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New Business in Town

Damion leaned on the door frame looking in at the building.  It was a small place with tables, and a small serving area to the right of the door.  He could picture after a little work it would be a nice little shop.

Cases of alcohol were on their way, now he would need to hire a couple workers to clean the place up and install shelves.

Turning he returned to his car parked just behind him, and opened the trunk.  Inside were three locked ammo boxes.  Damion took them inside and secured them behind the bar on a lower self.  

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Heaven and Hell (part 1)

The room was filled with a jumble of tubes various containers, bubbling and swirling depending on where you looked.  The small man was covered head to toe in his leather suit, his eyes hidden behind goggles.  His breathing was labored as he rushed around making adjustments and switching dials, occasionally giggling at the results.  He was the a-typical image of what someone thought of when you said “Tech”.

“So how are we doing Renfield?” Damion’s voice echoed slightly in the large room.  He leaned on the railing above the area watching the Tech work. “Are we good?”

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A Proper Deal

Damion sat back in the char absentmindedly flipping a knife in his hand as he recalled the conversation with Finny.  The small blade slipped between his fingers and rolled across the back of his hand as if it was alive.  The red chip he was previously been doing the same thing with was sitting at the edge of the table.  If Finny returned with the item he wanted she would leave here with the chip, no questions asked, and the deal was between them.  No one would be told.  They had even “spit an’ shook” on the d

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Cat and Mouse (part 2)

Damion laughed a few moments before leaning back in the chair and smiling.   “Young lady, you are a rare find.  Someone who can think beyond what is in front of them.”

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A game of Cat and Mouse

Damion knew right away the young redhead that walked in was different than the rest of the children he had seen today.  Most saw the plate of cookies, bags of chips, and assorted cans of soda on the table.  Their surface thought immediately went to what to take, and how much they could consume.

This one ignored the table and took in Damion behind the desk, and if anyone else was in the room, or observing from a hidden spot.  She assessed the situation and was wary of the warm smile he offered, and what may be in the snacks or drinks.

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Gathering the pieces

Damion stooped and looked at the crude drawing in the dust.  The crew was in full swing cleaning up the old Diamond Lili’s building, but a few chips and they agreed to leave this room for last.

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Party Time

“Yes, Little Brother.  What do you need?” Damion suppressed a snicker knowing Abyss hated when he was called that.  Damion was one of three people that could get away with openly making fun of Abyss, and the only male at that.

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Faded Diamond

Damion sat at his desk, staring at the door as it closed behind Abyss.  He shook his head, thinking how simple his brother’s life must be.  Living outside society’s grip. Thinking very little of the consequences of his actions.  If it was not for Damion, his brother would probably vanish into the Alpha zone, and never return.

But he was much too valuable a resource for Damion to let that happen.  If Abyss knew some of the steps that Damion had taken to ensure his presence, there would be a battle that one of them would not walk away from.

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Wasting time.


Synn sat back on the porch of the Black Bear Bar, in Hope.  He absently watched the dancers outside the dinner run by the Mayor.  Life around here seemed quiet, but he knew differently.  

The packed Hotel downtown was filled with girls from Old Lucy’s place.  A quick conversation with two or three of the girls, and he could set up a nice little business quietly in town.  He filed that away for a later time.

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All a game.

Synn sat in his chair, looking over his cards at the man across the table.  He lowered his cards enough to let the man see his impish grin. “You’re a tough read, Slick”

Synn grinned as his eyes rolled back into his head.  Hidden by his glasses the effect was not seen by anyone, and went un-noticed.  Scanning the man’s thoughts was easy, as he focused on his cards. The image clear in his head of what was in his hand, Synn knew he had better cards.  Speaking as if he was unsure he said, “I think I’ll take a chance.  I raise you a Red.”

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The possibilities are endless

Synn sat in his office.  Life was slow, and he was getting bored.  Abyss was safely stored away in the LifeNet pod he had the Techs re-engineer.  Knowing his little brother was in a virtual dream that was a quiet normal life, was one of the personal goals he was proud of achieving.   Most gangs or major player in the canyon were gone.  Rumors always surfaced of this return or that sighting, but nothing proved valid.

“I gotta get my ass out of this chair and get my boots dirty again.”  Synn muttered to himself.

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Wakeup call


((  This is retro from the interaction between Ard and Damion.  After leaving Ard’s dead body in Embry, and helping Nisha.  Damion headed back to Bankers.  Some may recognize the scene from an old TV Show.  I revamped it to fit Fallen Earth, and I claim not rights to it.  This was written merely for entertainment.  ))

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(( This takes place after Ard and Synn complete thier meeting.  Synn takes Nisha's body an leaves for parts unknown))

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(( MOVING This to a new post for Completion.  I will be putting Nisha's up on another as well to keep them seperate)

"Oh, hello. Are you a friend of the big angry guy who wants to string me up and do lots of bad things?"

Circling into the space, Synn leaned against the wall. He hooked his thumbs into his belt resting his hands on the pair of combat auto pistols on his hips.   His gaze flicked from the body on the ground, and the up to lock eyes with Ard.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors: My Brother's Keeper


(( I have been working this a while.  Though it is written IC.  The infor is OOC unless discovered IC.  *in game or via contact with me here*  Please enjoy))

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Family Reunion: Part 2

The growl that came from Abyss rumbled deep and was a sound that fit better in a dark forest, rather than coming from a human. “How do you know that name?”

Synn continued his impish grin and shrugged, “I know more than you think.  You may deal in death and destruction, but I deal in information.  I know about your capture, I know about your release.  I know about your little flower girl, and I know about the trail of bloody bodies you have left behind in your search.” 

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Family Reunion

(( Hello All.   I have been inspired, and hope you like the introduction of my new toon.  ))

Walking out of the cloner in Oilville, the large CHOTA warrior scanned the street before heading to the open doorway directly across the street.  He glanced at the large black cat perched on the crate, and growled low at it.  The cat glanced back as if it could care less, and went back to soaking in the sun.

Muttering to himself as he turned left and ascended the stairs, the warrior recognized the laughter coming from above and knew he was in the right spot.

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