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Hope Springs, AZ - Ghost

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Let me start by saying I think Ghost does not like me. Oh I know, I've been told more than a few times thats just how she is, she is what she is, so on and so forth...but I dont know, something deep down tells me she really does not like me much for some reason or another, maybe more to the point because of Reavy...

The day was fairly ok, long jobs from local towns folk that took far longer than I thought they should, but I agreed to the supposedly simple escort and collection sort of things (Kings, why can't the jobs be as simple as they make them sound!). Anyway, wehn I got done and was time to more or less wind down, I comm'd Reavy to see what she was up to, I wanted to show her some things and needed to know what she was up to. She told me she was in Flag again, didn't go into the reason why, so what the hell, short trip and scamper around to find her. Should be easy enough to do...

Well, I did find her sure enough...At the police station. My first thought (and really thinking back about it) was frack, she got in trouble and how am I going to help get her out. But good Kings smile, she was in no trouble herself, though after being there for a little bit while she there for some sort of discussion between several of Flag's *finest*, I heard Sora in the back...you know...where the cells are. Ahhhhhh...He did something *again* that landed him back in a cement cube. I think I saw the guy I talked to the other night when I asked for some help with the Pale One in the south, Kendrick I believe his name is. Also Ghost too...and thats when i got that first...hmmm...how to word it...not impression, something else...that first deep feeling she don't like me. I know I seen her several other times, usually at Reavy's house...but this time it felt different...more other.......

I waved to her as she was walking out of the station and that cold way she just walked past like I was less than even my worst days as a kajira made me feel this way about her towards me...I know she went and got a smoke, I could smell it in the air, but didn't approach her while I was waiting for Reavy. Didn't feel safe to do so. Anyway...was not long before discussion was breaking up, officers starting to get on with what ever they do for the city, think Claire stayed behind while others beat feet in a hurry. Spoke to Reavy a moment then we both lit outa there for home. I was eager to show her the improvements...but now I think more about it, and as she'd told me, was not so much as to be somewhere else as to not be with certain people or seen by them. Thats fine by me. I got to show her the work around the house that was done already, found a very good carpenter out of town who was willing to get certain things done to my request for a fairly steep price. But ever so worth it. I think she appriciated the thought and planning went into making it Home.

Home. I've never had a place to call *mine*. Always been some one else, some place else...something else...to others in my life, but never mine own. Since stumbling my way into the Canyon, so much has happened, I've grown so much, learned more...and met some special people...and now some one else I think I am afraid of...Of course I am not telling my boss at the Bar about any of this, I know he said he'd help protect me, but he is a nice man, kind enough to listen and even give me a job thats not with a gun...or my body. No, definately not telling him.Oh..and not Baron Marsh either. For all his craziness (You tell me some one who thinks *Fun* is pissing off as many bandits as possible all at once JUST so he can shoot at them with a rocket launcher...) he is a sweety at heart to me..and a touch crazy enough to take a shot at some one for me...Anyway...

We'd just settled down, meaning Reavy and I, in the kitchen to talk and relax some what from the day so far...damn, mind was windering as I was thinking of being naughty and tease her a fair bit...well would have, `cept she got a call on the radio about some trouble in Flag. Well hell, I want time with her any way i can get it right fracking now, so i drove back to Flag with her. And good thing we did, although Ghost was there too...Seems that Sora somehow got ahold of a gun while IN jail, and from what I could understand afterwards, was going to "Clone" himself and come back to get his struff from the cops. Mighta been fine enough until Claire mentioned he said something about getting her too...What the frack? Oh Kings no he's not. I didnt even think twice, nudged past Claire after she opened a second door for us (first got blown up, not my fault really!). I went to the cell where He was at and looked in, evidently he thought better and put the gun down. Making up my mind then and there I didnt shoot him...I shot the gun into ruin. He's going to be stuck there if he be causing trouble, and maybe longer now for threatening Claire.

Anyway, as I was starting to leave, I'd stopped just long enough to reload the shot gun when i heard another shot behind me in the area of the cells. I turned ready for the worst, and saw Ghost holstering her weapon. She shot Sora in the head. No warning, no apperent reason other than she said "Another Customer" or something very much to those words...Either way it fracking means Sora's out now and on the loose. not a lot we could do about it now, but the way she did it, the way she just walked out past me...I know I am supposed to be trying to become a Merc, becaome that "gun for hire" or what ever else some one needs when they cant do for themself...but this...is not what I expected...not from her...not the way she makes me feel now.

It was supposed to be a good night, really. Now. I am little scared. Reavy forgive me hun, but I ran. I finally gave in and drove out to where Baron currently hides at. And its far from Home and I am scared.


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((nice post :D really cool!! that was fun there in NF



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