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Voices carried on the wind





Spare me the whispering, crowded room,
The friends who come, and gape, and go;
The ceremonious air of gloom -
All which makes death a hideous show!

Verse from 'A Wish' by Matthew Arnold


'Hey girl! Come over here!'

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Fire reigns


Time slows..... a click..... a flash..... a drop of golden rain falls.....

Veronica watches in wonder as the droplet descends, she holds out her hand palm upwards to catch it..... pain

A few seconds earlier...

Rest and peace was what Veronica dearly sought when returning to the house with Gina, a moment of quiet after a busy day dealing with different people and different situations. So once the door was opened she rushed inside and started off loading some items she was carrying onto to the drawer unit eager to make a drink and get off her feet.

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Bullet point of focus

A bullet to the brain has the ability to focus ones thoughts into a single point of concentration where the past, present and future collide. So it was when the shot rang out and Veronica's eyes turned upwards and unseeing as she fell down dead in front of Gina just outside of New Flagstaff. As the bullet ripped open time one name entered her dying mind before she found herself staggering out of the cloning pod coughing and spluttering from sickness, the name now forgotten.

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Death's lessons

Veronica sat on a box in the Lifenet station and vomited again as the recloning sickness washed over her. Closing her eyes in a futile attempt to stop the tears escaping she slammed her hand hard against the side of the box and screamed with frustration, self pity and anger at being so stupid. It was so obviously a trap and yet she walked straight into it.

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Thoughts through glass, darkly


"You bastard" she muttered to herself "I'm coming for you"

Veronica stood in Gina's kitchen a can of soda in her hand and stared out of the window into the darkness outside. She took another sip and as she did so her gaze retreated from the night to the ghost like reflection of herself on the dark pane of glass, the supposedly sweet girl now drawn in light as if some ghastly spectre.

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Mulling over past events - Part 2 - Making Enemies

The radio message.

Veronica got up from the bench outside the Black Bear Bar and walked to the railing and gripped it tightly. The message, telling her that Ethan was in a house just north of North Burb and that he was not alone. She travelled there as fast as she could, finding the place described and found a woman blocking her way.

"Where is he? she demanded as she pushed the woman to the ground.

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Mulling over past events - Part 1 - Making Friends

"Hey is that your ride?"

As Veronica sat on a bench outside the Black Bear bar and stared across to the horizon thinking over past events she smiled as she remembered those words. New friends.

"Hey is that your ride?" Stevie asked.

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Ripples on the water


As the wind blew gently across the New Flagstaff pond Veronica sat quietly watching the ripples across the water her mood solemn and thoughtful. She had been in New flagstaff for only a relatively short period of time and yet already things were getting complicated. As she watched the ripples the scientist in her thought of waves and how they interfere with each other, both constructively and destructively. A lot like people. Each ripple a moment in a life running its course and interacting with others along the way.


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