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Incident at Picus Ridge - A Special Oddity

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Sharkdog glanced out from the garage towards the gate of Picus Ridge. Where was she? Surely she must be here soon. He would have joined her, but the Techs there always seem to be suspicious of him. He walked about impatiently and then looked outside again. Something purple was approaching, fast. 'Sharky! Sharky where are you?' he could hear her calling. He walked outside.

Veronica ran up to him, breathing rapidly and covered in something. 'We must go!' she screamed. 'We must go now! Run!'



Mission Background:
Time: 14:12 Location: Serving Counter, Hope Springs Waffelhaus.
A sweet object found by cup of coffee ordered by visiting Tech.
Composition: Secret recipe of Hyle
Origin: Waffeliron
Given Name: "My secret recipe" (named by Hyle Troy)

Radio signal sent from Waffelhaus towards Picus Ridge.
Reason: Wishing good luck for tonight.

Time: 20:01 Location: Vicinity of Picus Ridge
Vehicle: ATV Rusty 1

ATV Crew: Commander David Bogenschütze
Co-driver: Frank Schwimmbad

Emergency crew of two previously in card game, to be alerted when emergency encountered.

Recipe: VV 9000

Mission Status:
As Emergency crew approached the two inner bars of Picus, Bunker Bar and Drink Here, VV 9000 waffel mixture malfunctioned.

One emergency crewman was unexpectedly stopped from entering by VV 9000.
Co-driver Frank Schwimmbad knocked over by stampede while outside the bar.

Commander David Bogenschütze discovered chaos of VV 9000.

Commander David Bogenschütze encountered object between doorway and walls. The second object similar to tasty object found in the Hope Springs Waffelhaus...except in size.

Object at Drink Here Bar is too large to be measured.

Commander Bogenschütze left doorway to investigate inside. Last transmission from Commander Bogenschütze: "My God, it's full of waffel"

Mission Analysis:
Reason for malfunction of VV 9000: Unknown.
Meaning of last Bogenschütze transmission: Unknown.
Location of Bogenschütze: Unknown (presumed waffeled).
Composition of second object: Unknown.
Position of second object: Drink Here Bar and through door to outside.

Position of ATV Rusty 1: Outside Drink Here Bar
Condition of ATV Rusty 1: Waffeled

End Mission Report
Filed by: Heywood B. Lecker, Chairman, Town Council of Picus Ridge

"My God, it's full of waffel"


'The secret is in the mixture,' Hyle explained as she poured it into the waffeliron. Veronica nodded and watched intently taking a careful notice of all Hyle said.

'Where did you get the mixture?' Veronica asked Hyle.

'I made it myself,' Hyle replied. 'It is my secret recipe. See it thickens and expands with the heat.'

Veronica nodded again commenting 'It looks good.'

'The real test is with the tasting,' Sharkdog said behind them sitting at the counter.

A few minutes later a plate with a waffel and cream layed in front of Sharkdog.

'How is it Sharky?' Veronica asked him.

'Delicious,' he replied.

Hyle smiled. 'If you want to make sure you can good tip get when they pay,' she told Veronica. 'You can always do this.' Hyle suddenly briefly lifted her top. Sharkdog sat with his mouth open and waffel and cream on his nose.


Frank Schwimmbad, his elbow hurt and his head was swimming with confusion. What was happening? He quickly moved aside as another man ran out of the Drink Here Bar screaming 'It is alive! It is alive!'


Veronica shook the bowl. The liquid and powder inside were not mixing well. Suddenly Veronica saw the woodspoon. She stared at it a moment then picked it up. She placed one end into the bowl and moved it around. The liquid and powder moved. She moved the woodspoon again. The liquid and powder moved again and began to mix together. Veronica continued moving the spoon around the bowl.

It was a new dawn for waffel cooking.


'It was horrible... it was... it was horrible. I thought i was never going to see the outside world again. It was... horrible' The Tech trembled as the Medic examined him.

After a silence he looked to the Medic again. 'People were trying to get out.. pushing others out of the way, jumping out of the window. It was.... horrible.'


'What are you doing?' Luka asked Veronica in the lab in New Flagstaff while he looked at a bottle labelled "VV 9000".

'I am testing my special waffel mixture,' she replied pleased.

'What? Waffel? What are you talking about?' he responded confused.

'I am going to make my friends in Picus Ridge the best waffel. See! My special mixture makes carbon dioxide with heat and with that it will expand with fluffy goodness!'

'Where in Picus Ridge are you doing this?'

'At the Drink Here Bar'

'There is a bar in Picus Ridge?'

