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Happy Ending for Aventae

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nothing but a useless Doll
nothIng but a useless doll
nothing butt a usEless doll


Yawwwwwwn, schmack, schmack

The sounds of waking up after a content sleep. The world was already bright, sun high in the sky as the clouds drifted along as they always have. Uninterrupted by whatever pitiful actions Humanity took down here on the wreched dirt.

"Morning sleepy head."
"Mmmm..." she groaned out, her stomach echoing her sentiment with its own growl. It must've been way past 'morning'.
"Get up," he kicked her bare foot with his own booted foot "we have a lot of things to do today. So stop wasting away and get something to eat. Then change your clothes, you've been wearing that same hoodie for like, four years now, it's gross."
Aventae leaned up, half insulted, half motivated. Gross? Her hoodie certainly wasn't gross! Maybe it wasn't clean but it certainly wasn't gross!
"Hmph..." she mumbled before standing up "Where's the food?" she managed to mutter while rubbing her eye.
"I left it in the pack, in the tent. Where normal people would have slept."
She looked over at the tent, its dark green color was kind of... gross. But, it was set up pretty professionally and was probably comfortable inside.
"You know I prefer sleeping outside..." she said quietly before walking, well, maybe walking isn't the right word- Stumbling, probably would be better- towards the tent and flopping down onto the ground once inside. Her legs stuck slightly out of the door flap. A few minutes passed before she felt that annoying and much too common boot tap against her.
"Aghhh... Fine!" she protested before crawling completely in, making her way to the duffel bag. It was already open, revealing it's contents. Candy bars, water bottles, clothing, bandages, various other oddities that might help a couple young adults in the Canyon.
"Drink the milk, it's going expired." he said, and she did so, grabbing the almost empty carton of milk. He could tell her to jump off a cliff and she'd probably do it... His voice was so commanding, and he looked so...
"I'll be waiting outside." he said before closing the flap to the tent.
"Damn cute." she finished her thought from before.

After she had her... Breakfast? Sure we'll call it that... She exited the tent, same attire as always. Except, this time, with some cleanish jeans and a new pair of black boots she had found some Chota guy trying to eat.
"So you do know how to freshen up a little bit, surprising."
"Ahaha..." she gave him the look, something every man was no doubt familiar with "So what's the plan for today?"
"I'm headed to An EaRLy gRavE."
"I'm sorry, what?" Aventae picked something out of her ear with a pinky finger.
"Going to New Flagstaff. Learn to pay attention."
"Sorry, you're just boring sometimes so I forget to." she stuck her tongue out at him.
Merely rolling his eyes, he started to pack some things.
"Pack up the site, I'll be back in an hour with supplies, then we leave. And change out of that fucking hoodie."

Not five minutes after he had left, she was face down in the dirt resting her eyes. But she was responsible now and knew she had to get up and pack the supplies!

After her half hour nap, she started cleaning the tent. About ten minutes later however...
"Why is the tent still up?!" she heard him calling from a distance. She scurried out the flap and yelled back, he was only about fifty feet away.
"I've got like, half an hour before you said you'd be back!"
"I've been gone for almost two hours you twat!"
Aventae checked her watch, not that it really would help. It was a broken piece of junk that was stuck on 4:29am at all times. She only wore it because it had a cute picture of a cat on it.
"I don't believe you!"
"You don't have to believe me! YoU dOnt EVeN bELieVe iN mE!"


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((Too many like him. He does not deserve a good ending.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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