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Early Morning Run

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It was an unusual morning for Jeassiah, since unlike most morning where she'd be soundly asleep, this one found her under the pale light of a street light in Hope Springs. Additionally, the Hostle itself had become a very busy place in the last couple of weeks with all the young women that were bussed in from the near by city. Something to do with Hyle busting some sort of sex ring and from what she had heard, it didn't go as well as planned, some one was killed, that much she knew.

Most of the girls kept to themselves, being seen by Dr Tukki and her staff from the clinic, again something she kept a distance from as to not interrupt the work on helping these girls. A few how ever seemed to have latched onto Jessiah, the one enigma and resident that as strange as it might seem, they felt safe with, despite Jess herself trying to tell them otherwise. It wasn't that she didn't want to help these girls, Kings knows she thought, she had enough soul deep scars that she should and could understand what they had endured.

But she didn't feel that confident she was a good person for the few to follow or be around. He own nightmares had more than once awoken the entire womens wing of the shelter and had the staff keeping a wary eye on her. Wether they reported those events to the mayor or not, she didn't know nor actually cared.

So, here she was, up early again from one of those nightmares, that thankfully didn't awaken every one. She was feeling agitated enough that a run sounded good to her and she'd already done three circuits of the town and back again, currently under one of the street lights across the street from the Hostle, breathing heavily while she decided if it was time for her to leave the shelter for the sake of everyone else, or perhaps, do something about some of those nightmares and go back inside to actually help the people who have been giving her a place to sleep and feel safe in herself...


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It wouldn't be the first time that the Hope Springs hostel has been a turning point for someone, that is one of its aims I believe, to show a different way. Nice story. Is it going to be part of a larger one?

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*politely demands mooooooore*

Lonely are the brave...

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It'd been a strange day to say the least for the Staff of the Hostle. And it started with the one resident they were as much wary about as they were respectful to keep their distance from. Not that they were distant because she was not polite to them at all times, more it was they had an understanding that of all the ones who came to them, she was likely one of the most dangerous they knew they had in residence and the one with a few powerful connections as far as they could tell.

Still, the morning stafferes had seen her leave early in the morning and thought little of it when she'd come back about an hour later, although the young man at the front desk did think later that she had a odd look of determination, but no one asked him about her activities in the morning, so he didnt't say anything about it.

It was not until later though the day they started to notice something more that was going on. The woman they knew as Jessiah Black was coming and going from the Hostle an awful lot. In fact they took notice that she was taking some of the newer girls out with her each time and being gone sometimes for as long as an hour or more. Thats when the staff got to talking and taking notes of who was going with her each time and when they were coming back. At least until one of the nurses who was doing a routine visit commented that most of the girls when they return with Jessiah were armed now as well.

Stella, one of the staffers did stop one of the latest and asked her waht was going on, and the girl it seemed was a little evasive about what happened, but also it seemed to Stella that the young girl didnt seem as afraid or unsure of herself as she had been over the last few weeks. So, they started keeping track of not only who came and went, but if they brought anything back. Some of the staff were starting to be concerned and contacted the towns Deputies for advice and have them inform the Mayor that something was going on they had concerns with. By the time they took notice of the seventh girl to return, they'd counted at least three small calibur revolvers were brought in and all of the young ladies now had a large knife.

Three young deputies showed up in short order to look into the potential disruption while four more were dispatched to the towns garage where a report of occasional gun fire was heard from just outside of the towns limit near the garage. The deputies all knew of the woman they were going to find, especialy sicne they had all heard the rumor that she was some how directly involved with their Sherriff. And they were taking the cautious route least they incur the wrath of their boss for a potential error on their part.

The deputies at the Hostle started with asking questions of the young woman that were all seen with Jessiah, mostly what did she want with them, why did she give them weapons, were they likely to hurt themselves or some one. Much to the surprise, they were given most of the answers they sought except what was fully talked about when they went with jess. They did learn that she spent time with each girl, privately, and no the girls all were firm that Jess was unfailingly poilite and didnt try anything other than talk and spend time with them. They asked about the gun fire and were told She would take each one out to a makeshift gun range and point at a target, being told that the target could be anything they were afraid of, anything they were angry with or about. And then given the small gun and a box of ammo. The explained how She was patient with each one, showed them how to load the gun properly and safely, told simple rules to follow about a gun.

