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And so it begins

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Zek stood looking out over Hope Springs.  The upper area of this old car wash was exposed, but the space allowed for quiet reflection.  The teacher over in the LighBearer camp was expecting him soon, but given his request, a little time relaxing was preferred. 

Besides Zek’s unique “talents” we what the man desired, so he could wait a bit.

Taking a sip from the Mason jar in his hand, he swallowed after savoring the burning liquid a moment.  Plucking a packet form the tin in his pocket, Zek tucks it into his lip, and sits in the sun on a larger piece of rubble.  Tuning his collar to the radio settings, he scanned a moment before finding is favorite station.


…. To be continued.


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((Nice introduction. A quiet moment before a storm perhaps?

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(( Thank you.  Hopefully part 2 lives up to the build-up

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