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Tukiko looked at the clock.

03:32 in bright blue numerals, the only light in the room. Well, of course it was, it was three thirty in the morning dammit.

The ' : ' between the numerals blinked on and off at her. Tukiko counted the seconds...


She turned to Tai, snorring softly beside her. Tukiko smiled. His whole world was about to change, let him sleep for five more minutes.


Maybe not.

"Sorry my love." She whispered, and then dug him sharply in the side with her elbow.

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Trains and Tracks (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)

Tukiko needed to sleep. Not just because she was tired but because when she didn’t, this happened. So, excluding catching up on many hours of lost sleep, she had a choice of either probably using up half their stock of surgical masks or living with a mask made slimy from her own sneezing. Hence the rapidly emptying box of masks on her desk and the rapidly growing pile of mucus filled masks on the floor.

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Hope clinic. Morning (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)


The door to the clinic burst open and Tukiko almost ran in. She grabbed a fresh surgical mask from the box by the door and reached behind her head to tie it on.

"Maisy? What's happened?"

From the small ward, with it's new lock on the door and bars on the windows, their sole patient was awake and in obvious distress.

"GAHHHHHHHH! Hjælp mig ! Hjælp mig  snart!"

Already masked and gloved, Maisy stood with wide eyes.

"The sedatives aren't doing anything anymore. She's in a lot of pain and struggling to escape."

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Time will tell (Zombies Ate My Neighbours)


Tukiko took the two vials of blood from the wafflehous' fridge and went to her car. She kicked the twisted fender clear of the wheel well and, making yet another mental note about the brakes, got in and set off for the Hope Springs science lab. The warm lights of home tugged at her heartstrings as she drove past and on towards the town hall. Poor Canni. So sure that everything she touched had to be cleaned thoroughly afterwards... just because she had a run in with one of those things.

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Canni's Shoe Clue (Zombies Ate My neighbours)

In the Hope Springs science lab, masked and gloved, Tuki removed Canni's shoe from the bag and set it on the bench infront of her.

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Letter Home



Delivered by Franklin Rider to Hyle's house.




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Spider Hill Again

Spider Hill. The name made Tukiko shudder inside... like it always did. But it wasn't the spiders that caused it. As she helped her small band of medics and volunteers erect the tents she kept turning her head, this way and that, eyes darting to every movement on the periphery of her vision. But it wasn't the spiders she was looking out for.

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Somewhere in the far south.

Tukiko stepped through the canvas flaps of the surgery tent and into the slightly cooler, slightly fresher air of the refugee camp. She peeled off the home made natural latex 'gloves', removing the last few fine hairs from her forearm as she did so. The gloves, she balled up into a bloody, squeaking mess and dropped them into the oil-drum incinerator. The equally cheaply made paper mask followed it and Tuki walked a few steps away from where she had spent the last three hours working on her last patient.

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OOC battle of Aesterly

((Hi guys. many moons ago Lost Bride directed a story arch which resulted in a battle at the town of aesterly (SP) north of Flagstaff. Tuki contributed a story to this arch which involved her going there and getting into difficulties. Anyway, can anyone remember it enough to be able to post a link? I am trying to compile an archive of my contributions.

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Any and all information on TAO and Mutare Nebula please. Tuki may be spreading her wings....... parental permission permitting of course :) ooooh look, accidental alliteration..... and again. (note to self, morphine based pain killers and alcohol, BAD)

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Party Poster


The following poster is shown in Hope at the wafflehouse, the bar, the garage, the Lifnet bunker, the clinic, the jail, the manor house, the statue, on lamp posts, fences, the bunkhouses, in fact any available flat space.


((19:00 UK time or in about 3.5 hours from the time of this post))

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Tukiko's Oath

((For those of you who have shown interest in Tukiko Troy's progress through Haven Acadamy in pursuit of her wish to become a medic I can tell you that she has completed her time and succsessfully passed her final exams. I have not yet produced her final report and exam results but will do so soon. In the meantime, here is the oath she took at her graduation.

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From the ashes.

Tukiko was back in Haven on secondment from St Sebastian where she was looking into the possibilities of furthering her medical career and actually becoming a doctor. It was strange to be in Haven and not be a student, to sleep in the staff accomodation instead of the student dorms, to refer to the teaching staff by their given names instead on 'Sensai'. She was here now in the role of assistant in the pathology laboratory. This was fine by her because, unlike some of her fellow students, to her digging around in dead bodies had always been something fascinating rather than disgusting.

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Brief Encounter

It was late afternoon in the square at New Flagstaff. Tuki had finished her classes for the day and had just dropped off several thousand rounds of ammunition at Joe's lockup. Now she was in the square looking for bargains amongst the auctions and picking up a few neccessities to make her new home at Haven more... home-like. With this done she ambled over to where Mr Stinky had curled up on the grass after a snack consisting of the last two rabbits Tuki had left in the saddlebags.

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Tukiko's Second Report Card

((This is Tuki's second report card from Haven as she continues her studies in medicine.

So as not to take up space, it will only be up on the site long enough for those who need to see it, to see it..... and it's gone... and back))



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Tukiko's report card.

((Hyle has asked to see Tuki's report card... so everyone might else might as well see it too (oh the shame)))


((And now Hyle has seen it so *poof* it's gone))



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Tukiko's report on 'Concussion'

((The background to this is as follows;

After the halloween party, Hyle Troy was just drunk enough to crash her car through a fence. The following day she came into the Waffle House hung over and sporting a large bruise on her forhead. Much SBC (Strong Black Coffee) was drunk and the still suffering Hyle eventually went for a walk to 'walk it off'.

This left Tukiko and Reavy sitting in the Wafflehouse. Tuki was obviously concerned about Hyle's condition, after all a grouchy Hyle meant a 'being on best behavior' day for Tuki. But time passed and Hyle did not return and Tuki started to worry that Hyle might be laying in a ditch somewhere suffering from concussion. This prompted a discussion between Tuki and Reavy on the nature of concussion and ended in Tuki promising to show Reavy a paper she had written on it at Haven (Tukiko is studying to be a Lightbearer).

Below is the promised paper... oh yes, Hyle returned safe and sound.))

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A break from all the intense storylines.

Just a light break from all the great storylines going on (created on Photoshop during server downtime out of boredom and if anyone can tell me how to avoid the white backround I would appreciate it.)

A day off

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