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Determining Life #1


    Finally I got me some paper and a pen for some more or less useless stuff: I'm going to write down things and thoughts, before I start to forget them. I think, this is going to prove itself helpful one day, although I am also afraid of that day. I am now for some months on this world, and while the first weeks, I remembered everything, every single detail, I start to forget stuff, mostly the oldest memories by now.

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This is the place.... [12]


"Ragged lines of ragged grey. Skeletons,  they shuffle away. 

The shouting guards and smoking guns will cut down the unlucky ones"

(Red Sector A - Rush)

          She drove with ballet shoes. As silently as possible, Hyle Troy took her buggy to the preselected point, a dry gully 500 meters from the camp perimeter. A fair distance, but too close they would hear the motor, and probably see the car moving under the cherry moonlight. 

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Skeletons in the closet...


He hated spending time alone. It always brought self reflection and typically he hated what he saw in himself. To most, the hatred would seem completely irrational, yet to his minds eye, he saw himself no better than the Rotters shambling into the dead zone in Deadfall day after day until they starved to death. Not seeking sustenance but simply a ceasing to their existence. It was a lurking emotion that had existed within him long before the fall.

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Clone and Learn - Welcome to the Wastelands


The machine whirring to life with a distinct sound, startling harry and sent him jumping to his feet, knocking over the chair he was napping in.

What the fuck?! New repeats haven't popped outta here in years!"

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*Nylan* Road Trip


Nylan fliped Drake off at his latest comment as they road up the road from spider hill.
" all im trying to Say is if shes that big an issue for you shag her until you cant walk and get her out of your system "
Nylan glared at Drake with a look cold enough to freeze the fires of hell.
" is that what you did with Lisa?" ^
Drake frowned " Lisa? the biker chick? please..i had been with her sister like i cared about her " 
Nylan shook his head
" but seriously Devil, if you confused on where you stand with her you might wanna hold off your idea.."

Freedom Within - A Poorly Manufactured Heart


Freedom can be achieved from within.

How To Trip Out, Like Master Jax! (Part l & ll


(Bring it, Read it, Love it or hate it, Do tell..DO TELL MEIN MINIONS!!!)

Parteth Oneth.

Joined up with the Bonitos... Damn fine peoples, Jacked that store and killed a guy was fun, ran like muddafuckas, Mr Sparkly ultra Ninja nah that doesnt work..OG Ramon, Javi ma ninja and that crazy Spanishi bitch God wanted to shoot me? GOd damn crazy i do dun sez.

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Once more.. Into the darkness..


The only light that illuminated the camp was the fire they had on the outer most section of buildings. Ty watched from under his Night vision Monocle. Only a few men patrolled supprisngly, he laid there on his belly thinking of which would be the best way to in. He opened his pack, looking for the small black box he had obtained through a source. He zipped his bag back up, closing his eyes and looking out at the camp. He saw an opening, and bolted.



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Blood - Faiku's Past


 (( Background Music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhhDbaah9DQ ))



Hot and thick. The streets run with it. Screams echo throughout the alleyways and few shops. 


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Ty lay in his bed at Beaue's, he seemed peaceful on the outside. However, his dreams haunted him once more..

(Heres the link for the theme for this scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKWyxj7pRdE


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First Day Of The Next Life


The morning sun bathes the veranda of the bar in warm golden light as the woman sits writing in a small leather bound journal. A half empty beer sits near her elbow and she sips from it occasionally as she writes.


Well, I think I survived my first day-and night- on the job. Missing persons, a dead medic, grumpy partner/ training officer, a terrorist calling herself Tinkerbell, and a game of Toss-the- Bomb not withstanding.


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Fedilis ad mortis


The raider walked back and forth, doing his regular patrols. He had peed twice, and eaten only once. He had the jitters and it was quite clear he was becoming extremely upset with his partners. The other group counted twelve strong, ate their dinner around the campfire while laughing about their day. Their leader who by far was the easiest to spot, wore a STOP sign on his chest. He paced back and forth yelling and scream, just as a another man dragged a woman across the sand by her hair.

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Report gone wrong.


She sat in her office and thumbed through all the files that were quickly piling up on her desk needing to be entered into the computer system that she was attempting to institute as a routine in the clinic. Was surely going to be faster than having to file them, at least that's what she thought. She sat in what was the first bit of quiet that she had had in days, with exception of the clicking of her fingers on the keys.




The Reason


It was a dark room. Two people were in chairs, tied down, facing each other. One was male and the other female. Their faces were cut along with their arms. The girl was crying.

"Luna! Just look at me! Look at me! We'll be okay! Do you hear me? We'll be okay!"

The girl named Luna's chair was then grabbed by a man that had up to then been hidden in the shadows. 

Leon looks towards another man whom was in the light, a pleading look on his face.

"No! Not her! Take me instead! Please!"

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Prisoner of my Mind


I'm not a slave!

