmie some of That.
Some of What?
Awww, thats Right.

By the end of this 'commercial' Jess had fallen off her chair laughing, holding onto her side desite the pain.

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Shadow somewhat reluctantly meandered over to the garage with a hot cup of coffee. He wanted to ask Jess for a favour and, given their past, thought it wise to bring an offering of peace. Just to be sure. Few things made him nervous, but each step was like a slug in the gut, or a sticky bomb permanently adhered to a man's favourite jacket. As he neared, he could hear something, just barely, over the sound of his boots on the gravel; a chilling sound that stopped him dead in his tracks. Jess was laughing.


Fuck that, he thought to himself as he turned and hurried off back to the bar, whatever she's cackling about is probably bad news for me. I'll come back another day.

Lonely are the brave...

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Tuki pulled up outside the garage by the simple expedient of letting the car roll forward and then gently nudge one of the petrol pumps. Gentle nudges are all well and good, but when they have been pretty much your only means of stopping for several months… Let’s just say the front of the car was no longer pristine.

She got out and managed to get the door shut on only the fourth slam. This, of course, automatically caused the trunk to pop open so Tuki, just as automatically, jumped up and sat on it to make it shut again. By now, too, the engine had at last staggered to a halt.

Normally, a toot on the horn would have brought a garage’s staff out to offer their services. In Tuki’s world, however, the lack of a working horn meant the diminutive doctor had to go and actively seek out those who worked there… Or, in this case, Jeass. Her being both boss and all the staff at the same time. Unfortunately, it appeared that Tuki had mistimed her visit because a scrawled note on the door explained that Jeass would: ‘Be back soon… probably… maybe tonight.’

Tuki thought about getting back in her car and taking Jeass up on her offer some other time. But the look of fear on the baby’s face every time Tuki carried him towards the car was beginning to make her feel guilty. She turned and started to walk back to the clinic.

After maybe a dozen steps there was an unfortunate sound behind her as another worn out car part or other finally gave up the ghost. Tuki didn’t look back. Cars, as she well knew, could be petulant sods when they wanted to be.

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