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The Photograph... [5] .. Dominoes

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Harry Mason, was a Senior Lab Technician for Life-net at their Reykjavik Facility. He sat at his desk in a thoughtful mood. 

In his hands he toyed with a copy of a very old photograph. It had deep sienna hues and was rather scuffed. But even though the image was quite faint....  

"She's beautiful.... " He murmured to himself.

"What was that, H ?" Pete Porter looked up from his comic book . "Didn't quite catch what you said."

"Uhh?  . Oh nuthin Pete.

Pete got back to the Batman plot. Lunch breaks were far too short and he wanted to see how the superhero mastered The Penguin this time.

Harry though, returned his thoughts to the girl in the old photo. her soft face, the two plaits dropping either side of her face from under the Shako. Even though her face was dirtied. Even though he could see a building on fire over her shoulder. Her gaze captivated.He found her fascinating, enigmatic, .. and beautiful.

Harry leaned the picture against the box and remeained deep in thought until Pete broke the spell.

" What you got there then H?"

" What oh..  umm this?" Harry put the photo back in the box alongside the letter and a glass sample jar. beside the box lay a mass of bubble-wrap.

" It's a sample. DNA sample. From Aarhus."

" From your house?" Pete leaned over.

" Not 'Our House' idiot. .. Aarhus!  Its a town in Denmark."

" Oh right... so where's Denmark. Is it part of Sweden or something?."

Harry looked at his assistant. " If you read sometning more educational than those damned comic books, Pete..."

" This.... " Harry indicated the jar. "... is a DNA sample of a corpse they found in some battlefield...Dye-Bowl... or something. Apparently its about 200 years old. They want  us to do a DNA examination and get back to them."

Pete was suitably impressed. He leaned over Harry's shoulder like a cow leaning over a wall, pushing his round glasses back up the bridge of his nose, " Thaaats ... reaaal cool.. !  What you gonna do with it?"

Harry turned his head and looked back at the whitecoated geek hovering over his shoulder. 

"Who's the photo?!"  Pete's attention had shifted to the box. " Is  that her !?!  Wowww ! Shes a babe... Soldier babe.. Hey.. maybe we can recreate....."

" SHUT.. Up...  Pete" Harry heaved his shoulder into the mass and pushed Pete away. " We are going to do precisely what has been requested. Nothing more.

" Aww.. you mean we can't put this into the program? Imagine! Super soldier babes, rank of 'em marching....keeuwwlll."

" For crissakes Pete....."  But Harry stopped to think for a moment.

Pete went on with his fantasy. " Yeah I mean.. ranks and ranks of blonde babes mowing down  Talibans and stuff. You know thay hate being killed by women..   .. even that thought would make the creeps run huh?  pew pew..  run you buggers !... haha !"

" Pete....  stop.. huh?" Harry frowned. "The sample is 200 years old, can you imagine if this ..  girl.. umm corpse.. um  Person, I mean...Actually carried any memory over from her life ? She would be totaly lost ! I mean  200 years ago, steam engines were a cool new thing... Y'know?  Electricity was for parlour games. They used muskets for gods sake. "

Pete went on " 200 years ago the people of the good ol' US of A were at each others throats..  If we did that this poor stiff would......  well.. anyway. It's not going to happen. Life-net are too busy making the rich and famous rich famous and immortal... The would sack us on the spot if we departed from procedured.. clear?"

Pete sobered  a bit " Got to admit its a pretty neat idea, right enough huh?"

Harry nodded, and drew breath to speak.

Their thoughts were shattered as Marty Peak burst into the room, highly agitated.. 

"Guys... Guys !  you ain gonna believe this.. Malansky just smashed Doc Phillips head in with a fire extiguisher !!"


Harry and Pete gaped astonishment.

"Exam room three is covered in her  blood and  brains and stuff... And then... Malansky blew his own brains out with a gun.. Suicide....  "

"Wait wait wait .... are you sure of.... " Harry tried to slow down Marty  But Marty had too much more to say...."

"So,, it was all to do with that Silja Henningsdottir kid.. right?  But anyway, pretty soon this place is gonna be crawling with Icelandic cops and military..."

 The heads at Life-net..... They say we have to push anything and every  to do with the research into the sysem right now. Everything we have has to be digitised before the Slandic authorities get here... the game's up guys. Seems our grubby little secret's gonna go viral. Manure in the Air-con...  You get it?"

Over the next three hours, in all the confusion. Many things happened which would show up many years later. Samples were mixed. Samples were cross-contaminated. 

The chaos of hiding the truth becomes even greater chaos of confused cause and effect. Effecting many more lives many years later. Two sisters, a Thai cleaner. Not least a recently orphaned skinny blonde kid. Probably many others.

Amid the confusion, Harry Mason did in fact digitise the photograph, alongside the digitalisation of Ytte Skovlund's DNA.


(( this references a thing I wrote a while ago under Silja Henningsdottir.

If you want to read what happened to Doctors Malansky and Phillips..  tap the "in Iceland" thread   part 13  ))


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((Well done :D A very neat insertion into the story.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( I so love when stories connect :D

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