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For those who remember Rowdy Warpath

I haven't post here for ages, and I'm not coming for good news. 

Rowdy has passed away, less than 2 weeks ago.




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The Shepherd (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


(( This Bitter Earth, by Dinah Washington ))

This bitter earth

Well, what fruit it bears

Ooooh, this bitter earth

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Sanity is for the weak


Hope Springs, a few days ago.

"Traitor. You make me ashamed... "

I look down and pretend not to hear him.

"Look at you, you do not look like anything..."

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Platinum +

January 22nd 2162, 6:05AM, Epsilon 

Alive? Where am I? It bloody hurts … Sleep …


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The rage


I open half eyes, the rumours of the city assaulting me. As a noise of distant crowd, punctuated with the horns of the taxis. This window is opened, a fresh wind blows on my ardent face, I close eyes. I have difficulty in swallowing, I believe that I am sick but I do not remember why, nor how I arrived in my bed. No matter, the sleep seems to me so good that I dive back there...


"He has the air in a bad state..." A manly voice through the mists of my dreams, I try to close my eyes more hardly, I am tired, I want just to sleep little...


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Why I will never RP again

First of all statements, I enjoyed RP on Fallen Earth. Vekthaur started as a vagabond, a vagrant, only traveling from one point to another without any real goal. He was lucky enough to meet his first wife, Dakota, during a traveling in Alpha, and while Le Cartel had a dark time being ruled by a wrong woman, Miranda. I will always remember the day I told her "I take your rank, woman, everyone is behind me, you can't do anything". The day after this interview, she sadly left the game without a fight, cursing me but letting me the reins over a small fench community. 

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[OOC] Temporary replacement to shoutbox


Hello, on the idea of Ardenn, and with his authorization, this is a way to easily get our IRC chan:

You just have to go to http://www.efnet.org/ and then putting your name in the good field, as well as the name of the channel: #FERP

Example here : Sans_titre.png


The chan will be automatically created and people will be able to join.

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[OOC] Merry Christmas to everyone !


I hope you ate and drank plenty of good things ! Merry Christmas !

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An old man thoughts and sorrow

I stay here, in the darkness, my glass in my hand. I look at this moon which makes fun desperately at us, the smoke of my cigar getting lost in its weak beams. I think of what was my life, and of what I see is darker inside than outside. I takes a mouthful, then another one. I killed my first man at the age of 14, to become a man, to make as the others, to be someone. What did I gained?

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[OOC] Volatile chemicals

(( Hello. 

It seems that some of you need volatile chemicals to finish their armor. As it is a good one, and also dyable ( Cool ), I suggest that people needing post here so we can all meet IG and hunt the Earthwalker and other bosses in Terminal Woods. Rumiko proposed that before I could so I just propose to put some order so we can help you all.


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The Wastelander bar, and apologies for english community



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Le Cartel, weapons dealers since 2156



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Cartel / Dust 2159 Calendar





((In every bars of the Wastelands can now be found the new 2159 Calendar, provided to everyone by Le Cartel and the Dust Motors Corporation. Enjoy the most beautiful girls of the Grand Canyon !

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The Wastelander bar

                                             The Wastelander


The Wastelander is a mythical bar only known by a handful of survivors. It is said that the 

great figures of history like General Orson Masters or Shakti have been seen there in the past. 

Nowadays the faces there are not the same but maybe some of these men and women will change the world again...

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