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Sometime After an Early Morning Run

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The Day After,
Actually more like several, Jess had lost count, but She'd found herself busy chasing down a few elusive parts that other Techs had mentioned to her when she was in Tech Town near Hope doing research on locations of parts and items she thought would be useful for the garage in Hope Springs. She'd been thinking a bit about the women she'd given guns to before she had departed a few days ago and one of the things she'd planned on doing was checking to see how they were all doing after she saw to the safe unloading of the parts she'd been able to recover on her own this time out. Then she paused in her thinking, making mental note to hire a crew for the one cache she could not get to, being the area was too heavily infested with White Crow and their mutant soldiers for her to deal with alone, the logistics behind that...

And so her mind wandered as she drove into town and didnt really take notice of the few towns folk who not only noticed her coming back, but how some of them got together quickly and started talking, a couple even getting on the radio to call their friends and let the rummor mill know that not only was she back, but to keep an eye out for the impending confrontation that had been the quiet talk of the town since Hyle found out what she'd done.

After Jess carefully backed her DMC Mauler into the garage, she gingerly climbed out of the car along with a single duffle bag, almost instantly regrettiung the need to stand up fully withe the pain in her side. She took a slow deep breath, with a slight hitch of pain to accompany it, then dragged up the left side of her shirt to get a look at the ugly blackening bruise on her side and sighed before just simply letting it fall free to cover the bruising with even bothering to tuck the shirt in.

"At leas` Dah'shi' is to busy ta notice dis...Kings, she'd neve` let me here de end o' dis. Shoul` go see de Dr too me girl, canna even let Hyle see this `s well..." then noticed the time and sighed again, "Mayhaps t`morrow then."

Jessiah carefully made sure to lock up both her car and the garage before she slowly started making her way down the main street of Hope, heading towards the Hostle where she usualy slept at most nights, still failining to notice the people who were keeping an eye on her and the quiet whispering in her wake, especially by those who loved to gossip and spread rumors in the quiet little town. She even failed to notice the return of a familar Interceptor that was parked outside of Hyles home, marking Reavy's return home.

Heading into the Hostle she stopped to check for any messages, though never really expected any since hardly anyone ever contacted her of late as far as she considered it. Still, she cheeked just in case and was mildly surprised when the nurse on duty at the front dest politely informed her that Mayor Troy had been looking for her over the last few days, though she clearly didnt explain why. The hesitation the nurse had when Jess asked why and was not given a straight reason had her slightly confused and wondering, especialy with the way the nursedidnt use Hyles name, instead refering to her by her title.

Nodding slightly in thanks, she then asked the young woman, "Can yee please set up wit the clinic `n appointment. Too tired now, but ah think need to see the doctor soonest. Jus` left the time fer appoint under me door when yee can...fer now..ah need ta sleep. Thanks hon." then left to head upstairs to the small room she'd claimed for herself currently, not noticing the staffer reach for the phone and make a call, not to the Doctor as asked, but the to the Mayors office. It was only once she was in the room and closed the door that she let the mules kick of pain come over her and she dropped her duffel bag on the floor, then staggered her way over to her bed, discarding her shirt and boots before curling up on the bed with a fresh wimper of pain, and eventually fall asleep.


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((Yup, sounds like damaged ribs. Very ouchie.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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"Okay, Tak skal du ha..."

Hyle ended the call from the hostel, having suggested that the nurse ask Doctor Troy to come over and check Jeass out soonest. 

It was not Hyle's style to bawl someone out if they were trying to cope with the after effects of a good kicking, or whatever had happened to Jeas while she was away.

In truth it was not Hyle's style to bawl anyone out, especially as a couple of days had passed and the initial anger had faded long since. Dealing with Jeass was just another item on her 'to do' list. 

Hyle figured she had done enough anyway. All the weapons had been taken out of the hostel. The hostel staff were aware of Jeass' predeliction for seeing the gun as the answer to all ills.

Under Hyle's explicit instruction. Any more arming was to be nipped in the bud. Omgående!


