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Rear Window [9]

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 “Yer can feck awfe ! There is no damned way I’m gonna wear a damned clown suit ! “

The taller of the two men turned to the other.

You bleedin well are. Its a perfect opportunity. The perfect disguise to get close to Spivey and his brat. “

The tall guy narrowed his blue eyes, at his collegue, then glanced around, lowering his voice and hissing at the slightly shorter and more portly man.

Hanne pushed herself back into the shadows quickly so as not to be observed by the precautionary glance. As she did so she was unable to hear the rest of the discussion which took place. The two men turned and hurried up the backstreet. She leaned out of cover just in time to see the duo turn a corner and head away in the direction of Beau’s Tavern.

Hanne dusted a mote of dirt from her straight grey skirt and, after making sure the street was empty. Made her way back to her car which was parked just around the corner of the next block.

She opened the door and sat in the driver seat slowly, even the late afternoon sun had heated the interior and seats of her car to an almost unbearable temperature She closed the door and immediately wound the window down. Almost same time she started the engine allowing the air-con to do its thing.

Letting the car idle, Hanne took a cigarette from the silver case in her bag and lit it. She inhaled deeply. It had been three hours since her last cigarette. She sighed and let out the deep lungful of smoke, feeling the nicotine invade her body. She sat quietly in the idling car and assessed the last three hours.



The drive back from Hope had passed quickly. Hanne’s mind had been so full of questions, so many possibilities .

She parked the car outside the office building and strode up the stairs two at a time. She had barely nodded to Dwight as she closed the office door with more than the usual force which caused Dwight to look up from his ledgers to watch Hanne sweep through the room to her own office. The door closed with a force equal to that used on the main door. Dwights eyebrows wrinkled, then he returned the task in hand.

Pausing only to grab the pair of binoculars from her desk, Hanne now stood at the window, her attention firmly fixed on her sister below in the Plaza. The timing could not have been better as the usual ‘handover of child to her parents before taking her break’ process was underway.

Good… “

Hanne replaced the binoculars and swept out of the office in a similar manner to the way she had arrived just a few minutes earlier. The door closed heavily leaving Dwight intrigued.

Hanne swung her car into the plaza just as Joe Spivey’s car swung out. Hanne quickly turned her head the other way, before she made any eye contact with Spivey. A moment later she looked ahead just in time to see Silja’s car exit the other side of the Plaza, turning right. Hanne gunned her own car across the Plaza much to the consternation of a few startled pedestrians, waving her finger back at those who were waving at her similarly.

Her car exited the far side of the Plaza just in time to see Silja’s machine turn left. Another squirt of throttle allowed Hanne to bring Silja into sight but not to close as to cause concern although it seemed that Silja was more concerned about checking her hair in the mirror rather than checking traffic behind. Hanne trailed for several blocks.

Finally Silja indicated and turned right into a side street. Hanne was about to follow but as she stared her turn she noticed Silja had stopped and was getting out of her car. Hanne cancelled the turn and drove straight on, parking her car just after the junction. She jumped out of the car and went to the corner.

The tall blue eyed youth, stepped onto the street from a doorway, in skinny-fit jeans and white hi-laced sneakers. His dark blue denim jacket hung well on the black tee-shirted torso. His head covered in a tousel of curly blonde hair. He stepped up and caught a giggling Silja mid leap and hung onto her waist as he swung her round twice. Their mouths met in a long happy kiss. Slija for her part seemed joyful and relaxed, The street echoed with happy girlish chuckles overlaying a few words of greeting and general chatter. A moment later the door closed behind them and silence filled the street.

File number three..” Hanne muttered under her breath. “ Anson.. Chris. “

Hanne crossed the road and found a suitable spot from which to observe the building into which Silja and Anson had entered. For the next three hours, from the darkening hallway, Hanne watched.

Occaisionally either Anson or Silja would pass the window. At all times Silja was her usual smiling chattering self. There was no sign of anything malicious or untoward, Just two young people enjoying each others company. As time went by the lights dimmed. Hanne closed her eyes for a moment as the realisation was fairly obvious. More time passed and eventually the apartment block door opened and Silja appeared. Pausing for a final lovers embrace with Anson, Silja wafted back into her car, waved and roared off and turned the corner, presumably heading back to Joe’s house and bedtime duties for Anneka.

Hanne deemed it better to wait and monitor the apartment block. About five minutes after Silja left, a thick-set youth entered the buliding, reappearing some fifteen minutes later with Anson.

Hanne overheard...


Yer can feck awfe ! There is no damned way I’m gonna wear a damned clown suit ! “….


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((O...M...G... If Joe ever finds out... (can't wait to see where this is heading) Laughing

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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