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Something's Missing

The whiskey slipped between his lips, the burning sensation had almost been forgotten. It'd been years since he had any real alcohol. He realized then that he had missed it almost as much as he had missed smoking and strangely enough, missed talking to other people.

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Old Memories

The cigarette tasted rough, as if it was cut with something other than tobacco. What a disappointment. He'd have to return to the vendor and persuade them to get a refund. The smoke trailed off the tip of it as he held it between gloved fingers, just kind of letting it linger and burn away naturally.

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Just an Average Day for Petyr


"Aaah..." he groaned in contentment after another sip of his half empty tea cup. It wasn't the fancy stuff he use to drink, but since his seclusion he's found out a decent recipe for really delicious tea with ingredients he can grow himself. For some reason he had a tune for some song stuck in his head... What was it called? Something about imagination and chocolate... Boy it'd bug him all day. He dropped his feet from a kicked-up position off of the table he was sitting at that looked out a window facing east, a large orange sun in the distance.

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"Why did you have me come all the way out here?" he said to his friend on the radio as he stepped out of a white car with black trim. He was dressed in typical Traveler armor. Masks, hats, trench coat, hand blades hanging off his sides.

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The Easy Life


(( I'm out of town and bored so I wrote something. Sorry if my writing is shoddy, I haven't written anything in awhile.))

"I hate people." He said, wiping the blood from the claw blade. 


-Two Hours Earlier-


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The Fallout (OOC)

"Los Alamos! My Legion will finally have it's Rome!"

The bald man dressed in red cloths planted a flag of a unicorn, or something like that, in the dirt on the hill facing the city of Los Alamos.

"This game is so much like Fallout. Damn Enforcer profligates. Now, I just have to find out how to horse..."



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Ponies, Not the Little Kind (OOC)

((Hold your horses (hah), people. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I enjoy naming my horses stupid things. I have linked pictures to the names of my various horses to show where the inspiration comes from (Which I will explain in minor detail as well). I think it'd be fun to see if anyone else has named their horse/chicken/wolf/car/bike/whatever/et cetera something clever so feel free to reply with yours.


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A Living Shadow


He had been in a state of melancholy since he had awoken. Nothing new for him, actually. It had been his main disposition for a long time, something he wish'd would leave him. But he knew as long as everyone around him was a dumbass, or filthy, or the vile beings that somehow are both yet are content with their lives - CHOTA - he'd be depressed and angry at the world and it's idiotic inhabitants. 

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The Burbs; Housing and Jobs


Roleplay community that has moved to the Burbs so far;

Housing will be determined at a later date, no one is to predetermine their housing yet or expect to get where they want. Jared, Jason, Pyrok, Ally, and myself will be organizing and deciding what to do from here (with the help of you guys of course).

The jobs that were picked today will try to be kept as we try and organize everything. Anyone that was not at the vote and requests a job may not be given specifically what they want, but what is available.

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Strange, But Delicious

(Not IC. Didn't happen. Just a story. It's like a paralel universe where parallel is spelled wrong and stuff, or something like that. Just read.)


Petyr straightened his tie as he walked out of the little restaurant with a plastic bag full of brown bags and packets of what appeared to be black water. It was indeed a busy one, the little restaurant in this large city. He hated Los Alamos...

--An Hour Later-- 

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The House With A Basement

Sector Three


"Wow, there are houses with basements. Who knew..."

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OOC: Religion Lore and IC

I'll keep it short and simple, I know there are groups like the CoG and the Judges and to some extent the Lightbearers (whom I don't consider "religious" so much as spiritual), and possibly the All Mind (but I haven't delved deeply into their lore yet) that are all fucked up religious psychos in the Lore of the game, but is there any remnant of Pre-Fall religions? Judges seem like remnants of Christianity that got ahold of Cocaine and Illuminati conspiracy books, but other than that I don't really see any connections - or havent found any yet.

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You're Being Too Damn Serious, FERp (OOC)

FERp has been too damn serious lately, so here are pictures to make you "Awwww" (Note: Some are gonna be huge)  FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR OWN :D

37784__cute_kitten.jpg-Scottish Fold (Kitten)


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In The Mirror


He recalled the events of the day. Hunting, gathering, killing a few Cultist. The usual since his departure from society. He sat down to write once again for the first time in... Well, awhile. Short and sweet.

(Small pages of his IC journal. Just keep in mind, not meant for others to read, so sloppy handwork and such. Just an intro as well for me so don't expect much from it.
On that note, enjoy.)

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(OOC) "In Her Shoes"

Due to a rather... Fun glitch, I decided to take pictures. (Wont be long, and I never promised it would be funny. Don't complain about not laughing.)
Now where's that page break.....





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Broken Confusion


(Dont write often, but I was bored and thought it was a decent idea - May write more similar post)


Petyr sat on the only furniture, a small chair, in a small room, with one shut door and no window. Elbows on his knees and head in his hands, stroking through his brown hair softly. The pull on his suit in his current position strangled his arms.

"What the fuck am I suppose to do now?" he muttered under his breath

Petyr sighed heavily and closed his eyes, trying to make sense of his current situation.

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Petyr's Journal Entry One: The Threshold

Petyr sits on a tree beyond the outskirts of Hope Springs. Being so close to the town that despises him gives him a sort of powerful feeling. That danger lurks right outside the town and the citizens dont know that if he wished, he could come and cause havok. Petyr smiled as he looked at a small blank book and the pen in his hand. He removed his mask to see around him better

"Everyone else writes one, might as well..."

He opens the journal and puts the pen to the paper but sits there stareing at the page without writeing anything. Petyr looked around him, hopeing someone would come and cause trouble for him, or shoo him off, anything to procrastinate writeing. But there was nothing. Noone.
He sighed before looking back at the book and writeing

"Entry One: Fuck Hope."

He looked at and decided to cross it out. To obvious and not really worth writeing in a journal.

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The Device

Petyr set the device down behind the building in the middle of Sin. He flicked the little switch on the side of the device as the Tech he bought it from instructed him to. Immediately his radio started makeing a buzzing sound.

Petyr picked his radio up and tried calling out to various numbers. No replies from any of them, just static. Petyr smiled behind his dark gray mask. All radio contact would fail within the limits of Sin Falls. No escapes, no rescues, no help once-so-ever for anyone within the city. Petyr grumbled  "I hope this doesnt come around to screw me over later."

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