A scream pierced through the Ranger's safehouse as she woke up, covered in sweat and tears. She had clawed at the brandings on her biceps in her sleep til they bled, and now they hurt. But it was on old pain, a remembered pain of when they had been created. Slave, test subject, prize. These things to happen to one person was bad enough... do it to a schizophrenic? The damage is nearly irreversable.

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Logan's Entry. Page: 9 "The Suffering"



This dream agean?.... Fuck sake... This fucking... Nightmare. How long can i hide this from my freinds? From Satine?? Im suffering just from the inside like i always have, Regrates of killing people... My Comrads fallen in combat 

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This is the place.... [4]


     En..... to.... tre....


     "Is she really naked?.... and  is that a gun?",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The last concious thought of Number 2

     It was the surprised look on his friends face just before it exploded that made Number 3 turn around,  curiosity being what it is.  The last thing he expected was a naked woman stading one meter away. Oh, that, and the rifle butt being so hard.


     Twenty minutes earlier.....


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This is the place.... [3]


     There are few things more disconcerting than waking and the first thing you see is a gaping rifle muzzle......

     HyleTroy at first dismissed this as another of her awful dreams, but the dream quickly becomes a waking nightmare, She  closed her eyes again and waited  for more strange stuff to appear from her subconcious. 

But the kick was real enough....  that hurt. So was the grasping of empty air where her rifle should have been. 

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Catching up


((Violent and explicit))

DeStefano worked in Repository for the last week, taking odd jobs for the Franklin Riders. He was enjoying the merc work. Pick up a job, put down a few animals or put down a bigger and smarter prey. It didn't matter, he just needed enough chips and supplies to continue traveling south.


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Jake reached the door and turned the handle. The knob turned in his hand and the lock clicked open. Jake gently pushed the door open and stepped into the gloom of the shattered house. He cast a quick glance out the open doorway behind him, several figures roamed randomly around in the town. Gently he closed the door behind him. He remained still for a moment in the shadowy entrance hallway, allowing his eyes to get used to the dimmed light. When his pupils were dilated enough allowing him to see, his dark shape crept through the shadows.

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Tales of a Body Thief -Part 2


((Unfortunately  logs I know that I saved .. didn't... which is annoying while writing this up. Sorry to say it probably wont be as good as the first part. It probably isnt the best idea to rp when sick but I didn't want to postphone and keep folks waiting .. reguardless I think we all had a great time, which is really the point.))


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Tales of a Body Thief -Part 1


( I have to break this up to make it a bit more readable. I don't do my best work while sick but the rp lately has been non stop.  Also please give a warm welcome to Alejandro, a new rp'er who wandered in at the right time and had his mind just slightly hijacked)


Stolen eyes watched the one legged girl, noting the lack of a collar although it made no difference to its plans.

She sat near a fence with a horse nearby, radio in hand, her look seemed to be uncomfortable as the child with 

smeared and garish lipstick stared at her with a goulish grin.

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Meeting old friends and searching



((Yet another longass post, sorry but I hope you still enjoy it))


Months back, a week after the last visit to Hope


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Peace is a lie


(( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTRTGtM1hAU a little music for the mood ))

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

The force shall free me...

[Neo] A Sickheart of Two... Prologue V2


"Life's a line. You just gotta run it before it disappears underneathe you like most lifes tend to do... You have four choices, one, watch it fall. Two, run the line. Three, watch as it falls while trying to run it. And four... Try to Run someone else's Line..."

In the sunrise was a ginger haired woman, that is sitting on a veranda of a ran down house in the middle of nowhere...

Making a list of things she has and still hasn't obtained...

"A fuckin' 'cycle... Nahpe..." She ran her pen over it and crossed it out.

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Time to move


A traveler stood in front of a table overflowing with food. The scene closely resembled someone delivering his report.
"I believe that you are right. He is not one of the usual clones that travel through here. He does not use any of the weird unpronounceable words and sounds like ‘lol’ ‘idk’ ‘btw’. Truth is. He does not talk much."
The man paused, his eyes shifted focus from the person behind the desk to his own hands. It was but a brief pause before he continued.

Innocent Blood


Winter smiled to herself as she stared down at the old, prefall magazine. Her hands gently tracing over the pictures of the national geographic. She loved looking especially at the pictures of snow. Of the mountains covered in white. It always looked so untouched to her. So pure. She had gotten all the cleaning done at the tavern and she had time to just relax. The beta clone had went to the carwash, the place she used to sleep, and gotten out her precious magazines to look over again. 


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The Undertaking - A test of faith


*R* "Crow, I must see you now." Scorch was calling her, again, she instantly stopped what she was doing.

*R* "Alright, Hope Springs, same building than usual" Shiu was curious about what Scorch had for her.

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Misadventures of Miss Marwick Chapter Two: Instincts Not Her Own


[ As usual, please be warned. Explicit material inbound. =] ]

 Early morning



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