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Black Crown <RP>


((This is an ooc post.))

Black Crown is a multi-faction Roleplay-centric clan.

We expect to participate in RP, PvE, PvP, Crafting, Marketing and other in game activities.


We are a "Robin Hood'ish" criminal organization, with a Mafia style organizational structure.  We are deeply family oriented, and completely loyal to one another.

Our clan is our family.

Essentially, good people..doing whatever it takes to survive in the wastelands.


We are currently accepting new family members!

Hope Springs


(( I wanted to send a quick OOC thank you to the clan Hope Springs for the friendly welcome I had while I was there.  Ive decided to create a clan of my own, and hope to see you all in the wastelands!



Mad, mad world.

Violent people, situations, and activity surround me at every turn.  Its to the point that I am disgusted by it.

I fear that if I do not get away, or find some peaceful respite, that I will become a part of this...thing...that I abhor.

I have been forced, as a victim of circumstance...to survive, in the best way that I know how.  But given the choice, I would have selected a peaceful existence.

It is a twisted reality, that in this world we are often judged by our ability to inflict pain, our propensity for violence.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire.


"Oh you sick Bitch!" she yelled out towards the window.  She pulled the trigger of her shotgun, and let the recoil help to chamber the next round.  The wood of the window sill splintered, but the shot missed the sickly grey arm that was curving its way between the slats she had barely managed to board across the opening.

Once bitten, twice shy


I decided to leave Hope, and Serenity.  The towns were organized, and theres some really nice people in them but...It was just time to move on.

I'm Heading to Deadfall.  Ive been told theres my kinda work out that way.  

Riding out of town felt really good..and for a moment, when I hit the long stretch, and opened up the throttle, the sound of the engine brought me a kind of peace and gave me an opportunity to contemplate alot of whats happened in the last few days.

Part of me is actually kind of thankfull that things worked out the way they did.

I lay me down to sleep.


I bad become afraid to sleep.  The dreams, so vivid and clear, yet their meaning escaping me. 

I had tried to write them down, when I would first wake, hoping that once I had my wits about me again, I would be able to make sense of it all, but always the same thing.  Cryptic lettering, that made no sense to me.  Diagrams that I could not discern...

Even my thoughts, and knowledge haunts me.  Information about how some things work..and no recollection of how, or why I know them.

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