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Between A Rock and a Crazy Place - Part 2

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

Albert Einstein

'What are we going to do Dude? I mean... will she dissolve or something?'

The geologist known as Rocky looked to his Vista friend. 'What? What the hell are you talking about?'

'She is one of those collar wearerers dude. They dissolve if they... you know... when they... you know... if they... you know...'

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Between A Rock and a Crazy Place

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein, Smithsonian, February 1979

Veronica knocked on the door. From inside she could hear loud music but no response to her knock. She knocked again. Nothing. She pushed the door open a little and peered inside. The room was thick with smoke. 'Is anyone there?' she called. Someone was in there. 'Hallo?' she called again louder, 'Anyone there?'

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The Bonds Between Us

The secret agent struggled but the straps were too strong. He was firmly attached to the table. Nearby the machine was quiet with a hint of menace to come.

'It is no use struggling Mr Bond,' said a man in a white suit before pulling a huge lever. The machine began to hum and then pulse of electrical sparks which danced all over it.

'What are you going to do with me?' Bond asked hiding fear and concern from his voice, ever professional.

'Give to you a little encouragement,' the man said with an evil grin.

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Dangerous Anticipation

It stands there always. Sometime alone. Sometime with others. Some feed it. Many visit it. In rain it stand, in sun, in day, in night. Guardian of the secrets within. Keeper of the mysteries shrouded in paper and string.

Veronica walked over to it and stood in front of it. Was it in there? She thought to herself. Had it arrived? A man nearby glanced in her direction. A woman stopped talking to her friend and turned to see what would happen. Two people walking stopped to watch. Excitement. Anticipation. Veronica opened the mailbox. Slowly. Carefully...

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A Fallen Carol: Part 5 (end) - A Christmas to Be Remembered

Stooge danced around the bunker while putting on his coat and hat and singing happily to himself. Once ready he rushed up the steps, through the bunker and through the doors to the outside. A small figure was walking nearby.

'You!' Stooge called after him. 'You boy!'

A short man with a whiskered face turned around 'What?' he replied with irritation. 'I am not a boy, just not tall, okay?'

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A Fallen Carol: Part 4 - The Clone of Christmas To Come

The bunker lights flickered on and off and Pod number three continued to hum. The temperatur inside the bunker had lowered and Stooge sitting in the bed shivered and wrapped the blanket around him.

Eventually the humming and the flickering of the lights stopped. In the dim light Stooge looked over to the pod as the door slowly opened. Mist swirled and crept out along the floor. Nobody left the pod. Stooge watched and waited. Still nobody emerged.

Slowly curiosity overcame fear and Stooge left the bed and walked over to the pod. He peeped inside. It was empty.

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A Fallen Carol: Part 3 - The Clone of Christmas Now

The noise of pod number two became gradually louder as if announcing the next visitor and then the noise became silence. Stooge looked to the pod. There was someone inside, perhaps they were-

Someone jumped out and with a loud voice roared "Merry Christmas!"

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A Fallen Carol: Part 2 - The Clone of Christmas Before

The hum was louder now and joined by other noise as the clone pod began the process of producing a body. Stooge remained under the blanket, peeping out to the pod. He did not like this. Not one bit. Perhaps if he remained hidden, whatever was coming would not notice him and go away. He pulled the blanket totally over himself.

From underneath the blanket he could hear the symphony of electrical, mechanical and biological noise as the pod continued to work to make a clone. It seem to never end, but then as suddenly as it began, it stopped.

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A Fallen Carol: Part 1 - A Ghostly Visitor

It was the night before Christmas, when all through the bunker, not a creature was stirring, not even a-

Actually that was not true.


The sneeze echoed around the inside of the cloning bunker.

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Eis, Eis. Maybe...

Costume Contest




'What?' Veronica asked clutching to the shovel. 'It is what?'

Veronica began to feel as if she would melt and her face was going a cherry red. Something was wrong. Very wrong.







Earlier at the Crafter Market...

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Vroom in the Veeveehicle - Part 2/2

Outside a building in Picus Ridge a wheelbarrow stood, the wheel not quite straight, the handles not quite level. A purple blur rushed into the building slamming shut the door with a bang.

'What were you thinking?' Veronica screamed at the three Techs, Das, Fenster, Brett, who were leaning against the window sill.

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Vroom in the Veeveehicle - Part 1/2

'Hi Vee Vee!' Das said as Veronica walked into the room in Picus closing the door behind her.

'Hi Guys,' Veronica said cheerfully to the three, Das, Fenster, Brett, who were standing against the window sill.

Fenster seemed occupied with his own thoughts. He looked over to Veronica 'Oh, it is you,' he said without enthusiasm.

'Ignore him,' Brett said to Veronica. 'Ignore who?' Veronica asked.

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Waiting for the Bus - A Halloween Story


They are like monuments to the previous age, a reminder to when people would travel across the country each person with a purpose, a reason, a destination. Their name so descriptive of their function.

