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The unlucky one


 Approximately a week ago:

Jack looked at his own reflection in window of one of the Flagstaff houses and sighed. It has been only few days since someone trashed his workplace and since then he has been having some hard times.

As if out of a sudden nobody needed "talent scouts" anymore. "Maybe The Union could have some use for me" he thought as he crossed the street. Roar of the engine and screeching of tires disturbed his thoughts

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Big trouble in empty town 2 (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


Reavy drove past ruined gas station on the crackled road. Not looking well and not feeling anything, her thoughts were reduced to mere minimum carved into her brain by her creators and training. Loosing any sense of the world around her, loved ones or anyone else. Driven forward by instinct alone, personality and .."soul".. she developed over the years of her freedom had been long gone. Only some of the thought processes carved into her brain by her creators and training remained..


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Big trouble in empty town (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)


Sounds of gunfire finally ceased in the Redfields outskirts, as one of the walking corpses finally fallen to the ground motionless.


Young man hunched in the corner kept mumbling constantly, as if he was loosing his mind to fear.

"We're going to die, we're going to die, we're go..." 

Kick in the face silenced Greg, one of the refugees unlucky enough to get captured by marauding raiders as soon as his group reached Northfields. 

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Late night whiskey


Reavy sat by the window for hours without a single move, only half empty bottle of whiskey making her company as she watched the street in night's silence while thoughts slowly flowed through her mind...






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Time to take a look, part 2


(Continuation of http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/blog/reavy/time-take-look


Reavy walked from the ruins towards her buggy, when terrific sounds of a creature alerted her. From under the hill, twisted form of what was once

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Time to take a look

Dark grey buggy raced across desolated lands of Alpha County towards Enforcer outpost south of Redemption. Reavy was in need of information, and from her time with them she knew well what Enforcer outposts always need. Supplies. 


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Reavy's journal - page 4

(This is IC journal of character Reavy. Everything mentioned here is either her current point of view, her own opinion, confusion, exhaustion or product of her ego. So no offense intended and critique welcomed. I'd appreciate if information it is containing would not be used unless discovered via IC interaction.)




Annoying, weak or incompetent. Whole wasteland apart from few. Every now and then, organization arise to destroy one part of its inhabitants, while "fighting" for the other. 

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Devil, Minions and Wolf







Jason came up to Reavy in Hope, wanting to talk in private. He said that he wants to go after Nylan. He seemed calm, free of all grudges against her. Why not give it a try she thought. During the talks, his radio buzzed to life. Someone unknown wanting to meet him in Kingman. Nylan, first thing that came up on her mind. She warned him, but he wanted to go there anyways. "Well, he was never much smart" she though to herself.

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Reavy's Journal



Third page of journal, after those years. 


Never been much into writing. Maybe because i only feel the need, when it's too much for me. Only place where i can afford to be weak, only place to leave my thoughts. To confide...

Kayleigh left the Wolfpack, plenty of reasons she never told me about, some of them i still don't understand. I accepted her as one of us, without her knowing what it means, without

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Chronicles of combat clone vol.2 - ex-alpha, lone wolf now




Thought i won't write in this ever again. And here i am, sitting with this book of thoughts. Only place where i can afford to be weak. 

What changed since the last time?  I gave up looking for relationship, love stuff is only trouble. Especially when sleeping with clone

of scientist who designed me pre-fall, and getting in love with him just to find out that he's crazy. Tried again, with girl who was assasin.

We had alot in common, lived together for a while. I was happy again...till she left without a word, just leaving brief note.


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Chronicles of security clone vol. 1


((IC info, you don't know about it unless you been there, someone told you about it or you hijacked Reavys car, where it is stored)) 


 Time to make me diary, so i can stop bothering people when something fucks up.


So dear diary, i thought i got over the thing with Cyndy. Yesterday proved me wrong. Seeing her in Flagstaff with Carrie brought up these  "hard to control" feelings. Moved by maybe anger, maybe thought of betrayal, i wanted to kill them, both.

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