Hyle felt a smile cross her lips. Quite possibly Jeass would be expecting her to storm over and tear a strip off. Fine, let her stew.

Let her think about things fora few days while her body heals. It would probably be more effective. Faktisk!


I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Tukiko winced. Shouting still hurt. She opened the medical file of the next patient and was met with an almost blank form. ‘Jeassiah Black’ and ‘Clone’ were the only two boxes filled in by her nurse’s neat script. Tukiko sighed and made a mental note to try and convince Maisie, yet again, that clone patients needed a medical history too.

The door opened and then closed behind the patient. Tuki prided herself on knowing most of the residents of Hope, at least by sight. Some of them she knew more about because of their medical complaints, either because they were interesting, they were suspicious or just plain in almost every day with something new. Jeassiah Black had been a fleeting presence from her wilder, younger days. All Tuki really knew about Ms. Black now, was that she ran or worked in the garage… And that she was currently in her Mom’s bad books. A wry smile cracked one side of Tuki’s face. Been there, she thought. Not often, but it was not a good place to be.

She watched Ms. Black cross the floor with a professional eye and noticed the tender way she slowly sat down. Piles or ribs was her instant diagnosis. Piles would be least likely considering the clone’s apparent age and build. Once seated comfortably she looked up, automatically brushing the long fair hair from her face, and offered Tuki a smile of her own. The eyes, however, still showed the discomfort she was obviously in.

“Nice to meet you formally Ms. Black. You’ve reminded me that I must bring my car in and get the brakes sorted out. Can’t keep using just the handbrake and any convenient wall to stop.” Polite laughter was exchanged before Tukiko got down to business. “So. What can I do for you?”

Jeass had seen Dr. Troy around town. Most recently at the hostel of course. She knew who she was, and that the mayor was her mother… Adopted apparently. But sitting up close for the first time she was a bit disconcerted by just how young Dr. Troy looked. By young, she meant too young. Like her, though, Dr. Troy was a clone so apparent age meant very little. Still, it felt odd all the same.

“Pain in ma ribs Healer. Might ha’ broken one or two.”

Dr. Troy took the stethoscope from round her neck and stood up. She had Jeass lean forward in her chair as far as was comfortable and then applied the business end of the stethoscope to various locations on her back.

“Breath normally for me.”

Jeass did so, but it wasn’t comfortable.

“Take a deep breath for me. Deep as you can and hold it please.”

Again Jeass did as instructed but was only able to hold it for a few seconds before she was overcome with a pain filled coughing fit that had her reaching for the desk for support.

Dr. Troy returned to her seat and waited for the coughing to pass.

“You might be right. Could you stand up when you’re ready and remove your top?”

Jeass stood up and slowly pulled off her top, revealing the extent of the bruises to someone other than her mirror for the first time. She couldn’t help but unconsciously compare her own vivid bruises to the fading bruises on the healer’s face.

“Ya bin in the wars too, Healer?”

If she heard the question, she gave no sign other than a few rapid blinks.

Dr. Troy’s eye’s narrowed slightly. She had seen similar bruises many times and knew that all sorts of ‘incidents’ could be the cause. Her recent visits to the hostel were testament to that.

“Nasty. Could you raise both arms above your head for me? Straight up, that’s right. Now, bend as far as you can over to the left… That hurts? Okay, now the other way.”

She stood up and moved close to the patient. Placing her hand in the small of Ms. Black’s back, Dr. Troy used two fingers to prod at her patient’s rib cage, eliciting various degrees of discomfort. Then she returned to her seat and made notes on the medical file.

“You can get dressed now.” She said, not looking up while she wrote.

Jeass pulled her top back on and again sat down slowly. The doctor finished what she was writing and looked up.

“Well, if you do have any ribs that are broken they are only hairline fractures. If there had been any degree of separation you would have been making a lot more noise I assure you.” This was accompanied with a reassuring smile.