One girl went so far as to ask a Deputy if they were possibly hiring, needed some one to help protect the town as they were, and if they could teach her just as the other Woman had, maybe even more. They told her that she'd likely have to talk to the Mayor about this, being new to town and all and they didnt have any idea if the Sherriff was looking for more deputies just yet, but they smiled at her before taking their leave to talk about the odd situation. They were not sure if they should be more concerned or less, as they had no real experience in this kind of situtation. So they advised the Hostle staff it might be safer if those who were taken out by the Woman be roomed seperately from all those who were not yet and kept an eye one. They told the Staff they could not be entirely certain there was no danger but it seemed the ones who were so armed seemed to be the most stable at this time.

In mean time, the four deputies were observing two woman from a safe distance with binoculars, watching the conversation they could see was going on, and one commented that it was too bad none of them could read lips. His compantions agreed but continued the watch anyway. They all watched how the talled blode they were sent to keep an eye on hugged the latest of the young woman she'd taken out of the Hostle, how it seemed the other girl, a short dark haired waif, was sobbing so much that the tall blode held her for a long time until the crying seemed to stop. They also observed how the Woman took from a large Tonneau a belted knife, that the blade was shown to the smaller girl, more conversation going on until the weaponw as given to the girl, another exchange of hugs and conversation before they both got into the car and it started up and began to turn towards them. They scarmbled to be less obvious as if they were not keeping close tabs on what was going on, the selection of rifles laid out on their patrol car, even as the women drove by heading back into town and were smiled at as they passed.

One deputy looked at the others, "This...I have no idea what we are supposed to do. Think we need the Mayor or the Sherriff to handle this problem, ya think?"
His compantions all agreed and reports were starting to be writen...and eventualy with the reports from the Hostle Staff, land identicle copies on both Reavy's and Hyle's desks.

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   Shadow was out on the edge of town, keeping an eye on the state of the land as

was his wont. Fluss was following close by, grazing on the dew-laden stalks of grass

with a nicker. A nearby sagebrush caught Shadow's attention and he began to study

the finer points of the silvery sapling. Fluss snorted and trotted off a few paces in

protest; sagebrush was very aromatic, especially when wet. Though not strong enough

for Shadow to be repulsed, most herbivores avoid the plant if they can help it.

   'I know, I know,' he said, in response, 'but look – we have guests.'

   Sagebrush was aptly named, for it held a wisdom for those with the eyes to see. Some of

the leaves were missing or damaged – a telltale sign of rabbits, small ones too thankfully.

Sagebrush was also a good marker of deep, arable soil and this one was young and alone.

   'Good place to plant some menders, eh, old girl?'

   Shadow hadn't expected a reply, though a loud snap from the direction of town alerted him

and his horse; Fluss turned towards the sound, ears pointed forward. She looked sideways

at Shadow, silent and expectant but he remained calm and was looking through the scope

of his L119A2. The bar blocked his view for the most part though he could see some of the

guards making for the garage, tentatively. So undisciplined, he thought to himself as he

disapprovingly watched them.

   As time went by, he observed – learning a great deal about security protocol in the time

he'd been away. Jess was up to something with the girls. He felt conflicted about what he

could gleam through his scope alone; they had a rocky past, but she had at least once trusted

him with some knowledge that hinted just how deep her scars really ran. Hyle's words to him

hung ironically about him like a mantle now as he saw the vulnerable women being armed.

   Shadow had felt a mote of annoyance at her dismissal of guns as a solution to the issues

driving refugees into Hope, but now he began to see her point. It wasn't about her lack of need

for people like him, it was to stop things like this from happening. He couldn't help but be

reminded of the times under Dorado's leadership; the message was the same, but it was lost

in a haze of constant war with the outside world. People were supposed to be safe here and

yet what he saw through his scope had him wondering what message Jess was giving to these

young girls.

    Hyle's not gonna like this...



Lonely are the brave...

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She’s fucking done what !?!”


Hyle threw the memo hard onto her desk.


Outside in the hall, heads turned as a storm of Danish expletives emanated from Hyle’s office. They could hear the heavy footfalls as Hyle paced angrily to and fro across her office floor. Office workers gathered into small clumps of chatter.


