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Adrenaline Rush


Jason felt unsteady by the fact that Nylan stuck a gun up to his head, Jason hasen't felt that way since he was in prison in 2010. Jason is now aware that Nylan may be a threat to him and the town he is ready to take any risk of stoping Nylan from doing such nasty thing. Jason further on met Allriae Aggian and Shadow. He is now on edge after the comment of Allriae's comment. Jason asked "Who else should i meet?" and in response Allriae said "More like who you shouldn't". Jason was confused and responded "Oh?

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everyone seems abit tense so i thought id give a shot at lightening the mood with some jokes i came up with, these arent meant to insult anyone just some XD so have a good laugh. enjoy and if you want post in the comments more jokes and ill add them on but no name calling or poking fun at ppl unless they allow it please. 

1-Whats is the diference between an enforcer, the wind and a vacum?

The wind blows the vacum sucks and the enforcer blows sucks and swallows.


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Human Nature


An alive body was dragged inside a poorly lit room and once the doors were shut muffled screams could be heard. The corridor leading to that door was well guarded by men who anger arose after seeing their own town raided by complety strangers.

Entry two: Thursday: My so-called bad side day and night



Thursday: my bad side day. And by that I don't mean my day was rather shitty, I mean that I hit up every bar in town from sunrise to sunset and at night fall I go to a “gentleman’s” club, slap a nice-sized stack of chips (a couple of red in blues and whites) on the bosses table, and get a few girls well scrubbed and in the most perfect form ever into a private, windowless, locked room give em my Pre-Fall lap dance/sex tunes tape into the player and enjoy myself to them. So this is how my Thursday played out.


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Beau's Bar.


((Disclaimer 18 and older. ))



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Soon to be dead ex hubby.


((Disclaimer 18 or older:  Warning words and descriptive details to what I want to do to ... ))

*This is all OOC unless you get my diary, which will be hard to find and grab from me, so dont hound the ones that it is written about or anyone in the stories*



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New Game ( Part one)


He stood there like he had done many times before. The wind from the storm that was rolling in blew stray strands of his hair across the mask that covered his face. In that moment she was terrified. Her heart beat faster and all she wanted to do was to rush him and stab him right in the heart. She wanted to see the pain in his eyes as she plunged the blade into his chest. She wanted to see his gray eyes fade as that last breath left his body. She wanted to make him bleed, hurt and suffer.... even if it were only for a few moments.

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Somethin's brewin'


As the blood trickled slowly from the wound on her leg she wondered what she had done so wrong in this life or any other to deserve the pain she felt so vividly. It had been days since her release and though she was starting to heal she couldn’t help but remember the pain every time she moved. It was a chore to get out of bed and an even bigger chore to sit down let alone get on her horse. She did it anyway. She continued to take the antibiotics that she had been given, but by now had stopped taking the pain pills all together. She didn’t want them.

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"With Love from Kay"


Hope Springs, yesterday

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A shelter for the night


The sun was on its way down over the horizon of the Kaibab forest, its fading light gleaming on Subdane as he kneeled down on the ground, gathering the ropes and carbines scattered on the forest floor. Marissa walked up to him, looking around with a confused expression “I thought you were going to ensure a place to rest for the night” He smiled not looking up at her, but pointed a finger upwards.

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One of Many, Gerf's Nightmares


         After doing nothing all day, I desided to take a nap. I laid on the couch where I always would rest with Athena, though I was alone this time. I closed his eyes and started to sleep. Doing my best to have pleasant dreams, I failed and started to have a nightmare.

                                                        Location: Nevada ; Time Period: Pre-Fall ; Gerf's age: 12

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No shoes, No shirt, big problems.



It had been a long hard day for her. She laid on the bed in more pain than she wanted to admit, even to herself, let alone to anyone else. She wondered if the pain medications she had been given were really going to help or if it were better to just deal with it.. after all it WAS her fault she was feeling this way to begin with right? She wandered around and rummaged through the kitchen drawers looking for paper and something to write with, careful not to wake the one person in this world she knew without a doubt she could count on.