“Of course, they may just be very badly bruised. Not that it matters, the treatment is the same.” Dr. Troy paused, her eyes going to the clone collar around Ms. Black’s neck with a slight nod. “Being a clone, you know that you can fix your injuries by re-cloning, but as you came to see me I’m assuming you don’t want to do that?”

Jeass gave a non-committal shrug, allowing the medica to go on.

Tuki looked at Jeass for a moment, envying other clones’ ability to do such a thing. For Tuki, only death would force a re-cloning. If she tried to use the LifeNet facilities for anything else thee whole building usually plunged itself into darkness and she would have to blindly grope her way out of the temporarily dead facility. She snapped back to the present.

“Okay then. I’ll give you some painkillers. Use them. The first will be acetaminophen. Take one every four hours. The other is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Wait twenty four hours before you start taking them and then alternate the pills.” She went over to the drug cabinet and counted pills into two labelled bottles and handed them to Jeass. Then she returned to her desk.

If you can, hold an ice pack to the affected ribs regularly in the first few days to bring down swelling. Rest and take time off work if you need to. No riding or taking a buggy over rough terrain.”

Jeass nodded.

“Anything else Healer?”

“Yes. Breath normally and cough when you need to – this helps clear mucus from your lungs to prevent chest infections. That’s gonna hurt, sorry. Try to sleep more upright for the first few nights. Don't be tempted to wrap a bandage tightly around your chest. This will stop your lungs expanding properly and if it is a broken rib this can cause the break to not set properly.”

Jeass got to her feet and pocketed thee two pill bottles. She stood, leaning on the desk and looking down as the doctor continued.

“Also, don't lie down or stay still for a long time because this puts the wrong kind of strain on the rib and allows fluid to build up. Of course, don't strain yourself or lift heavy objects… You won't be able to anyway because it will hurt like hell again, but it will make things possibly a lot worse.”

Jeass lifted her head and manged a wry smile.

“Sound like ye telling me ta stay in bed.”

“No. Sitting would be better. But the more rest you get the faster your ribs will heal.”

Jeass took a deep, painful breath and stood up straight.

“Thank ye, Healer Troy. Do I pay you or wee stone face out there?”

The description of Nurse Maisie made Tuki chuckle.

“Neither. In Hope medical care is a right, not a product.”

The concept seemed to take Jeass, used to everything having a price of some kind, a little by surprise.

“Well, thanks agin. You bring your car in soon now. Can’t have our free medica riding around in a death trap, can we?”

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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There is a reason we have gun control here….”


Hyle paced in front of Jeass. Jeass was seated on an armchair in a small room just off the hostel reception. She was resting up on the orders of Doctor Troy, Tuki.


Hyle went on. “…and it is the reason this town is growing. So.”


Hyle stopped pacing and looked directly at Jeass who in turn was looking slightly apprehensive having expected this meeting for some time. Jeass saw the determination in Hyle’s eyes. Not just her eyes but in her stature, her bearing. This was a no-nonsense Mayor Troy standing in front of her.


Hyle paused and took a deep breath. “I did not like your little stunt, arming some of the girls here. It was singularly the most counter-productive thing I can imagine. You could and maybe will have put some of our work here back weeks and we absolutely do NOT have the capacity for that!”


Jeass shifted in her seat and drew breath to speak but Hyle put her hand up. The cold blue eyes betrayed the calm exterior. Hyle was keeping the lid on her anger, just.


I will make this short and simple. I have rules in this town. And more especially in this hostel. Either follow the rules or leave. Do I make myself clear?”

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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"Some of the girls show talent though" Reavy leaned on the doorframe. "When the time is due, starting with subcompact and compact semi-auto pistols for self-defence they could bear arms once we flesh out trigger discipline."

"Or was firearms training not supposed to be part of it?" Reavy muttered to herself silently before looking up, she added quickly

"Could even incorporate them into town militia, they do need jobs to start a new life, don't they?" Reavy raised eyebrow, as this was waaay out of her field of knowledge.


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((Oh bloody hell. I didnt see you add this until too late after we posted the next chapter of this little drama. Hyle!! Halp!!

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