Roughly translated:


Here I am trying to rehabilitate traumatised girls and ‘She’ is passing fucking guns out! Of all the half-baked idiotic, stupid arse ideas! ‘She’s’ going to damned well undo everything I’ve spent the last five years trying to achieve. Damned stupid woman! She can go to hell! Even if I have to kick her sorry arse out of town myself!”


Hyle grabbed her jacket from the coat stand.


The staffer’s little gossip groups broke up immediately, they scrambled to look busy as Hyle’s office door burst open and a Scandinavian storm blew through the office in tight jeans and heels. They sighed as the tempest blew right through and out of the main doors. The little groups reformed and the chatting continued.


Striding at almost a metre and a half at a time, Hyle crossed the road heading directly for the girls hostel, her mind seething with all the many possibilities, each vying with the next to be picked out from the tumult. This is when reason climbed to the top of the pile and shouted at Hyle.




Hyle stopped in her tracks.


Why did ‘she’ do it?”


Hyle stood on the corner before the road to the hostel.


Jeassiah Black. In the days gone, the answer she had to everything was a gun. But Hyle thought about the Jeass that had returned to Hope. How she had seemed to have taken the idea of Hyle’s new Hope to her heart.


Look a bit deeper.


Although Jeass had not talked at length about herself, Hyle had talked to her enough to know Jeass had had a traumatised past and it did not take much addition of two and two to understand Jeass could look to owning a weapon as some sort of crutch. And also, Jeass to believe that some of the girls may need the comfort she felt also.


And Jeass felt at home in Hope.


But to give the girls weapons. No, that could not happen. Not on Hyle’s watch.


Hyle felt herself torn. Did she expel Jeass from Hope, punish her?


Hyle leant her behind on the four bar fence, arms folded, oblivious to the well meant greeting from the odd passer by.


In truth, she reasoned. Jeass was as much in need of the services of Hope’s hostel as any of the other girls.


Ok, by giving some of her fellow residents weapons she had given them a crutch, which now Hyle would have to take away from them again, thus setting their recovery back some. But there was no option, it had to happen. Jeass had created more hard work for the rehab team but Hyle knew, had always known, that it was never going to be easy.


As for Jeass?


Hyle sighed, she had calmed.


Jeas and she were about to have to have a long long discussion.




I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Few days passed before rumbling of a powerful engine broke monotonous afternoon in the hostel as Falcon parked by the fence. Announced by the heavy footsteps of her armored boots Reavy walked in greeted by one of the staff. The car itself was showing signs of superficial damage, but dents in Reavy's armor with bits of dried blood around them shown she did not even take time for basic mainteneance before going to that place. 

"I'm here to check on the new arrivals" Reavy said to one of the staff at the front desk and was soon led to the quarters.

Reavy noticed confused and sometimes even scared looks of the girls, who did not know what to think of the woman in heavy black armor, covered in pouches, grenades and with enough weapons in various holsters it could arm smaller street gang. Reavy walked up to each one of them, handing them small card with just a radio frequency inscribed on it.

Then she looked over the room speaking with her usually cold "business" voice

"I will see if we can get you some means of wireless communication. On the card you have emergency radio frequency you should try to reach when in danger. When using the frequency first state where you are and best possible description of how to find the place. If situation allows then describe the situation and the threat. Do not speak of anything else, every second matters so spend it on useful info. Those of you who would like to participate in a self-defense course, let the staff know and i'll see if it gets approved by Mayor."

Saying that she turned back to the door. On her way outside she looked at the staff saying briefly.. "Contact me when you notice anything suspicious" and then headed back to her car.


Once the engine was started and car moved out of view Reavy dropped her stone face mask. Expression of extreme irritation showed as she mutter to herself.

"Finally a time when i am needed and i am not here. What a failure. I chase bastards to hell and back only to have this happening around home..."

Reavy drove around Hope, patrolling and clearing her thoughts just like she did in times when threats to the town meant shootings and kidnappings on daily basis.

"About time i stuck around for a longer period of time....should check in with Jess and Hyle to see what they are up to....will have to add few names to the list, maybe hunt a little... gotta find informants"


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((Things just got more dangerous.

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