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A Taste of Ancient Greece

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'The veranda of the Black Beer Bar,' Sharky told her on the radio, 'is a good place to watch the storm.'

It was. Veronica found Sharky already sitting on the bench on the veranda. They watched the storm, the charge of electricity in the air, the sound of the thunder, the flashes of the lightning.

After the storm, they went into the Black Beer Bar to have some food.

'The Jerky for me please,' Sharky said to Tex behind the counter before turning his head to Veronica and asking "And you? What would you like?'

Veronica studied the list carefully. She placed a finger on one item. 'I think I will have this?' she said. 'Jar of Grease.'

Sharky blinked with surprise. 'Are you sure?' he said.

'Yes,' Veronica responded. 'I have read of Greece but have not tasted the Greek food before.'

Sharky was about to say something but then stopped. He looked at Tex who was looking back at him. Tex raised an eyebrow.

'Should be interesting,' Sharky said.

Tex raised the other eyebrow.

'Jar of Grease it is then,' Sharky said to Tex, who shrugged and walked away to fetch the order.

Five minutes later Sharky was leaning against the bar counter, chewing a piece of dried meat perhaps once part of a belt. He was looking at Veronica who was looking at her meal in front of her on the counter. A meal in a jar.

'I did not expect it to be in a real jar,' she said.

'Real Greek jar,' Sharky said. 'The Greeks make lots of jar.' He could barely wait for the show to begin. 'Are you going to try it?'

'I guess so,' Veronica said. She picked up the jar and removed the lid. She peered inside. 'Does not look tasty,' she said.

'I am sure it is,' Sharky said impatiently. 'Greek food is always tasty. Try it.'

Veronica hesitated a moment but then dipped a finger in, scoopped some of the grease, removed her finger and looked at it. Her appetite was fading.

'Try it,' Sharky said again.

Veronica paused a moment longer then put the finger into her mouth, and removed it clean. She began to chew. He eyes wide became, her face looked first shocked then disgusted.

'Urgh! That is... is... horrible! Horrible! I thought Greek food was made of cheese, oliven and things. This is... urgh! Horrible!'

She ran towards the toilets. Sharky chuckled. Tex stayed away.


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(( I always enjoyed this game's ridiculous food choices and VV's willingness to try them.

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((V.V... er.... nevermind.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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**Slaps Sharky.... And you just let her carry on !?!

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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(( of course he did

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(( That moment of confussion shared by Tex and Sharkdog was a priceless scene. ))

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