'Yes. In fact, there are two.'

'My God, it's full of bars,' Luka remarked sarcastically. He looked at Veronica a moment as if she was crazy then shrugged. 'I need to go test a new shampoo.'


'Take it easy! It is over! Over!' the man said as hold still the arms of the distressed Tech to stop him waving them in the air, as the memory of the chaos repeated in his head.

The Tech, with a face pale from shock, looked up toward the man. 'It is not over,' he said. 'One day she will cook again.'


'We found it in an old laundry,' the Tech scavenger told Veronica. 'Is it what you need?'

Veronica opened the lid and examined the large object. 'Yes, this must be a waffeliron. It is huge! It is perfect!'

'Can you connect power to it?' the scavenger asked.

'Yes, it will be no problem,' Veronica replied. 'I will just... what is this?' Veronica lifted something from the waffeliron. It was a trouser button.


'So how did it start?' the Tech investigator asked the boss of the Drink Here Bar, Fernando de Gaullo.

'Volt,' Fernando grumbled.

'There was electrical problem?'

'No, Volt,' Fernando snapped back.

'There was no electricity?'

Fernando mumbled. 'Can I use your kitchen, said she. I want to make everyone waffel, said she. It will be fun, said she., We can invite everyone and they then buy lots of drinks, said she. I should have known it was a bad idea.'

'What the electricity?'

Fernando sighed.


'Oh Hyle said sorry she cannot come but good luck.' Sharkdog told Veronica.

'Yes, Hyle spoke to me on radio earlier,' Veronica said.

'The Picus people do not like me much,' Sharkdog added. 'But perhaps if I waited at the Garage you could bring me out some of your waffel?'

'I will do that,' Veronica said delighted. 'It will be so fun! Picus will never have seen anything like it.'



The two men at the Devil's Own camp near Picus Ridge watched the bike go by, with its spikey hair driver and purple passenger.

'Should we shoot at it?' one asked.

'Too late, it is too... you smell something?' the second man said.

'Oh... sorry about that, the stolen vegetable from the Vistas, it make me-'

'No, I mean from Picus'

Both men sniffed the air.

'Smells great,'  the second man said.



'It was awful,' Veronica told Sharkdog as they stood in a room of the Credit Bend Hotel after riding there on Sharkdogs bike. 'At first it was good, so many people there, even Das, Fenster, Bret, I saw by the window sill. Everyone was excited. I was excited.'

'How did it happen?' Sharkdog asked.

'Well, the waffeliron was hot and i poured my special mixture into it. At first all was good, the mixture expanded and became waffel.'

'And then?'

'And then it continued, it would not stop, the waffel became huge! But still it grow! People began to panic.'

'You said the heat makes it grow?'

'Yes, the heat starts the gas to make, the mixtures expands. Perhaps... perhaps i made it wrong, perhaps it make too much gas.'

Sharkdog paused then nodded. 'Yes. I think the recipe needs more work on it. What did you do then?'

'I did not know what to do, so i did the thing Hyle said.'


'Yes, you know, to get good tip. I did not know what to do.'

'Oh... oh my...'

'Three Techs fainted.'

'Err... yes... something else some of those techs had never seen perhaps.'

'Oh Sharky,' Veronica said upset. 'What will happen? I left my buggy there. It was chaos. People were screaming, jumping out of windows, trying to find the door.'

'First, sit down I will remove your boots, then you shower. Go under the water with your clothes.'

Veronica sat down and Sharkdog pulled off her boots with much effort. The waffel mixture was also in the boots.

Veronica walked to the shower.

'I will put these boots in the morning outside in the sunshine to dry,' Sharky called to her before thinking and asking 'You said heat make the mixture expand?'

'Yes.. heat... but too much expand,' Veronica responded from the bathroom.

'Perhaps I will leave them inside.' Sharkdog looked inside one of the boots and remarked "My God, it's full of waffel".


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(( Here, a movie to accompany it:




This was fun to read. I wish I was there to RP the encounter with the giant waffel ))

- this comment was brought to you by Oilville Primo™ -

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Always a fun read from VV. Get's my day off to a good start... Smile Of course, the the day usually goes downhill from then on... Frown Often ends up smelling of baby poop. Cry 

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Hyle makes a mental note not to introduce Veronica to popcorn. Hyle mutters to herself as she cleans The Waffelhus 'What the hell is an ounce anyway?  Even a year later the odd piece of popcorn is found. I wonder where that roofer guy went... Barry, wasn't it? '

(( wonderful read Vee. Love the format. I love the someetimes surreal RP's we make in and around Hope ))

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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