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Reikage Chronicles: Safe Word...

“Shit…how much did I drink last night…” Reikage groaned trying to close his eyes as his head rang out in pain to an intrusive bright light shone in one of his eyes, but something kept him from doing so. Like any normal person he went to move his hand to get rid of whatever pesky thing was stopping this from happening, but he found he could not. A moment later his eye snapped shut and the light moved away from his face. In front of him stood three individuals dressed in dirty white ragged clothing.

Reikage Chronicles: The End of an Era…

              He had been on the bike a few hours when Flagstaff came into view. Once upon a time Flagstaff had a nice skyline, most of the larger cities did. Now days it looked like something that had died, and the vultures had already picked clean, but the bones stood there in defiance refusing to be erased from the world completely no matter how pointless it seemed. His thoughts drifted to before the fall of the world.

Reikage Chronicles: Empty Spaces…

              Reikage knew that The Reaver’s activity had gone down, considerably, around the time he had left. Hell it was one reason he decided to leave, but to let these lowly squatters occupy their home. He sat on a table looking at the dead that now littered the place he once called home. The group had been parading around inside his clan’s home as if it were there’s. Now they decorated the floor. To be fair he had asked them to leave, at least he was pretty sure he did.

Reikage Chronicles: No Rest for the Wicked...

((bored as crap at work))                                  

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((lol okay first i have to say the whole jou thing was a total accident i dont know wtf happend but my browser wigged out and i never even hit a submit.....not even sure where the hell the jou thing came from and i want to apologize to anyone who took some kinda offense to the former title. I have been sitting here editing this thing not even realizing what it had sounded like untill someone had told me.))


Journey of a spirit warrior - Reikage Entry 1

Reikage sat at the end of his bed with his one hand rubbing his face and the other holding a magnum and resting on his leg. He tried to shake away the nightmare that he had frequently, or rather memories of a past life, one that he wanted to forget.

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