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Blood and Steel pt 4

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As far as days were, Jeassiah found so far that today had not been too bad. Well aside from the fact that two morons would have tried to kill and rob her today she after she discovered the wreck of a car in the deep woods. She was supposed to be going to Diesel Town, but plans change she mused. The car wreckage as a whole would keep her busy for a few days while she picked it apart for the still usable parts she needed for the Garage in Hope Springs. Even with as ruined as the front end of the car was, there were certain to be small parts that were still useful, certain pieces of the engine that should be undamaged, not to mention just about the entire back end of the old beater was still in good condition, despite the age of the car as a whole.

The arrangements she made with the tow truck drivers made sure she had their services for free the next time she was in Diesel Town for the parts run she had intended to do today. They were willing to take the old truck as payment for todays tow service and for the next time she needed them with almost no questions asked. She did keep some of the things she had found in the truck, including the large rifle case now stowed in the back of her DMC. The trip back home was proving to be uneventful, well, at least until she reached New Flagstaff. Approaching the city, she noticed that power seemed to be out, since there were no lights from any of the remaining functional street lights in the city she knew of.

With the flat bed following behind her, Jess made a turn on one of the side streets, deciding to stop at the local bankers and leave a few things with them as well as check the mail box at the same location. She paid little heed to the unusual number of Union Guards that were in the area until she had made the final turn and started into the large open area in the middle of town. It was when one of the men stepped up and held out his hand for her to stop, that she did, hearing the flat bed behind her slam on the brakes as well to avoid ramming her stopped car. She rolled down her window as the Guardsman approached the drivers side window.

"Sorry miss, we cant let you drive into this area." he said, trying to sound slightly friendly while at the same time convey an air of confidence.

"Why fer, if ah may ask?", she replied casually.

"An accident is all you need to know, now turn around and go some where else."

She raised an eyebrow at the man as he had snapped the order at her, abandoning the pretense of being friendly and reverting to the typical Union Guards attitude towards so many people. A glance past the man and she could see a lot of them gathered around one side of the small pond in the center of the area, and noticed just how much of the area was soaked with water and how much lower than usual the water line would usually be. It didn't take her much thought to take a guess that something important happened here very recently, something enough to stir up the Union in a big way too. She nodded to the man and shifted the car into revers, waiting long enough for the flat bed behind her to also start backing up when the Guardsman spoke up again.

"What you got back there?"

"Salvage I picked up from jus` past Diesel Town," she replied carefully, hiding the annoyance at being questioned now.

The guard held up his hand to indicate the flat bed should stop, then started to move past her to get a better look at the back of the truck. He then turned towards her again, "Why is the side of the car covered with a tarp?"

She sighed slightly, "Tis covered cause what happen`d to the driver is no pretty sight. The driver, well..." she shuddered a bit and shook her head slightly, "Something else vey hungry got ta `im before I got there."

"If its all the same, I'll have a look. You stay put until I am done." he said with that same commanding and rudeness she knew the Union for.

"Of course." She reached out of the car to signal the flat beds driver to stop and wait while the Guard also signals for some of his men to come over and keep watch while he went to check the side of the car covered by rope and a tarp.

A few minutes pass, while it seems like so much longer to Jess as she sat in her car impatiently, what was supposed to a quick stop was certainly turning to be longer than she'd like, not to mention having to deal with the Union, whom she disliked a fair bit, although with the small group of them scowling at her and one seemed to be itching for a reason to drag her out of her car, when the first Guard returned to her car window. That he was clearly pale and looking slightly sickened didn't look good, but she refrained from saying anything yet.

He gulped hard once then looked at her, "Well...uh...yeah...get that out here now. Do not stop. Now leave." then moved away to rejoin his men.

She nodded and flagged for the flat bed to get moving, while getting her own car into motion as well. She growled at herself, that choice to make a stop here only proved to be a waste of time since she could not get to the bank or the mail box, not with the Union swarming the area and acting like typical jack booted thugs. As she pulled in behind the flat bed truck with the wreckage, she didn't notice the plain clothes man on the side walk eyeing her little convoy or him taking down some notes on a small pad of paper.


Some time later, long after Jeassiah had left town, Kopkage knocked on Crabbe's door, holding a sheet of paper in one hand and a slightly grim expression on his face. The news he brought his boss was not good news, in fact, it was sure not to make his day, but perhaps, will make some one else's day even worse, and that might brighten Crabbes day. At least, he hoped so.

"Got a minute boss? Got something here that might be of interest to you."

"What is it?"

"You know that thing we had with Silja Henningsdottir?"

"Yeah, so what of it?"

"Well, seems something happened to one Henning Mortensson. A clone had what appears to be the wreckage of his car here in town today." he said as he glanced at the sheep once then back to his boss.

"What? Let me see that!"

Kopkage handed the paper to Crabbe and waited as his boss read the paper a few times, then looked up, "Well. Well indeed. This is something indeed. Keep this to yourself for now. We'll follow up on it soon, but first I need to make a call. Dig up what we got on that clone in mean time."

Kopkage nodded as he stepped back out of Crabbe's office, even as he was reaching for the phone.


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An awfull lot of commercial vehicle activity going on in the wee small hours of the morning. Which I suppose is about right for New Flagstaff lol.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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It could be your phone he's about to call, Joe. *pokes*
The time of day was supposed to not be that early morning, it does take time to drive to and from Kaibab from Hope Springs.
I figured the events of the story you and Hyle did together could impact other stories along the way.
I was hoping one of you might have input or add to this from the cops perspective if you wanted to.

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I'm kinda busy with the Halloween Fantasy story at the moment.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Seems that night was more busy than most.... hmm  now the Flagstone kops are in , anything can happen

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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