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I miss Montana



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View from the Abyss: Red Vision


[[Same warning as Nisha.  The following is from Abyss’s view, and gets graphic.  You have been warned.]]

Abyss was strapped in the chair.  It was clear he fought for control, as the Techs worked around him.  It had taken several hundred chips to hire and equip them for what he needed.  Now it was just a matter of not going insane as every fiber in his being screamed for release, the pure instinct to rip free and fight his way out was almost overwhelming.

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In the night, something is screaming


((Edgar Cayce : "Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions." ))

Deadfall, an empty house

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Little Red Riding Hood ~ Where O' Where is the Big Bad Wolf?


(( The contents below and the link might contain explict material that some find offensive.  Previous post here... you might want to read this first))

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The wilderness


Somewhere in the thick forest east of Northfields, Marissa and Subdane was asleep in their camp. Huddled closely together inside the security of their tent, they laid feeling secure but Subdane’s rest was disturbed by dreams of his past.


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Sun-kissed & Sunburnt ( 2/2 )




Is it all as it seems... so unresolved, so unredeemed?

A dream...

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Remembering the Past


Location: GlobalTech Cold Storage, Terminal Woods

         \\click to read//

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Reavy's Journal



Third page of journal, after those years. 


Never been much into writing. Maybe because i only feel the need, when it's too much for me. Only place where i can afford to be weak, only place to leave my thoughts. To confide...

Kayleigh left the Wolfpack, plenty of reasons she never told me about, some of them i still don't understand. I accepted her as one of us, without her knowing what it means, without

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T'awi'atig Cogs


((Bash seems to have dropped a page of his writings.  It currently lies on the floor of the bar in Barret Manor.  The first person to

respond to this entry  IC can do whatever they wish with said page; toss it, read it, give it back.))


*A loose leaf sheet of paper, smeared here and there with blood and bearing at least one bullet hole lies on the floor.  The

handwriting looks hurried but legible.*


and this is why I no like horses.


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Roadtrip - Prologue


(( Since I haven't had any time to log into Fallen Earth for the past 3 or 4 weeks, I figured I might as well keep developping my story in here. Some may have noticed the man in white showing up in Hope Springs some time ago, so I want to write about that trip and give you a taste of Draco's character. Everything written will be OOC knowledge ofc unless you were there to witness it ))

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Waiting. [NSFW]



She lays on the bed, staring out the window. The moon glimmers in the clear sky, illuminating the room in a soft blue; his color. Her eyes drift along the sky, not seeing the stars twinkling brightly, trying to gather her attention. But her thoughts are miles away, fantasizing to when her love comes home to her and she can greet him in her loving way.

Until then, she lays on the bed, staring out the window… waiting.

Forced Lifenet inquiry


An unwelcome guest



Tuesday April 23rd 2160

An unwelcomed guest

Storm's Journal


(( Keep an eye on this thread as it will be updated with new journal entries. Comments are welcomed and not discouraged. Only way someone will read this IC'ly is that they get ahold of her journal. Which is kept on her person. ))

 -The handwriting is precise and neat, but the grammer is horrible.-

I have made it. Sector two, a supposed glorious place. I cannot tell what is so great about this place, seems like a dump and no one has a sense of social kindness outside their own clique.


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Tubes & Time


Cloner Tubes, IV drips, Wires running into small tiny bodies, Eyes closed not ready to open yet.

Twelve Years Later

Tube pops open, Screams and crying. Bodys caught before crumpling to floors, Im blind! I cant see.

Six Years Later

18. The age the weaklings are killed off, And the age Combat/hybrids enlist.

Four Years Later

Training pays off, Gaining weight and height, Combat drills Effective. Real Time Combat Unproven, Mettle Untested.

Nine Years Later

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Journal entry 3 Oilville


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Hunting story



New Flagstaff, 2 weeks ago


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