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A Lot of Hand Waving - Epilogue

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Here is Susan Grindel at Spider Hill Radio and our Music show tonight is almost over until another day. We have time for one more song, however tonight we do something a little different. Our new friends have now left the town. All but one. The leader, tragically killed by a spider attack, remains. These people, so strange to us, we first misunderstood. Now we know they are Mime Artistes, who speaks not with words but actions and expressions. To them we play the last song by not playing the song, with give them silence and our wishes for safe journeys. The next few minutes are for our new friends.















Here is Susan Grindel at Spider Hill Radio wishing you all a good night.


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Maybe the mimes will meet the Traveler acting troupe!

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*Thinks about selling mime costumes. Shudders and goes to the pub*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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*pictures Joe in a mining outfit*

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