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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 4

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Here is Susan Grindel of Spider Hill Radio with a special report. As our listeners know, there has been encounters with-


Ummm, sorry... our engineer thinks they are aliens, but the truth is, we do not know who are the strange pale face people seen in Spider Hill. We have seen them around the station building, we have seen them make strange hand waving, we have seen the strange striped tops and berets. Now, our newest reporter, Mr Luke Redeye, has volunteered to go outside to investigate. Luke, can you hear us?

Err... hi.... yes Luke here. Are you sure this is safe?

Of course. So Luke, tell us what do you see?

Ummm. I am outside the door and, are you sure this is safe?

Yes. Absolutely.

Umm..okay. Outside, yes outside there are none near.

Can you walk out and see any?

Umm... perhaps. Ummm okay, walking away from the building. I hope this is safe. I see one! Yes, I see one! The beret and pale face. Oh... it is looking at me! It is coming closer.

Be careful Luke. Defend yourself if you need to.

What with? I have no weapon.

Hi Luke, Veronica here. Use the fork Luke, use the fork.

Errr, hi Veronica. The fork, oh yes. The fork, it is in my shirt pocket from lunch. The thing, the creature, has stopped. It is...making a face of fear? surprise? It is...oh...

Luke? Luke? What is happening?

There are others... more coming! Many more they are... wait...what are they doing?

Veronica can you see then out the window? Luke, describe what they are doing.

They are... putting hands on something, but nothing is there. Some sort of invisible shield? They must be protected behind it. They are moving the hands against it like they are behind glass, but invisible glass.

Show no fear Luke! How many are there now?

There are.... nine? ten? twelve?

All behind the invisible glass?

Yes, all putting hands on it as if testing it is there. More are coming. One of them is- oh no...

What? What is it Luke?

One has a hammer, or axe, or...

What is it?

I do not know, there is nothing, but something, it is hitting the invisible glass, the others are putting hands to ears, the glass is... oh no...

What Luke?

It must have broken! They are moving forward, they are coming!

Run Luke! Run!

*gasps* *banging* Open the door! Open the door!

Thank you Luke. That was a report from our newest Reporter Mr Luke Redeye, perhaps the last Redeye if those things had caught him. But he has escaped and now is safe inside the building with us. Those of you in Spider Hill also stay inside, until this danger has gone. We shall report when we-


What is it? Veronica?

Listeners we will be back. Something is happening. We will be back to report after this music. Simon and Garfunkel and the Sound of Silence.

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again


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I was expecting Luke Redshirt...er...Redeye to meet an untimely demise.  The fork was definitely with him that day!

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*Facepalms* Then another palm, and another, and another, and... *staggers back* "Oi! That was not a bleedin' invitation!" ((Liking this a lot :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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