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First Journal Entry, by Dayna, recieving transmission.


<Coming onto this transmission, it seems to be powered by a set of batteries. It has its own screen, with a couple buttons. the only big one on it was a huge "PLAY" button. soo simple even a CHOTA can do it.>

Wandering pt 1 (Journal of Aidan Wolfe)


((This is not a written journal, more of a what has happened to this point for people to get to know Aidan, at least for you in an OOC way. Any of this may or may not come out should you end up RPing with him. He's not a writing type, but he is a reflective type at times and so these are his thoughts and a mix of events basically.))

What ever happened to the old ways?


What ever happened to the old ways?

The Ball-peen hammer hit the knuckle on the man's hand with a sickening crunch. The scream that followed was something from the throat of a dying animal. Sal took a step back while the man who just had his knuckle crushed tried to jerk himself free from the chair he was tied hard on to. The ropes strained by the thrashing of the pain stricken man - but they held.

Hello Darkness my old Friend.


((The following is the beginning of a rather intensive storyline.  If anyone wishes to be included in this story, aside from those I plan on including, please contact me and we'll figure something out. ))


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Broken Memories




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Archer: Ghost of The Old World

"I don't know, Ethan. Something tells me that the shit is about to hit the fan."

-Tony Archer to Ethan Reynolds 1 year, 6 months, and 4 days before the Shiva Outbreak



Submission type:

Green Vyper, The wandering Finger-Eater




Helle there, I finally made it to the forum, Even If I'm really bad about keepin' such activitys up-to-date.

Alos excuse my english but I am a french speaking person.

I'm not gonna introduce or detail my character since her background remains really secret to the community at the moment.

Just wanted to let the RPing community know that if they are in need of an "explicit" CHOTA character for any events or scenario, I'm one.

I adapt my role-play a lot, from mature to very explicit, depending on poeples I play with at an X moment.


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Damaged goods.


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Henerkin's Road Logboook


((This is going to be Henerkin's background and log book. This is gonna be pretty chaotic, sometimes in third person, sometimes in first person and some post might appear in between other posts on the way, as I remember things that I want to put in here. So fasten your seat belt, hang on tight, cause I break for no one.  PS: I know, my English sucks, but at least I try :P))

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Hózhóojí - The Blessingway


((The information here is strictly ooc and not to be used icly unless express permission is asked. I write so that I can remember what's going on, and so that others might enjoy it as well. This thread alone will be updated with stories, and occasionally images, as to keep the boards clutter free from individual posts. I appreciate the thoughts and comments, but if you could make them in another post or pm them to me, that would be great. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into this new character's head.))

First Entry In a While.


((Forgive the writing style here, this would be my first 'log' style post regarding this character and Im sure wherre it wont be the last, some folks will not necessarily appreciate the style and manner in which it is written, remember it is written from the views of my character, and as such will be written how he wrote it, not necessarily for the joy of the reader, though I can only hope that you take some joy in reading it!))


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