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Erik "Stains" Hagman walked into the Oilville Medic building looking for someone to stop the itching on his hand from where he had spilled some of the contaminated liquid. It had seem that despite washing the spillage away it had already caused some damage.  Although his hand had more than fair share of burns, acids and irritants, this stuff was causing his hand to itch madly. 'I am glad it not spilled onto my lap,' he thought before chuckling quietly to himself.

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Oil and Water

Shards of broken blue moonlight were falling through gaps in the cloudy night sky as a man wearing a oily leather jacket and pants streaked with grease leaned against a motor vehicle waiting. The air was cool but not as cold as the moonlight. The man shuddered from the uncomfortable darkness which surrounded him.

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Troubled Waters

The door of the Oilville science lab slammed open and Erik "Stains" Hagman stepped out. He took a deep breathe of the polluted air and held up a jar of green murky liquid. He examined it in the light.

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Who wears the collar now?

Some say the collar is a sign of submission. Some say that those of us who wear the collar will never truly be free. Some say we are born to be the servant and never the master, some say that we will always be led and never lead, some even say we are nothing more than animals, but look into my eyes and you will see something of yourself within. You may not have a collar around your neck but why should that make you better than me?

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Some Assembly Required


Congratulations for purchasing the Instacraft 9001 developed by the finest Tech minds and made with superb craftmanship for superb crafters. Designed for easy assembly this workbench can quickly provide you with the finest...

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The Closed Door

Veronica stood by her bike and looked around. The wind blew across the empty and barren land howling like ghosts escaping from the underworld. For a few days now she had stayed in the outlands of the Plateau where errands and jobs had lead her away from the big towns and cities, at least for now.

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Until the Dyeing Day - Part 3/3


Mr Farbe held his head in his hands, his eyes staring with mania at the floor. She was coming. He could feel it. There was no escape, no way to run away from what fate had prepared for him. The purple was strong in this one he thought before laughing crazily for some few seconds and then whimpering like a frighted animal. She was coming.

*     *     *

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Until the Dyeing Day - Part 2/3

"Yes, I knew him, he was always busy with his dye and paint business. But this trouble... I heard it started with a woman."

To Farbe Dyes,
I have heard you have many dyes available.

I would like please to ask if you have any purples?
Miss V. Volt

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Until the Dyeing Day - Part 1/3

The building was not in best condition but the words above the enterance were perfectly painted. They read:

J. Farbe
Quality Dyes and Paints

Inside a woman unfolded a piece of paper, glanced at it and sighed. She walked from the desk to the nearby office door, knocked twice and then opened the door slightly.

'Mr Farbe?' she asked without opening the door further.

No answer.

She opened the door a little more and peered through the gap.

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'And when your friends come,' Luka continued saying from across the Lab. 'Why cannot they remove their boots or something? I have enough mess caused by you without them.'

'They do not make mess,' Veronica grumbled between clinched teeth.

'That bald head guy, here last week or was it two weeks ago? Are you sure he was not messing with my machines?' Luka continued while looking to the pouring rain outside through the halfopen door. 'Did you see him break something? I heard him break something.'

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Thinking outside the Boxer


'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'
'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here.'

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)

Few days ago...

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The Shortest Path to Curiosity

It had seemed a good plan at the time to be. Now she was not so sure. Veronica stopped the bike and looked around. Rock. Dust. A single blackened tree.

'Maybe I should stay on the road next time,' she said into her radio.

'Not a bad idea,' the voice of her friend Blake said from the radio.

This shortcut was not so short. This Landscape not so familiar.

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Crafter Market Mayhem


'Stand baaahhhck!' the talking sheep seemed to be saying to her. 'Stand baaahhhck!'

Veronica stood back and pressed against the Farmhouse wall. There was a rumble from the ground and suddenly four giant worms burst up from the ground and immediately tore the giant spiders to pieces.

People scattered in all directions some screaming, some firing weapons, some just running as fast as possible.

This was certainly like no other Crafter Market Veronica had attended.

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Dust Trail

'What do you want?' snapped the Geologist sitting at a table without looking away from close examination of a rock with a strange blue sparkle. He held some sort of lens in front of his eye.

'I... err...' stammered Veronica.

'Well tell me or go away,' the man said from sitting on his stool at a table covered with rocks.

'I was wondering, if, well... if you could tell me anything about this dust?' Veronica asked.

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Within the Medical Building in the nighttime of New Flagstaff, all was still. A few signs of activity from the Medics day remained on the table in the room upstairs. A damp cloth. A length of blooded Bandage. A half empty bottle of some liquid used to clean wounds.

And an undrunken cup filled with tee. Cold. Untouched.

Beside the table, in the dark, a lone figure sat still on a chair staring at the window, a barrier between the calm inside and the storm outside.

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Out of Step


Stupid man and his stupid foot.

I should have tread onto the other one also. Stupid foot.

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Smith and Jones

Veronica looked at the big well dressed man in the suit standing in front of her by the New Flagstaff pond. She liked the color of his tie but was not sure of the man himself. Veronica sat on the bench. He had asked if she would like to sit, more insisted really. She had feeling that he could hold her down with one finger if she tried to run and could make her obey with a single word.

'No need to worry,' he was trying to reassure her. 'I'm just curious how you got the frequency.'


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