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Cake or death?

Cake or Death

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Unexpected burden (pt.3 end)




Countless restless nights draining the will to get out of bed just to avoid further stress of this strange thing that everyone refers to as everyday life.


Nightmares by night level the amount of trouble and misery seen by day. Many times before thought of just ending it all came to his mind. Thinking whats the point of counting sand grains in the desert when you can see desert storm approaching on the horizon. 


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Unexpected burden (pt 2)

As car tires reach the old and familiar road of Credit Bend and salvaged bobble head calm down after rough terrain, Tom starts eyeing closest parking spot to his room at the motel. As rocks spray out beneath turning tires on the drive way, Tom spots that almost perfect spot just under his window of the upstairs room.

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Unexpected burden


(First post ever)

For the past couple of cold and restless nights, Tom's thoughts have been invaded with regrets of what he thinks is one more missed opportunity to help someone he could.
Not out of chivalry or wanting to be appreciated, but from sheer goodness of his fragile and diseased human heart.

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